Deutschlandspiegel 298/1979 1979


01 portrait Federal President Karl Carstens election of the President by the Federal Assembly in the Bonn Beethovenhalle. Karl Carstens immediately upon arrival. Ballots are tilted in glass jar. Announcement of the election result with the majority of the CDU/CSU vote of the Federal Assembly. Clapping. Speaker interview: "I ask you whether you accept the choice". Karl Carstens rises. Carstens interview: "I suppose the choice."
S/W: Photos: John F. Kennedy, Carstens, Carstens with foreign statesmen. As Secretary of State of the Foreign Ministry, Carstens welcomes foreign visitors.
Col: Carstens as leader of the opposition in the Bundestag.
S/W: Carstens at the lectern.
Col: Carstens in conversation with Margaret Thatcher. Carstens as President of the Bundestag.
S/W: Photo of Carstens and woman at table sitting, Carstens standing next to wife with boxer dog. Carstens at hobbies, as a sailor.
Col: Villa Hammerschmidt S / W: photo of Carstens in addition to Scheel. Col: Carstens interview: "I will do my best, I will do my utmost to meet these high demands."
(66 m) 02. Berlin: ICC - International Congress Center construction site of the Congress Centre. Construction worker during Assembly. Settings of the building. Hall. Stairs, halls. Modern seating with simultaneous translation system. Shopping street. Electronic control system. Escalators. Power Vault. Meeting in the Conference room. Large room for 5,000 people. Large kitchen. Dining room. Cook wears tray through empty space.
(77 m) 03. portrait of the town Fulda crucifix in the foreground of the picture, behind Fulda total. Transformer. The Cathedral with the tomb of Saint Boniface under the main altar. Old man reads newspaper on bench. Child in the cart with the young mother. Street musician plays. Shopping street. Medieval works of art. Timber-frame house. Baroque figures of houses. City Palace. Exhibition of porcelain from several centuries in the Castle. Making artful candles. Car tyre production. Modern houses on the outskirts of the city.
(47 m) 04 Thonet chairs Thonet Chair with curved around back in shop window. Catalog with Thonet chairs. Factory in Frankenberg/Eder. Tree trunk is transported on treadmill. Factory recordings. Wooden sticks are made flexible in hot water vapors. Timbers are bent in iron frame in shape. Workers at machines. Pickling. Various models (see D 199/4).
D 199: Chairs with curved around back in shop Windows. Catalog with many Thonet chairs. Image of the Carpenter Michael Thonet, who designed the chairs 150 years ago. Cityscape Frankenberg/Eder with the factory of Thonet chairs. Chairs, made of bent wood. Factory recordings. Tree trunk is transported on treadmill. Sawing machines. Workers at machines. Wood is bent in iron frame in shape. Chair design. The Viennese coffee house Chair. Chairs in the production. Pickling. Different models. Rocking Chair in a shop window.
(53 m) 05. Herne: Hibernia school industrial landscape Ruhr area. Smoking chimneys. Blast furnace. Hibernia school. At the same time, children will be prepared on vocational and high school. Boy plays recorder. Kids knit and crochet. Foreign language teaching in the 1st class. Practical work training in workshop. Wood, copper and metal manipulating. Internship in industrial enterprises and social institutions. Care of elderly in nursing home. Theoretical lessons in school after trade to prepare for the high school diploma. Children's faces. Children in the schoolyard.
(68 m) 06. Dortmund: indoor handball European Cup VFL Gummersbach - sport club Magdeburg play in the Westfalenhalle. ZL game scenes handball. Cup between flowers. Gummersbach throws gate. Audience clapping. Goal throw Magdeburg. Attack Gummersbach ZL. Good counter-attacking game of Magdeburg. Viewers with cameras. Goal throw Gummersbach at the final whistle secures victory. Viewers running on pitch. Players Cup. Photo reporter. Advertisement: natural gas heater - Diebels ALT - Berentzen - PUMA - GatzweilersAlt - j 1880 (58 m)


Persons in the Film

Carstens, Karl ; Kennedy, John F. ; Scheel, Walter ; Thatcher, Margaret


Berlin ; Bonn ; Dortmund ; Frankenberg ; Fulda ; Herne ; Black Forest


Berlin, auch Westberlin ; Bundespräsidentenwahl ; Messe Berlin ; Schulform ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Handball ; Industry ; Children ; Political events ; Portraits ; Advertising ; Schools, training ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Townscapes: Germany ; Buildings ; Landscapes ; People ; Furniture ; Elections ; Jobs ; Exhibitions ; construction ; 01 16 mm project ; Industrial ; Sports honors ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 298/1979

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Federal Republic of Germany

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