Deutschlandspiegel 210/1972 23.02.1972


01 Bach of Schreck: beat village of schrecksbach near Fulda, totally with Castle Mountain. Trek goes through the village street. Broom and install dishes before houses. Peasant woman with shopping cart goes from behind. Little girl holding hand before fountain pipe. Bauer unload cars. The Petards beat group play on village square. Individual members of the four band, large. Drummer and 3 guitarists. Girl looks out the window. Musicians standing on the castle wall. The village, total. Cow, that's great. Eyes of great musicians.

02. Berlin: Green week 1972 traffic on Kurfürstendamm. Exhibition Hall of the green week. Crowds of visitors. Mayor contactor and Agriculture Minister Josef Ertl go accompanied by the exhibition. Two match with large round boxes next to Klaus Schütz and Josef Ertl. Contactor kissing Dutch. Chinese exhibition booth. Guniness served from the barrel. Ertl and contactor drink beer. Graphs of original German farmhouses. Little ducks swimming pond. Little boy, great. Holidays on the farm. Girl goes on pony. Pony riding by children. Ear of corn field. Cows in the pasture. Horses in boxes. Hay harvest in the field.

03. Brandt Paris flag at the Elysee Palace. Willy Brandt gets out of the car and is welcomed. Honor guard presents. Brandt in conversation with Georges Pompidou, sitting. Arrival of economic and Finance Minister Karl Schiller. Delegations of both countries work meeting at the negotiating table, including Pompidou and Brandt. Handshake Brandt-Pompidou. Palais Beauharnais. Exterior and interior shots. Festive table. Brandt's reception. Brandt immediately near Pompidou at arrival. Greeting the guests. Brandt welcomes Maurice Couve de Murville. Pompidou standing next to Brandt.

04. Berlin: German Federal Institute for materials testing building of the Federal Institute for materials testing. Interior of the Institute. Technician to determine the chemical properties of substances. Carpet test. "Artificial pedestrian" examines the strength and durability of ground documents. Materials made of steel on its elasticity and durability are tested in the swing Hall. Testing with welding torches. Doors are tested for fire safety. Burning flames. Technicians with protective helmets. Smoke from being emitted from joints by door. Large examination hall of the Department of civil engineering. Technicians for testing of tensile strength of steel-reinforced concrete. Concrete slab crack.

05. Lüdenscheid: modern plastic houses in peculiar shapes are international exhibition of plastic houses on open-air. Visitors enter the houses. Round shapes. Boys walk through door opening to the outside. Running on plastic material. Foam is injected and processed into building walls. Floating Kunststoffhaus with roof garden. Interior decoration of the houses plastic. Various models of the future and settings of part of cut into the rhythm.

06. Nuremberg: action space for experimental games cityscape Nuremberg. Hand game. Hand with glove is covered by many hands with blue rubber gloves. Children with rubber gloves on the hands playing the movement with your hands on the wall. Hands grasp rings. Smiling faces of young people, great. Game with rings, call through the tube. Body is surrounded with hoses, helps children with transparent plastic. Game with hand on colourful area. Light and shadow effects. Light effects with lights and projector. Reflection: color wall young man in appropriate movement before that comes apart. Hair game in the light.

07. Munich: ice hockey feet - Dusseldorf 3-0 TV Tower, swing to winter sports stadium upper meadow field. Ice hockey game. Player is installed. Players on the bench to replace. Bulli. 1:0 shoot slow-motion studies feet. Jostle. Slow motion. 2:0 after surprise attack of the Füssener. Düsseldorf at fouls slow motion. Young Viewer jumps on big. Feet 3: shoot 0 Düsseldorf player is created. Handshake of the players after the game.


Persons in the Film

Brandt, Willy ; Ertl, Josef ; Schiller, Karl ; Schütz, Klaus ; Couve de, Murville ; Die Petards ; Pompidou


Old country ; Berlin ; Lüdenscheid ; Munich ; Nuremberg ; Paris ; Schrecksbach


Eishockey ; Bauernhof ; Policy ; Grüne Woche ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Hands ; Children ; Flags ; Leisure, recreation ; Musical events ; Political events ; Sports details, fouls ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Townscapes: Germany ; Technology ; Animals (except dogs) ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Kissing, kissing scenes ; Military ; Holiday ; Social events ; Transport: General ; Foreign policy events ; Agriculture ; Eyes ; Exhibitions ; construction ; Gastronomy ; Musik ; 01 16 mm project ; Agriculture ; Military ; Technology ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 210/1972

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Federal Republic of Germany

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