Deutschlandspiegel 229/1973 1973


01. New York: UN accession of the Federal Republic of Germany and the GDR look at skyscrapers of New York City and Rockefeller Center. Flags fly in front of the UN building. UN emblem, great. UN General Assembly, swivel Assembly Hall. Display the Member States with a gap between the Gambia and Ghana. GDR Foreign Minister Otto Winzer, half-close. Walter Scheel accompanied on arrival in room, total, going to his place. The President of the General Assembly of Leopoldo Baia at the welcome speech. The names of the two new German member countries on the Board. Scheel and wine in front of the building with the hoisting of the German flags. Walter Scheel goes to the lectern and holds inaugural address: "we come not as unknown to you. The Federal Republic of Germany participates constructively in all specialised agencies of the United Nations for many years. Their participation in the overall organization will be registered from the same spirit. You are To find us always there where it comes to international cooperation, to the preservation of peace and the rights of the people. We therefore reject any racial discrimination and colonial domination. We will enter also decided for the social rights of the people, for a dignified life of the underprivileged." African listener with colorful turban. Handshake winemakers Scheel. Close-up of the UN building. Flags in front of the UN building. The two German flags. The representative of the Philippines speaks to the accession of the German States: "the Philippines is happy to welcome the two Germanys to enter the United Nations." Willy Brandt on the escalator at arrival in the UN building. Brandt speaks: "my colleagues and friends, I speak to you as a German and as a European. More precisely, my people live in two States and does not cease but to be understood as a nation. And at the same time, our part of Europe is A lot more than an economic community Not yet, but it will grow together in this decade to the European Union. Delighted that we here friendly, which is mitigated by the Division of Europe, which is on German soil particularly hard pronounced and also time and again - soon three decades after World War II - death toll calls. Course: that part of Europe, which so many tensions are assumed, we have begun a policy of understanding. As the Federal Republic of Germany we will work towards a State of peace in Europe, in which the German people in free self-determination can regain its unity. We have come to accept political responsibility on the basis of our convictions and in the best of our ability. May I ask, if not in the world, to push back the force and eventually effectively outlaw how wants to loosen then the peace problems, requiring all our energy free and far from violence? And let me say in provided clarity: is not conflict. Where there is hunger, no peace is in the long run. Where bitter poverty, is not right. Where the existence of remains daily threatened in their most basic needs, it is not allowed to talk about security. Compared to the distress it must not To give resignation." Table of the Presidium with Leopoldo Baia and Kurt Waldheim. Approval of UN members for Brandt standing next to the lectern.

02. Berlin: radio exhibition 1973 ZDF Studio on the fairgrounds with speaker and camera. Singer and actress. Poster Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin 1973, 31 August 09.09.1973, 10-19: 00. Visitors queues in front of the ticket office. Many visitors to the exhibition hall. Fed up elite model. Heinemann in the exhibition sits on Chair. Deutsche Welle poster around the world, the voice of the Federal Republic. Future: Calls with the help of the laser beam. Two young women make a call. Past: Images of the German radio Museum. 50 years German broadcasting. Screening of old films. Gramophones. Start of German television 22 years ago, production of Goethe's Faust. Modern televisions. Girl with headphones sitting in a swivel chair. You Get up and submit image plate in device. Image is transmitted on screen.

03. pop festival in Scheeßel driving record path. Young people go out on the road. Many young people are stored in the calibration ring Stadium in Scheeßel. Tents are pitched. Young people are on the square, others climb over her. Pop group soft machine plays on stage. Fan shakes his head with long hair to the beat. Air balloon flies down. Pan from above over the place with tents and young people, totally.

04. environmental protection a) Flensburg: waste composting. Building with inscription: urban cleaning North! Transformer. Input is fully loaded dump truck, garbage truck emptied waste. Giant crane raises the waste in containers, where they are mixed with sewage sludge. Large barrel turns with waste and sludge. Metal parts are sorted out. Workers takes flat pressed metal washers from container. Compost heap after processing. b) wastewater treatment plant Dormagen. Large round container of the wastewater treatment plant. Wastewaters are cleaned in the plant. Young girl in laboratory tests with water in test tubes. Purified test water fish swim in the Aquarium. The purified water is pumped into the Rhine. Rhine barge passes.

05 Garching: Go-Kart Championship Starter waving flag. Start the Go-Karts. Small car on the race track. Riders with helmets. Riders before the race when working on the motor. Drivers on the circuit. Driver at the wheel, shot from the front. Carom. Driver stand up and push back car. Drivers come off in the curve of the course and land in the meadow. 2 riders against each other, circuit is blocked. Exiting and new anschieben. Exhaust, great. Driving driver from behind the lens. Audience clapping. Italian champion team.


Persons in the Film

Benites, Leopoldo ; Brandt, Willy ; Heinemann, Gustav ; Romulo, Carlos ; Scheel, Walter ; Waldheim ; Winzer, Otto


Berlin ; Dormagen ; Flensburg ; Garching ; New York ; Scheeßel


Policy ; Kart (Rennwagen) ; Festival ; Vereinte Nationen (UN) ; Internationale Funkausstellung (Berlin) ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Flags ; Television ; Musical events ; Political events ; Radio, television ; Soapbox ; Sports details, fouls ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Townscapes: North America ; Technology ; Animals (except dogs) ; environmental protection, pollution ; UN ; Buildings ; Jobs ; Exhibitions ; Umweltschutz ; Musik ; 01 16 mm project ; Technology ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 229/1973

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