Deutschlandspiegel 214/1972 28.06.1972


01 Wolfsburg and sports jumps pole vaulter shield Wolfsburg, slow motion. Floor gymnast on meadow, slow motion. Parade, slow-motion team handball goalkeeper. Rider on course at obstacle jumping, slow motion. Tennis players, slow motion. Paddlers, slow motion. Art jumper, slow motion. Many pedestrians on the road. Bulk star at fun run. Runners are refreshed when run on the track with a damp cloth. Children in sack race and play. Tennis judge on elevated seat at the game. Running blonde girl. Oarsman in a top. Workers at VW plant on the Assembly line. VW car driving on the road from the front. Water slides. The German Champion in the backstroke trained swimmer in the breaststroke, great. Driving record modern buildings. Kids gymnastics in gym. Exercises on the mat on the hitch ball. Wolfsburg Centre for top athletes. Workers at auto plant Assembly and on the way to the Center. Youth training. Coaches and athletes bow at the beginning. Practicing Judo grips and coupling. Horse Show. Karl Heinz Giebmanns on the course, and as the winner at the award ceremony. Spectators, half-close. Wolfsburg street full of traffic and people.

02. Bonn - NATO ministerial conference swing on flags of NATO countries before the Parliament building. The Conference rooms, phones, lounge. Police bikes. Mounted policemen. Policemen in search of vehicles. NATO Secretary General LUNs will be photographed by photographer. The Minister William p. Rogers, Walter Scheel and Maurice Schumann laughing side by side, half-close. Opening session in the Chamber of the Federal Parliament building. NATO flags on the front in addition to the Federal Eagle. Willy Brandt speaks: "this Ministerial Conference of NATO in Bonn is, like its immediate predecessors, with two large projects dealing, relaxation to associate that include but also defence and security issues. I mean the project of a Conference on security and cooperation in Europe and the project of mutual balanced force reductions." Defense Minister Joseph Luns (Netherlands) says: "When the history of the world has any sense, then solutions must can be To find, by the necessities of all participating Nations has maintained and secured." As listeners Brandt, Scheel, LUNs including conference room. LUNs in conversation, Scheel, Rogers. Fernschreiberinnen. Auto attendant. Scheel immediately after the end of the session. Red suitcase in hands of a conference participant, large.

03. Hamburg: overseas day - 50th anniversary of the overseas clubs Mayor Peter Schulz is accompanied by shipyards in the port. Shipyard workers with hard hats, big. Gustav Heinemann speaks: "the principle of the open door, the freedom of Commerce, is representing around so vividly in this city on the unhindered comings and goings of ships from all over the world to us, is the driving force of our economic and trade policies. She has us paved the way, which the Federal Republic of Germany could now penetrate into second place in the list of world trade people and countries." Ships in the port. Crane with small pennants adorned. Elbe and the Harbour from above. Police boat sails. Heinemann and Schulz at crusing in the Senate launch. People wind from the shore.

04. Lübeck: Schiffergesellschaft the Holsten Gate. Narrow streets. Salt storage. Car traffic. Clubhouse of maritime Lübeck (Schiffergesellschaft). Restorer at the restoration of large murals in the House. Maritime souvenirs in guest room, figureheads, ships. Meeting of the members of Schiffergesellschaft. Waiter brings beer. Chairman speaks: "love boatman brothers! On the bow, an Einplanierung round stands before us. With this round of our boatmen brother Captain Willi Fischer by long travel is back. He spent eight months at sea and wants to spend his holidays here now. "Willi, we welcome you in the home and wish you a nice holiday." Men raise your glass and drink. The captain's room with maritime treasures.

5th Kiel week sailing boats in the Olympic port. Olympic buildings on the shore. Driving record terrace construction of the message center. Regatta. Sailors in their boats. Billowing spinnaker. Sailors are far from the boat out. Crown Prince Harald of Norway in his boat when you set forth. Races in the Soling class. Regatta Finn dinghys. Regatta of the star boats. Willi cow pasture in his boat. He is fourth. Ully LIBOR in his boat in the race of flying through Dunning class. He finishes second. Boats hard to the wind. Hein Laprell WINS tea post class. Aerial view of sailors at sea.


Persons in the Film

Brandt, Willy ; Harald von Norwegen ; Heinemann, Gustav ; Rogers ; Scheel, Walter ; Schulz, Peter ; Schuman ; Giebmanns, Karl Heinz ; Kuhweide, Willi ; Laprell, Heinz ; Libor, Ulli ; Luns


Bonn ; Hamburg ; Kiel ; Lübeck ; Wolfsburg


Olympia ; Lübeck ; NATO ; Automobilproduktion ; Policy ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Handball ; Industry ; Judo ; Kayaking, canoeing, whitewater ; cameramen, cameramen ; Children ; Flags ; Pedestrian ; Paddle ; Photographers ; Political events ; Police ; Horse riding, horse racing (without harness) ; Rowing ; Shipping ; Swimming ; Sailing ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; Townscapes: Germany ; Surfing ; Tennis ; diving ; Gymnastics ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Art ; Athletics, jogging, fun run ; Transport: General ; whitewater ; Jobs ; Gastronomy ; Sport ; Wolfsburg ; 01 16 mm project ; Industrial ; Sports honors ; Surfing ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 214/1972

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Federal Republic of Germany

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