Deutschlandspiegel 241/1974 1974


1st Baltic Sea: Damp 2000 - holiday Centre from the retort buggy drives from farm gate. Half-timbered houses in Schleswig-Holstein. Windmill Lake Grange, cereal box. Horse riding through fields. High-rise buildings on the Baltic Sea. Swivel housing front with small balconies. Beach densely crowded full of beach chairs. Sailing boats. Holidaymakers in endurance and gymnastics Hall. Views of small balconies of the apartments in the shadow. Small block and tent-roof houses in front of the apartments. Tennis courts. Bathers on the beach. Sail surfing. Bathing in swimming pool. View from window of the swimming pool on the sea. Restaurant next to the swimming pool. Wading pool. Baltic Sea clinic for sports medicine: young men go with stock. Doctor examines patients. Investigations with steerable are evaluated. Training bike rides man with breathing apparatus. Exercise concerns with equipment. Popping with shoulder load. Gymnast on parallel bars. Horse and rings in the picture. Gymnast training on the parallel bars, rings, on the high bar. Trampoline jumper and-Springerin of the national team, ZL. Strength training on the rings. Men and women sit on stools at the beach and do arm exercises. Coffee terrace. Damp 2000 - high-rise buildings on the Baltic Sea.

2 Wolfsburg: driving tests running on methanol red VW road forward in the image. Mr Wichmann driving by car. Fuel gauge on fuel pump. Mr. Riek at the wheel. Rotating fan, pump, filler is removed. Flowing past traffic. Young women at the wheel. VW wove with indicator, front graphic of rising energy consumption. Man on board speaks for this: "at the latest in autumn 1973 is clear that a further growth of oil consumption will not be possible. It follows that the 1980s an energy gap will occur must be filled by other energy sources. Already working on the exploration of possible alternative fuels. In the foreground the methanol is in addition to the synthetic fuel." Large refinery. Removal of lime and coal, in addition to natural gas the precursors of the fuel methanol. Scientists in research laboratories. Computer recording of the test evaluation. Laboratory tests in the VW factory. Motor equipped to. Trips with methanol on test track. VW moves forward in the image. Conversion of vehicles. Reconstruction of the carburetor. Measurement of the exhaust gas is less rash than for gasoline. Performance comparison. Two cars driving side by side at the same speed.

03. Tübingen: German Arab week get hands on drum. The houses of the old town of Tübingen. Arab dancer with jug on his head. Neckar River with boats and small houses. Dance performance by Arab dancers with jugs on her head to Oriental music. Belly dance. Pan via Tübingen, totally. The Town Hall and the market place. Sale on market stalls. Young students on the streets of Egyptian mannequins show off precious Oriental dresses. Sculptures. Nefertiti. Young and older Abdulrasheed face. The Secretary-General of the Arab League during tour of the exhibition. Jewellery and handicrafts. Young woman in carpet weaving. Precious ancient writings. Information boards. Secretary-General receives books of the German Arab literature from the Publisher. General Secretary Riad delivers opening speech. Bonn: The Palais Schaumburg. Visit of the Secretary General of the Arab League at Helmut Schmidt. Riad and Helmut Schmidt in conversation, great. (Improvement of economic cooperation of the Federal Republic with the Arab countries).

04. art in Berlin modern sculptures in the open air. Dense traffic on the road. Green traffic lights. Painting exhibition at Bank Hall. Art Office Berlin Wilmersdorf. Paintings can be borrowed in the Graphotek of the Office. Bunny painting Volkmar in his studio at the drawing table. View from the window on his iron sculpture. Volkmar Hare attracts gloves mounted, rubs, kneads and knits together artwork. Plastic finished before trees. Sculptures in the open air.


Persons in the Film

Schmidt, Helmut ; Hase, Volkmar ; Riad ; Rieck ; Wiechmann, Hannes


Berlin ; Bonn ; Holstein ; Kassel ; Baltic Sea ; Schleswig ; Schleswig-Holstein ; Stuttgart ; Sylt ; Tübingen ; Wolfsburg ; Ethiopia


Erdölvorkommen ; Ostsee ; Tübingen ; Art ; Automobilindustrie ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Libraries ; Books ; Hands ; Trade, finance ; Research ; Leisure, recreation ; Pedestrian ; musical instruments ; Raw materials ; Sailing ; State visits (inside) ; Townscapes: Germany ; Surfing ; Dance ; Trampoline, jumping on a trampoline ; Gymnastics ; Buildings ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Cultural events ; Landscapes ; Medicine ; People ; Holiday ; Transport: General ; veterinary medicine ; Science ; Fashion ; Exhibitions ; Ausstellung ; 01 16 mm project ; Raw materials ; Surfing ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 241/1974

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Federal Republic of Germany

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