Deutschlandspiegel 296/1979 1979


01 Hamburg: propeller Foundry tractor pull large freighter. Propeller spins great. Manufacture of propellers in workshop for maximum computer calculation. Casting in the form. Material test. Manufacture of the alloy liquid metal is poured into mold. Breaking the shape after cooling. Grinding of the smallest bumps. Transport of the propeller after completion.
(65 m) 02. Neuschwanstein Castle case. Castle Neuschwanstein. Long shot. Swivel and settings. Large wooden portal will open. Shepherd gate. Tourists in the Castle. Japanese child. Woman eye, great. White Africans with big glasses. Panoramic view from the castle to the Bavarian countryside. Swan figure. Artistic floors, painting, ceilings, columns. Palace tour.
(49 m) 03 30 years in blockade Berlin Berlin's cityscape. Camera trip. Subway station Kurfürstendamm. Traffic. Shield: Caution you leave West Berlin - you are now leaving British sector. Wall. Drawing: access roads to the West. Air corridors. Plane over the houses. Airlift monument.
S/W: Russian flags in front of Allied Control Council building will be obtained. Standing freight train. Speaker transmission on Platz in Berlin. The airlift transport aircraft. Launch, flight, landing on S-Bahn. Landing. Unloading of aircraft. Water plane lands. Baking bread in the bakery. School meals for children.
Col: Scheel in Berlin. Ambassador Abrassimow signing of the four-power agreement. Abrassimow interview: "ends well, everything good ' 1977 West Berlin border crossing visit relatives in the East. Handshake Schmidt/Brezhnev. Victory column. Closing time at Siemens. Berlin's cityscape.
(82 m) 04. Gypsy jazz in Germany green leaf floating on the Lake. Violin bow on large pages. Go Gypsy with instruments in addition to water, their image is reflected in the water. Small dam and spinning wheel of water mill. Ago restaurant with tables outdoors and set out chairs, the musicians play. Walking along cornfield road. (See D 227/5).
D 227: Green leaf floating on the Lake. Violin bow on large pages. Musicians with instruments go next to Lake, her image is reflected in the water. Small dam and spinning wheel of water mills. Ago restaurant with tables outdoors and chairs that provided musicians Gypsy meadows. Guitars, Baß and violin. The musicians go on country lanes between meadows.
(62 m) 05. University of applied sciences Cologne: career goal tropical engineering building of the University of applied sciences Cologne. Tractor plows. Students from Germany and developing countries during lecture. Testing of water sample. Long term study of corrosion in welds. Car repair in terms of extremely high stress. Building techniques under humid conditions with the addition of bamboo. Pedal-powered threshing machine. Channeling and cleaning of rivers.
(65 m) 06. Hamburg: HSV - 1.FC Kaiserslautern 3-0 ZL, goalkeeper holds. Viewers filling picture. Rudi Kabyar ZL. Corner. Goalkeeper defense. Game scenes. Duels on the lawn. Attack HSV. Shot on goal 1:0 in the 17th minute. HSV flags are waved. Referee complaint. Players will be sent off. HSV scoring 2:0 cheering spectators. Kevin Keegan beheads it 3-0 in goal.
(55 m)


Persons in the Film

Breschnjew, Leonid ; Scheel, Walter ; Schmidt, Helmut ; Abrassimov, Piotr ; Karguss, Rudi ; Keegan, Kevin


Berlin ; Hamburg ; Cologne ; Miesbach ; New Swan stone ; Black Forest


Musikstil ; Studiengang ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Monuments ; Border DDR/BRD, borders ; Hobby ; Higher education ; Industry ; Children ; Flags ; Leisure, recreation ; Football ; Musical events ; Pacts ; Reviews ; Shipping ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Townscapes: Germany ; Animals (except dogs) ; Buildings ; People ; Holiday ; Contracts ; Eyes ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; Bayern, BRD ; Museum ; Schiffsbau ; 01 16 mm project ; Industrial ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 296/1979

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Federal Republic of Germany

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