Deutschlandspiegel 247/1975 1975


01 energy security in the Federal Republic of Germany Ruhr industrial landscape. Metallurgical plant. Marshalling yard. Smoke cloud over work. Rotating wheels of Headframe. Men with helmets entering car. Car goes underground. Men with helmets and pit lamps rise from elevator. Federal Research Minister Matthöfer visited the pits of stone at Dortmund. Hans Matthöfer and attendant ride in lore wagon underground. Miners at the coal mining. New conveyor system will be visited. Graphical representation of the conveying system. Unloading a ground evacuation train. Locomotive pulling wagons to unload station. The car floors open up. Coal falls in coal bunker. Press Conference Matthöfer talks about the role of coal in the German energy supplies: "we see coal as an essential support of our energy supply. But in addition to the financial support of the coal industry, the coal, the Federal Government decided already in early 1974 on a programme that aims at a long-term strategy for the technological development of the method for the promotion, production and application of coal in the Federal Republic." Hans Matthöfer speaks in miner clothing with face drinking to the coal. Weldon metallurgical plant.

02. Berlin: Ceremony of Prix Futura 1975 film award for the constructive contribution to the understanding of the world of tomorrow, founded by sender Freies Berlin. Faces of listeners at the award ceremony among blacks and Asians. Photos of dilapidated huts from the 3rd world, high-rise buildings in an American city, coloured sitting on the road. Film cans. Projectionist places a film role. Film screening. Excerpts of films from the 3rd world. Indigenous pour rice out of bag. Asians in planning discussions. Excerpts from the award-winning film of the WDR "Smog" demonstration against pollution. Car transport under the vapor cloud. Man lying under oxygen device. The television prize and certificate will be presented.

03. transport planning a city example Hannover Hannover total cityscape. The station square with the monument of Ernst August, King of Hanover. The monument is dismantled, flower bouquet in the arm of the Memorial figure during the evacuation. Streets with traffic, from above. Restructuring of the city. Walls are collapsed. Aerial view of Hanover. Hannover map with marked pedestrian zones and strengthening of urban transport. Modern buildings. Historic houses in a narrow alley. Modern ball statue. Pedestrian walk in the pedestrian shopping street. Child riding on the shoulders of his father. Centers on different levels, loading zones, transport stations, roads. Tram passengers. Road train Depot. Traffic alerts on Ernst August Platz - Kröpke station sign. In new U-Bahn Bay subway cars ride test. Leaving the subway.

04. Bonn: Exhibition of Indian painter Narendra close-ups of the eyes of the artist in the Exchange with his paintings in red white black cut. Visitors to the exhibition. The Minister for economic cooperation, Egon Bahr and the Indian Ambassador in Bonn in a conversation with the artist Narendra. Indian girl with box characters on his forehead, large scrolls in catalog. Exhibition at the Ernst Moritz Arndt House on the banks of the Rhine. Brightly painted plate of Biedermeier. Modern Indian art of the present as well as the Interior of the German Biedermeier period. Tractor drives past on the Rhine at the House. Narendra developed his art from old Indian font making geometric shapes in the colours red white black.

05. Berlin: Max Planck Institute for educational research settings of the building with beautiful architecture. Interiors of the rooms with staircases and modern lighting. The three wings of the project library, canteen and classrooms. Interesting wall and ceiling design. Young people in conversation at tables. Library. Great bookshelves on the walls and movable Cabinet walls. Great books: Saul B. Robinson school reform In the social process of I - FRG, GDR, USSR, Jürgen lawn village: comprehensive school a social experiment, Dieter Berstecher: theory and technology of the international comparison. Duplicating machine works. Girl on typewriters typing in Office space. The building from the outside. Driving record.

06. Heidelberg: German championship in basketball USC Heidelberg - MTV casting 67:56 endgame in the sports centre of Heidelberg. In the sold-out Hall sit 2200 spectators to the game field. Game scenes and basket throws on both sides. Viewers jump. Clapping audience with big glasses. Game scoreboard. Color US student plays in the Heidelberg team. Casting game unfocused, grants safe throw chances, meets the basket on the edge. The 15 point lead in the first leg won melts together. Basket toss Heidelberg, slow motion. On the final score, casting is German basketball champion, because advantage was gained in the first leg with 15 points. The winning team umdrängt of viewers. Winner badge is upheld.


Persons in the Film

Bahr, Egon ; Narendra ; Matthöfer


Berlin ; Bonn ; Dortmund ; Hanover ; Heidelberg ; Kiel


Hannover ; Wettbewerb ; Max-Planck-Institut ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Basketball ; Libraries ; Books ; Monuments ; Honors ; Industry ; Children ; Energy, energy supply ; Television ; filmmaking ; Research ; Pedestrian ; Press, press conferences ; Radio, television ; Shipping ; Sports details, fouls ; sports audience, sports spectator ; sports facilities ; Townscapes: Germany ; Buildings ; Art ; maps ; People ; Transport: General ; Science ; Listener ; Jobs ; aerial photographs ; Eyes ; Exhibitions ; construction ; Mining ; Mine ; Kunst, bildende ; Fernsehen (vgl. Film) ; Steinkohle ; 01 16 mm project ; Industrial ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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