Deutschlandspiegel 286/1978 1978


01 Hamburg: World Cup qualification gymnastics of women's feet by gymnast in socks on the balance beam. Gymnasts on the balance beam. Faces of gymnasts, great. Horse jump from gymnasts ZL and normal. Ute Maiwald on the balance beam. Uncertainty and premature departure. Petra Kurbjuweit at the floor exercise ZL. Gymnasts on the uneven bars. Salto rising ZL. Antje Kühl on uneven bars.
(65 m) 02 Porcelain Manufactory Berlin precious porcelain. Porcelain painting. Porcelain production in workshop. Pouring the moulds from plaster. Liquid porcelain mass is poured into forms. Plate is rotated. Attach handles on pots. Rose is shaped as an ornament. Firing of porcelain on big stands in the kiln.
(63 m) 03. pedestrian zones in major German cities pedestrian pedestrian street. Look in shop Windows. Water games. The high street in Cologne. Narrow street with pedestrian mass, without loosening up a mishap. Pedestrian bridge in Hamburg Dammtor ends in the pedestrian zone of Colonnade. Colonnade without people. Road connects not two important city centres. The Mönckebergstraße with pedestrian Spitalerstrasse, a lively area with outdoor cafes. Porcelain Leopard in shop Windows. The Bonner marketplace.
(51 m) 04 German weather service in Offenbach Offenbach's cityscape. Shield German weather service. Receiving antenna for weather satellite on the roof of the House. Working space. Data is transmitted. Electronically controlled drawing instruments magnetic tape units. Computer. Measuring and monitoring stations. Satellite photo is assembled. Weather and climate maps are evaluated.
(49 m) 05. blind Germany students in the schoolyard of a hamburger Schule in the blind and non-disabled children are taught. Blind girl converses with classmate. In biology class, blind child groped turtle. German lessons. Blind students write text in typewriter. Read by Braille, which is sampled. Blind read Braille in big bulky books in the reading room. Small cassette and an electronic write unit to replace the Braille books. Braille is stored in the form of pulses on tape. At your fingertips you turn sound pulses into Braille back. School kindergarten play blind and severely visually impaired children. Salto makes blind on trampoline. Forest run.
(57 m) 06-30 years airlift Berlin airlift monument before the airfield of Tempelhof. S / W review: Berlin 30 years ago in the year 1948. The Soviet Union leaves the Board. Russian flag is obtained. Imposition of the blockade. Map with trace of 3 air corridors. Stop the supply rail, road and water. Berlin standing around sound trucks. General Lucius clay; large. U.S. candy bomber over the city. Aerial Olympic Stadium. Approach via S-Bahn. Take-offs and landings. Unloading of goods. Landing a British flying boat on the Wannsee. Supplies are processed. Bakery, food output, class power. Power plant is built from parts flown in. Cleaning up rubble women. Crashed and burning aircraft. Rolling wheel of aircraft size. Children and people thank flight pilots.
(81 m)


Persons in the Film

Clay, Lucius D. ; Kühl, Antje ; Kurbjuweit, Petra ; Maiwald, Ute


Berlin ; Bonn ; Hamburg ; Cologne ; Mainz ; Offenbach ; Regensburg


Meteorologie ; Kunstturnen ; Porzellanmanufaktur ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Libraries ; Books ; Monuments ; Craft ; Industry ; Children ; Pedestrian ; Reviews ; Schools, training ; Townscapes: Germany ; Trampoline, jumping on a trampoline ; Gymnastics ; Meteorology ; Transport: General ; Jobs ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; Luftbrücke ; Schule ; 01 16 mm project ; Industrial ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 286/1978

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Federal Republic of Germany

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