Deutschlandspiegel 246/1975 1975


01 City Portrait Bremen dial of an old grandfather clock. Camera trip. Sun pendulum clock back and forth. Face of a man with helmet, great. An old woman, great face. Man smells of tobacco leaves. Man in white gowns drinking from a coffee cup. Between the images the Sun (initial installation) pendulum. The Bremen town musicians. The Bremen Roland. Cityscape. Windmill blades rotate. Look at red roofs over smaller angular old town alley. The medieval quarter Schnoor. In the cosy old restaurant waiter goes down stairs with plates. Wood burning fireplace. Men toast to at meeting. Port. Look through porthole on ships. Crane, big box is loaded. Shipyard workers with welding machine works on ship's hull. Coffee Roastery. Coffee beans filling picture. Coffee inspector when the taste of coffee samples. Coffee is packed by machine. Man smells of tobacco leaves. Cigarette production. Cigarette making machine. Koch fills food portions. Young man gets out of the car and brings free food to old sick woman. Old woman lying in bed and talking to the young man. Seen through bare shrubs on houses on the shore. The University. Students at the meeting. Close-up of the young man. Production facilities of the company Fokker ERNO. Production of the space laboratory Spacelab, the European contribution to the Apollo programme. Yellow warning light turns, great. Archaeological finds in the old cathedral. Ancient tombs were found during excavations. Skeleton lies in earthenware. Sun pendulum swings, great. Watch dial.

02. Hamburg: flight medicine general air plane rolls on airfield across through the image. The crew of a Lufthansa machine arrives in front of aircraft to check machine before the flight. The flight and ground crew of the Lufthansa is in the flight Medical Institute studied and tested. Pilots in cockpit of plane before landing. Approach. Lighted runway. Setting up. (Image from plane front). Young people in the entrance exam of Lufthansa. Doctor examines. Monitor, blood pressure measurement. Running with my eyes closed and stretched out arms to balance study. Heart cardiogram. Ergometer measuring circuit for cycling under extreme loads - man is blowing into hose. Pressure of the lung shows condition. Examination of the eyes and ears. Special investigations of air capability. Plane taking off with burning lights from the front. Air currents are flickering heat image plane takes off. In the backdrop of mountains. Second airplane engine. Wheels are retracted. Flying Lufthansa aircraft on the side.

03. the year of the wife Heide Rosendahl in the long jump at the Olympics in Munich. Run and jump in slow motion. Gold medal win. Black and white photographs of women from the last century: head of a young woman next to a horse's head. Young woman in veil robe lies half-naked on Chair. Reclining nude. Young women with flower hats and white robes in conversation with soldiers. Men sporting activity. Weight lifting. Move of the suffragists for more rights and freedoms of women. Photos from Vorkämpferinnen for female equality: Luise Otto Peters, Helene Lange, Gertrud Bäumler. In the Weimar Republic, the women get the same civic rights and obligations. Head of the women Vorkämpferinnen on postage stamps. Pan across the Chamber with MEPs. Faces of young women walking in the road. The woman doing housework in a nutshell: She runs in the kitchen of the saucepan to the child, it is the bottle, man, on the sofa sits with feet on the table and drinks, and brings him the newspaper. Women in the profession. Woman's face screen in precision work, work room with women. Women at sewing machines in sewing room. Pedestrians. Interviews about the year of the woman with women. Young girl: "I am not unhappy, but I think there are many women who may be dissatisfied." Young dark-haired woman with combed-back hair and earrings: "I feel emancipated, but cannot, through the emancipation, but through their own initiative." Young blonde woman, next to her husband on the arm with child: "The year the woman... you should make more and not raise." "You feel oppressed?" "Yes." "From your husband?" "No not my husband, but my co-workers. Actually the whole law of the labour here, and everything you need. The whole society suppresses the woman in principle. If the company were to recognize the woman as a full partner, then it would be worth already A lot."

04. West Berlin: 100 years medicine hanging on hooks on slaughterhouse Institute for veterinary beef halves. The meat is stamped after release by veterinarians. Meat delivery in butchery. In Veterinary Institute, meat is cut, big. Rice large bubbles in the beef show the Zystersikose, a parasitic disease. In humans, the tapeworm evolve from the parasites. Assistant takes test tubes from drum. Newly developed processes blood samples can replace the meat inspection. Photos: Cattle on the pasture in Kenya. Beef is lying on the ground. Blood is taken from. Sign to House Federal Health Office - Max Pettenkofer Institute. Veterinarians in investigations in the laboratory. Work at the microscope. Tissue sections under the microscope, large.

05. Hamburg: HSV - Eintracht Frankfurt 3-1 HSV flags be panned by the audience, screen-filling. Advertisement at the gang of the people's Park Stadium: afri-cola - Adaol Werner BMW - Campari - Stiebel Eltron. Game ZL (door camera) before the Frankfurter Tor. Viewer screen with flags. Nagpure shoots the 1: screen with high straight arms 0 spectators. HSV plays offensively. Scene from the Frankfurter Tor, slow motion (door camera). Ball will be shot over the goal. Goalkeeper Rudi Kadam casting of the HSV catches ball in the Frankfurt attack. HSV storms with just a few moves forward, but then forgives the scoring chance. Viewer, screen-filling. Frankfurt has an effort on goal. Latte shot against the crossbar. Defense of Frankfurt goalkeeper Walton. Shot on goal 2:0 by Reimann, ZL (door camera) goalkeeper Sophia lying on the ground. Frankfurt player lies in the gate. Sperrlich, which shoots 3-0. Walton next to the ball is in the goal. Gardener storms and prepared the conceding. Shot on goal for Frankfurt 3-1.


Persons in the Film

Nogly ; Rosendahl, Heide ; Bäumler, Gertrud ; Lange, Helene ; Grabowsky ; Karguss, Rudi ; Reimann, Max ; Sperrlich ; Wienhold


Berlin ; Bremen ; Hamburg ; Munich ; New York ; Paris


Gleichberechtigung ; Lufthansa ; Veterinär ; Hamburg (Flughafen) ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; stamps ; Trade, finance ; Higher education ; Industry ; Interviews ; Fire ; Fire Brigade ; FIFA World Cup ; Pedestrian ; Police ; Rockets ; Smoking ; Aerospace ; Advertising ; Shipping ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Townscapes: Germany ; Watches ; UN ; Buildings ; Medicine ; People ; Transport: General ; veterinary medicine ; Welfare, aid agencies, care ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Jobs ; Archaeology ; Gastronomy ; Bremen, BRD ; Football ; 01 16 mm project ; Fire brigade ; Industrial ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 246/1975

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Federal Republic of Germany

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