Deutschlandspiegel 221/1973 31.01.1973

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01 Krefeld: German Championships in ice dancing the German master couple Eric and Angelika Buck in her dressing room before the race. Erich Buck Pack skating boots out of the suitcase. Angelika Buck know their shoes and considers himself in the mirror. Erich Buck attracts skating boots. Kürlauf. Erich Buck commented on the run. Judges pull the dance including the sixth value notes. Erich and Angelika Buck waving from the podium at the award ceremony.

02. Stockholm: Nobel - literature prize for Heinrich Böll guests at the Nobel prize ceremony. Actuality "... with this word I speak you...". Books by Heinrich Böll, great. Group Portrait with Lady - where you were Adam and stories - House without guardians - the early years - bread and says not a Word. Heinrich Böll, great photo with Cup. Crown Prince of Gustav of Sweden presented the honorary diploma Heinrich Böll. Boll is coming to the stage and bowed.

03. Bonn: Bundestag session: election of the Bundestag President Annemarie RENGER, re-election by Willy Brandt to the Chancellor, swearing, new Cabinet, Government statement of Ludwig Erhard, interim President of the Federal Food Day, announces the election of Annemarie Renger as Bundestag President: "I hereby note that Mrs Renger has received the majority of votes. "Woman deputies Renger, I ask you: assume the election?" Annemarie Renger: "I suppose the choice." Cameramen. MPs congratulate Annemarie Renger. Congratulations by Kai Uwe von hassel, Wolfgang Mischnick and Walter Scheel. Members in voting for the election of the Federal Chancellor, including Scheel and Barzel. Press box. Brandt in talking to die Scheel and Schmidt. Annemarie Renger announces the result of the vote: "I ask the MEPs Brandt: assume the choice?". Brandt, Get up and takes the choice: "Yes, Madam, I choose accept." Annemarie Renger: "I hereby note that thus the deputies Brandt to the Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany is selected." Deputies clapping. Rainer Barzel and Scheel congratulate Brandt. Swearing Brandt: "I swear, I mean dedicated to the well-being of the German people power, increase its benefits, contact damage from him, the basic law and the laws of the Federal Government to preserve and defend, conscientiously fulfill my duties and justice will pursue anyone against, so help me God." The new cabinet with Gustav Heinemann between Brandt and Scheel. Trafoaufnahmen Foreign Minister Scheel, Finance Minister Helmut Schmidt, Minister for special tasks Egon Bahr. Brandt at the lectern at Government statement in the Bundestag: Willy Brandt: "we To want to be a nation of good neighbors inside and outside. It gathers the confidence on which we rely. In it, we recognize also the sum of the obligations that bind us to the responsibility of the whole of the people. Ladies and gentlemen, the word of the good neighborhood displays our commitment to the continuity, I stress today. This continuity has been given their own distinctive characteristics. It is determined by the content of our policy, the active peacekeeping and social reforms." Deputies clapping.

04. Berlin: Bernhard Heiliger, sculptor drive vehicles and trucks in the morning mist. Traffic light turns red - yellow to green. People on the Kurfürstendamm. The Memorial Church. Bernhard Heiliger goes with cigarette. Bernhard Heiliger in his studio with the finished drawing designs and working on sculptures. Saint commented on his work: "I draw A lot Very much because I'm interested in just the drawing as a drawing. So, there is a closed graphic work that accompanied the sculpture All the time next to my sculptural work. The drawing is to realize a play ahead, because I'm only trying something on the drawing of sculpture which may not provide the plastic All the time. The diagonal plays a main role in me, I think first and foremost, because she are dynamic, and dynamic is a notable feature for me. The new must arise just necessarily preceded from the, and as materials get in Of course, which you previously not thought, for example this film drawings, which I did. They make room suddenly or they result in transparency or something like that that you previously not thought. As a rod or a wire to the shape around walking escort to leave, enhances the shape and is nerve points, Once again highlighting the whole thing at the same time. Basically I am someone who wants to have cast each piece in a metal. The bronze is with everything, what I want. I can be very soft and delicate and transparent, take also time. She must but always, I think, be tailored to the needs of the people, its size, be laid on his eye point. You can never make up something special in the art. You can make are not many theories. You can just To try to do what it wants to be in a form. "And when one does that, one is what it is correct, then it is real, then it is not only one, but also the time in which one lives." Close-up of the Saint when drawing designs. Drawings filling picture. Foil drawings. Metal sculptures. Bronze sculptures. Holy edit large plastic with putty knife. Is Saint with helper large sculpture turning, which hung ropes. Sculpture wall, trees, sky, front seat.

05. Black Forest: Alemannic Carnival man carves wooden mask. Carnival parade with bouncing clips men with grotesques. Masks, large. People waving from Windows. Music Chapel train. Spectators on the side of the road. Whips men jump. Witch with broom. Men with thick conventional pants. Hay is burned to drive out the winter.


Persons in the Film

Buck, Angelika ; Bahr, Egon ; Barzel, Rainer ; Böll, Heinrich ; Brandt, Willy ; Erhard, Ludwig ; Hassel von, Kai Uwe ; Heiliger, Bernhard ; Heinemann, Gustav ; Mischnik, Wolfgang ; Renger, Annemarie ; Scheel, Walter ; Schmidt, Helmut


Berlin ; Bonn ; Hamburg ; Krefeld ; Black Forest ; Stockholm


Eiskunstlauf ; Bundestag ; Fastnacht ; Policy ; Nobelpreis ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Libraries ; Books ; Honors ; Ice skating ; Carnival ; Carnival ; Political events ; Sports details, fouls ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; Art ; Transport: General ; Bildhauer ; 01 16 mm project ; Sports honors ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 221/1973

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Federal Republic of Germany

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