Deutschlandspiegel 264/1976 1976


1 HSV portrait - Cup final: HSV - 1.FC Kaiserslautern 2-0 Bavarian Trachtenkapelle plays on the football field, swing to pitch with onrushing players. HSV-players in Jersey says Hitachi. On the edge of the playing field Manager Krohn and coach Bruno sit Kameyama, great. Close-up Krohn. Grid, HSV players present the spectators rose. Waving crowd with red-and white flags. Cup final HSV - 1 FC Kaiserslautern: HSV in blue jerseys plays long passes forward. Shot on goal 1: Flags swing 0 spectators. Shot on goal 2:0 in the 37th minute. After the game, the sports players keep up the winning Cup.
(54 m) 02 rail testing the Deutsche Bundesbahn driving record on Rails train forward. The rail examining train of the Deutsche Bundesbahn drives. Train drivers in the driver's cab. Measuring instruments in train. Rolling wheels on the rail in addition to sampling instruments. Ultrasound measurements are recorded. The echo time is extended with mutilated body. Records are evaluated in routes Versuchsanstalt Minden. Inside compartment of train crew. Individual cubicles with a bed, desk, shower and kitchen. Rolling recording train from below.
(46 m) 03 125th anniversary Berlin fire brigade firefighter rolls out hose. In fire station, firefighters in Office room sit at typewriters. Alarm run the men across the yard. You can download on rods to the garage. Emergency vehicles roll out. Photos of the firefighters from the year 1851. Old fire extinguishers, car and spraying. Historic vehicle parade passes Kurfürstendamm. Fire brigade wagons pulled by horses. Old-fashioned device. Modern fire engines with deletion Cannon drive on airport. Delete gun sprays water jet on airfield. Fighting boats started system on the water. Diver jumps into the water and rescues troubled skipper in distress. Demonstration of rescue handles doll at first aid training for firefighters. The fire department operations centre. Vehicles from fire-fighting. In roads penetrates dense smoke and flames from the House. Firefighters with breathing apparatus when deleting. Residents will be recovered in stairwell. Charred remains of fire promoted after deleting on road.
(87 m) 4th German-Dutch municipality Euregio press conference in the Dutch town of Arnhem. Original sound. Discussion on development of Euregio, the Federation of communes in the coming Federal Republic of Germany / Netherlands. Map with trace of the area around Arnhem Enschede Münster. Buildings show the common history of the area. City images. Traffic: Brisk traffic in the border area. VW goes on side of the road and stops, young wife and child get off. Mothers with children on bicycles. German Dutch nursery. German and Dutch firefighters in the conversation. Textile machinery factory Hall. Workers at a machine. Agricultural tractor drive. 3 cows grazing in a meadow. Market with fruit and vegetable stand, flower stand, fish stand.
Large stage backdrop will be pushed (64 m) 5th Bayreuth-100 years Wagner Festival, city portrait (44 m) Festival. Young man Get up road with sign search map. Bust of Richard Wagner in Park. Last samples in the Festspielhaus "Götterdämmerung", scene snippet of sample. Views of the city. Medieval buildings. Pedestrian. Old fountain. Painting of Richard Wagner. Wagner books in display. The Margravial Castle. Wallchart of centenary Bayreuth Festival with photos-major artists. Wagner's residence in Wahnfried. Painting of Richard Wagner with his wife Cosima. Images from Wagner Opera productions. Wolfgang Wagner gives interview to the question of "Wagner's art is still up to date", big. Wolfgang Wagner: "the major themes of Wagner as warning against the abuse of power, the centrality of love are up-to-date and exciting and not to forget, ensure even today the call to suffer with." As long as an audience through the medium of the great issues of mankind deals with theatre and looking for food for thought, it is To give continue Bayreuth Festival." Driving record on road to Festival Hall. People from the Festspielhaus. A policeman directs traffic. Elegant women. Hippie sitting in front of flowers and eat meat, next to Dalmatian dog. Celebrities on arrival including Minister Ertel-hobbling in on stock, the Begum. Secretary bird and woman. Federal President Scheel in addition to the Prime Minister of Bavaria, Alfons Goppel. Modern production of the "ring of the Nibelung". Scene clip from the "twilight of the gods".
(71 m)


Persons in the Film

Ertl, Josef ; Scheel, Mildred ; Scheel, Walter ; Wagner, Richard ; Klötzer, Kuno ; Die Begum ; Goppel, Alfons ; Krohn ; Vogel, Jochen


Bayreuth ; Berlin ; Bonn ; Frankfurt ; Friedland ; Helgoland ; Cologne ; Oberkochen


Fire Brigade ; Deutsche Bundesbahn ; Wagner Festspiele (Beyreuth) ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Libraries ; Books ; Railways ; Trade, finance ; Industry ; Interviews ; Children ; Europe, EDC, EEC ; festivals ; Fire ; Football ; Pedestrian ; Police ; Advertising ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Townscapes: Germany ; Animals (except dogs) ; maps ; Transport: General ; Agriculture ; Jobs ; 01 16 mm project ; Fire brigade ; Industrial ; Agriculture ; Sports honors ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 264/1976

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Federal Republic of Germany

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