Deutschlandspiegel 279/1977 1977


01 terrorism in door by Lufthansa plane's injured flight attendant, one of the freed hostages of Mogadishu. The freed hostage rise from aircraft. Young woman with flowers goes to bus. People clap. Helmut Schmidt would like to thank the Ambassador of Somalia to help of his country in Bonn.
Review: terror attack at the Olympic Games in Munich. Helicopter flies. Policemen. Images of terrorist attacks of Japanese terrorists. Foreign Ministers Genscher is the appeal to all States of the world for the safety in the air transport sector in New York at the United Nations. (Proposal of a global Convention against hostage-taking). Actuality Genscher: "we are convinced that such a Convention within the framework of the United Nations should be soon accessible."
(67 m) 02 traffic control highway traffic at Frankfurt. The 1 fully automatic traffic control system with controllable cameras. Track contacts transmit data about traffic control center. Construction site. Data with computers are calculated at Headquarters. Vehicles are driven on shortest route to goal. Electronic direction indicators switch on signs. At crossroads and interchanges of highway cross Frankfurt, the vehicles are directed by relative direction information.
(51 m) 03 St. Peter Ording: Yachting start of the beach sailors on wheels on sand bank in St. Peter Ording. Viewers on the edge of the track. The riders in the race when maneuvering their boats in the wind. Settings of the race in ZL.
(40 m) 04. Berlin: fashion in Germany 2 mannequins in bright spring dresses, coat and jacket on the Kurfürstendamm. Fashion designer designs model. Seamstress sews, great. Seamstresses sewing room. Executive irons piece of clothing. Hang clothes on racks. International flags blowing before by fashion trade fair exhibition grounds. Fashion stalls Morocco, Uruguay, Colombia.
Fashion show.
(52 m) 05. Allotment gardens in Berlin and the Ruhr Headframe of dysentery, swivel to allotment site. Man rakes in his garden. Old man plays accordion on stool in garden. Family in gazebo, man lies on a deck chair and reads. Miners conducted underground locomotive radio. Butcher with sausages. Man binds together in small garden flowers. High-rise buildings and housing silos image filling. Small cottages in the grounds.
(49 m) 06 Sohlenhofen: fossil Museum white Jurassic rocks in the altmühltal Valley, the Sohlenhofener plates obtained from where. The Mayor of Sohlenhofen, Friederich Müller, former quarry workers at his desk in City Hall and at the quarry when editing rocks to the finding of fossilized animals and plants. Müller has his fossil collection in Museum. Prehistoric life forms are visible. Turtle and predator, 140 million years old. Fossil of crocodile and Urfisch. Urkrebs 500 million years old. Cephalopods, fish, dinosaurs. Müller edited stone finds.
(54 m) 07 Gelsenkirchen: football Schalke 04-Borussia M'gladbach 1:2 monks child in Schalke clothing blows in tute. Viewers. Schalke fans with flags. Game scenes. Schalke before the opposing goal. Goalkeeper keeps ZL. Helmut Krämers has an effort against the crossbar. Chandler's corner straight into the jaws shot in the 17th minute. Gladbach in the attack, Kulik catches the ball out of the air and shoots the compensation 1:1 floodlight. 2nd half: Gladbach in the attack before the opposing goal. ZL. Heynkes shoots just before the end of the game the winning goal 2:1 serious faces at the audience. Gladbach player goes in goal. Goalkeeper shoots the ball to the middle.
Advertising: Coca Cola - Zeyko kitchens.
(57 m)


Persons in the Film

Schmidt, Helmut ; Genscher, Hans Dietrich ; Müller, Friedrich ; Heynckes, Jupp ; Krämers, Helmut ; Kulik


Berlin ; Bonn ; Food ; Frankfurt ; Gelsenkirchen ; New York ; Sohlenhofen ; St. Peter ; St. Peter ording


Geiselnahme ; Autobahn ; Verkehrregelungs-Anlage ; Container ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Hobby ; Leisure, recreation ; Football ; Aerospace ; Advertising ; Sailing ; Sports details, fouls ; sports audience, sports spectator ; sports facilities ; Surfing ; Terrorism ; UN ; Buildings ; Holiday ; Transport: General ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Fashion ; Jobs ; Archaeology ; Assassinations ; Exhibitions ; Straßenverkehr (Kraftverkehr) ; Kleingarten ; 01 16 mm project ; Surfing ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 279/1977

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Federal Republic of Germany

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