Deutschlandspiegel 237/1974 1974


1st turn air show Hannover aircraft pulpit on airfield, large. Helicopter, screen-filling. Fighter aircraft on field of flight driving, sport aircraft is turning, great. Driving sports aircraft and jet passenger aircraft. People and children stand behind barriers and look up. Propeller plane, taken from below. Aerial view of the exhibition grounds with aircraft. Exhibition photos from outer space. Exhibition Hall with satellite. US - world spacecraft space shuttle. Space laboratory. Photos from outer space. Blazing images of schema. Helicopter. Multi purpose helicopter transported 105 MBB container. Hair blowing in the wind the start of viewers. Flying helicopters is looping. Ju 52 with spinning propellers. Interior of the Ju 52 and aircraft cockpit. Cockpit of a modern Düsenverkehrsflugzeugs. Airbus 300 Interior. Settings of part of. Starting from the left front to right rear. VFW 614, German Dutch short-haul aircraft during the takeoff and flight. The engines are mounted on the wings. German Jet sport aircraft maneuvered between jets giants. Sport aircraft in flight. Spectators look up. Swedish fighter aircraft during the takeoff and aerobatics. Fire beam comes from rear nozzle.

02. Bonn: Resignation of Willy Brandt - successor Helmut Schmidt Willy Brandt bids farewell to his Cabinet Ministers: Walter Scheel, Hans-Dietrich Genscher, Gerhard Jahn, Helmut Schmidt, Walter Arendt, Georg Leber, Katharina Focke, Lauritz Lauritzen.
Bundestag: Brandt congratulates his successor Helmut Schmidt. Herbert Wehner with large bouquet. Cameramen on grandstand. Loki Schmidt sits on the bleachers. Helmut Schmidt at the swearing-in as a new Chancellor with Bundestag President Annemarie Renger, o-ton: "so help me God." Post-synchronisation other text. Annemarie Renger congratulated Helmut Schmidt, o-ton: "Once again the sincere congratulations of the House." Schmidt takes on the empty Government Bank ranked the Chancellor Chair. Deputies clapping. Helmut Schmidt in his Government statement on the lectern, o-ton: "at a time of growing worldwide problems we focus in realism and sobriety on the essentials, on what is now necessary and otherwise put aside." Continuity and concentration, these are the catchwords of this Federal Government. We are committed to the political unification of Europe in partnership with the United States of America. Our friends and neighbors, our Alliance - and contractors in the world should know that the position in our foreign and security policy remain unchanged. "We are actively involved as in the past, to obtain the necessary for peace balance of forces." Pan across the Chamber. The Government bank with Hans-Jochen Vogel, Werner Maihofer, Hans Friderichs, Hans-Dietrich Genscher, Hans Apel. Gustav Heinemann presented the certificate of appointment of Helmut Schmidt. Cameramen and photographers. The members of the new Cabinet before the Villa Hammerschmidt. Gustav Heinemann, Helmut Schmidt, Georg Leber, Egon Franke, Hans Apel. Josef Ertl, behind Walter Arendt, Hans Friderichs. Zoom: Schmidt, Friderichs, Focke, Genscher.
Election of the Federal President in the Beethoven Hall: Walter Scheel and Richard von Weizsäcker, great. Hans-Dietrich Genscher at the vote. Helmut Schmidt and Kurt Georg Kiesinger in conversation. Annemarie Renger announces the results of the vote, o-ton: "for Mr Walter Scheel 530 votes for Mr Richard von Weizsäcker 498 votes." Deputies clapping. Karl Carstens of Chairman of the CDU and Richard von Weizsäcker congratulates Walter Scheel. Scheel says, quote: "the meaning of democracy is that you can choose between several options. Those expect who today have not their voice me, but that I am the President for all citizens of this State from the days of taking office. I will try to meet those expectations." As a listener of Willy Brandt. Long shot of the Hall. Mildred Scheel as a listener, half-close.

03. Hamburg portrait towers of Michels and St. Catherine's Church. The port and Michel. The towers of Petri and Jakobi Church behind the trees. Short cuts. Crowd. Knut Kiesewetter sings. Head of bird ostrich, great. Port workers. St. Pauli Strip dancer, nude. Sailing on the Alster. Close-up gymnasium Michel. Camera trip. Photo: (sw) Michel destruction by fire of 1906 old hamburger houses façades. Storage houses. Modern road with tanker truck. Houses of the city Nord. Milky way in Pöseldorf. Young people, in sidewalk cafe in the conversation. Harbour pictures. Container port. Face of dock workers. Crane transports loads. Fish market with banana seller and crowd. Heavy traffic. Newspaper presses. Editorial meeting. Banks of the Elbe and Blankenese. Walkers. Barge moves along the Elbe River. Planten un Blomen. Congress Centre. People sit on chairs in the Park. Children from the entrance gate with the bear rock of Hagenbeck, flamingos at Tierpark Hagenbeck. Sailing boats on the Alster. Alster steamer runs. Young couple with dog on the banks of the Alster. Evening mood at the age.

04. Bad Neuenahr: German Championships in the women's soccer players, goalkeeper parades in slow motion. Head of a big audience with cigar, screen-filling. Player lying injured on the ground. Game scenes in ZL. Big player when free-kick on the sidelines. Older man with first, grim face and big hat. Young spectators drinking from bottle. Viewer, screen-filling, with Hat, rubs the nose. Girl hugging after scoring. The winning team receives Cup Bad Neuenahr.


Persons in the Film

Apel, Hans ; Brandt, Willy ; Carstens, Karl ; Ertl, Josef ; Focke, Katharina ; Franke, Egon ; Friederichs, Hans ; Heinemann, Gustav ; Jahn, Gerhard ; Kiesewetter, Knut ; Lauritzen, Lauritz ; Leber, Georg ; Renger, Annemarie ; Scheel, Mildred ; Scheel, Walter ; Schmidt, Helmut ; Wehner, Herbert ; Weizsäcker von, Richard ; Arendt ; Genscher, Hans Dietrich ; Maihofer ; Schmidt, Loki ; Vogel, Jochen


Bad Neuenahr ; Bonn ; Hamburg ; Hanover


Policy ; Bundesversammlung ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; cameramen, cameramen ; Children ; aircraft ; Football ; Pedestrian ; Musical events ; News, communications ; Photographers ; Political events ; Reviews ; Shipping ; Sex ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Townscapes: Germany ; mood pictures ; Animals (except dogs) ; People ; Transport: General ; Zoo, Wildlife Park ; Listener ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Jobs ; aerial photographs ; Exhibitions ; Hamburg, BRD ; Aviation ; 01 16 mm project ; Football ; Sports honors ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 237/1974

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Federal Republic of Germany

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