Deutschlandspiegel 276/1977 1977


01 Leverkusen model driving consumption on modern road. Modern cityscape. People on the escalator. Modern architecture and buildings from the turn of the century. Pan of the city, totally, the Town Hall in the center of rotation. Water games "Kunst am Bau". Quiet zone. Young woman with a small dog on the arm. Total city image. Tables and chairs outside under umbrellas. Children on swing at Kinderspielpatz. Shopping Centre. People in pedestrian area. Modern city highway. Traffic on different levels. People go out on the bridge. View from above the town.
(45 m) 02. energy saving car traffic. Refinery. Railway transported cars. E train. Washing machine. Dishwasher. Commencement of driving on new buildings over. Heat-insulating window. Industrial recording. Blast furnace. Power plant. Collection of generated waste heat in industrial plants. Headframe of coal mine. Coal mining. Driving record on industrial buildings over. Laboratory tests for fuel substitutes. Try the retort. Powered cars on test track, of various fuels. Solar power roof on House. Nuclear power plant. Computer control room. Transport of radioactive waste. Car traffic. Plane taking off. Escalator. Modern road.
(88 m) 03 disabled sports disabled in aerobics. Beinamputierte to play ball. Hamburg: disabled Sports Festival in the people's Park Stadium. Shot put. Woman in the Javelin throw. Child in the Javelin after special rules in district. Child in the high jump. Man in the long jump. 800 m wheelchair driving. Starter gives go-ahead. Two boys run. Blind boy runs on the cinder track and gets with megaphone voice guidance. Long distance running.
(43 m) 04 Ulm Münster 600 years the Cathedral of the city, totally. Historical pageant. Dance games before the Cathedral. The main portal of the Cathedral with sculptures from the 15th century. Panoramic view from the Cathedral on the houses of the town. Settings of the structure. Interior with high pillars and stalls. The Ulmer Spatz - protection bird of the Cathedral. Mason restored. Altar. Stained-glass Windows.
(37 m) 05. Stuttgart: Sandra exhibition the Kaiserpfalz of Hohenstaufen in Gelnhausen. Portrait Head of Emperor Barbarossa.
Loans from all over the world at the Stuttgart exhibition. Prince jewellery from the 13th century. Crown. Ivory relief. Artworks by princely courts and monasteries. Glass window.
(42 m) 06. yard mesh driving shot from train. Freight. Tracks of the most modern marshalling Europe's stitches. Command center with radar Center. Freight cars during shunting. Computer-controlled trains are put together. Container cars on the siding. Folk Festival during commissioning of the station. Crossover moves great.
(43 m) 07. formula 1 race on the Hockenheimring - portrait of Jochen mass race car with inscription Jochen mass. Jochen mass starting, Jochen mass pulls wool Cap with oral and vision slits above the head. Race car driving to the race track. Race cars on course. A trip to the box. Review of the car. Tips for travel. Dimension sets off helmet. The car spun against the guard rail, is then transported away. Jochen mass speaks interview: "it was that turned a blowouts in the East curve, which left just left me and am then has in the discharge zone, I'm backwards into the guard rail, got slightly damaged the car, however it will be repaired again until tomorrow. But unfortunately today's training will be lost of course totally me. I'm going with the cart, what will be but probably not as fast as my L 26 but... "Mass moves in cart. Damaged cars is made again ready. Race: Dare close in a row. Cornering. Measure drives in the shadow of Jochen hunt. Bunny on the fence of the circuit. Mass drives in the 26th round by the side and must give up due to damage to the drive shaft. Champion Nicki Lauda. Audience wave. Lauda is congratulated. Advertisement: Pegulan floor coverings - Mampe half and half - mirror cabinets in every bathroom.
(72 m)


Persons in the Film

Mass, Jochen ; Harter, Mike ; Lauda, Nicky


Bonn ; Düsseldorf ; Food ; Gelnhausen ; Hamburg ; Hockenheimring ; Leverkusen ; Mesh ; Nesselwang ; Neumünster ; Stuttgart ; Ulm ; Ulm Münster ; Wolfsburg


Leverkusen ; Formel 1 ; Ulm ; Versehrtensport ; Rangierbahnhof ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Railways ; Industry ; Children ; Energy, energy supply ; Research ; Pedestrian ; motor sports ; Oil ; Portraits ; Aerospace ; Advertising ; Sports details, fouls ; sports audience, sports spectator ; sports facilities ; Townscapes: Germany ; Animals (except dogs) ; Buildings ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Power plants ; Art ; Athletics, jogging, fun run ; Technology, industry ; People ; Transport: General ; Science ; Welfare, aid agencies, care ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Jobs ; Astrology ; Exhibitions ; Mining ; Mine ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; Energiewirtschaft ; Ausstellung ; 01 16 mm project ; Industrial ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 276/1977

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Federal Republic of Germany

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