Deutschlandspiegel 203/1971 28.07.1971


01 bad Segeberg: Karl-may - Festspiele swivel farmhouse table in front of House with mirror, where the actor is wearing makeup. Winnetou is put on the wig. Old Shatterhand is hat. Hand inside Colt Colt pocket, great. Indians riding horses for performance. Indian rock. Old Shatterhand battle with white, which tumbles down from the rock. Children as a spectator with Indians listen to tapes to the head. Child interviews. Little blond boy speaks: "the book is better than this. You can not do that." "Why not?" "Yes, there are just not any means." Another boy, speaks: "Yes, I find it better in the book, because you yourself can imagine it. Here everything is played so. This is exactly like in television, where you can not play his concentration, his imagination." "Do you like it now better than a crime?" "Yes, A lot better."

02. Aachen: Jumping tournament "Grand Prix of Aachen" 1. Piercing: Hans Günther Winkler on the course. He pulls the last obstacle in the triple combination. It rides Ann Moore, Great Britain, Raimondo D ' Inzeo on Jorello. Hartwig Steenken rides against the last obstacle of the triple combination and overturns the whole obstacle. 3. cutting: Alwin Schockemöhle on golden green jumps the triple combination of slow-motion, but breaks the two-meter-high wall and the Oxer. 4. sticking: Manchinello, Italy, rips the 2.10 metre high wall and the Oxer. Neal Shapiro, United States, rips the 2.10-meter-high wall and skips the Oxer. Marzello Rozier, France, tear the wall and also skips the Oxer. Shapiro and Rozier win. The audience is the rider waving handkerchiefs in farewell round.

03. Heinemann Friedland the Friedland camp from above. Evacuees from Poland get off the train. Sign Grenzdurchgangslager Friedland, big. Gustav Heinemann receives bouquet presented in the camp of girls. Girl face with blond rat tails, large. Little boy on the railing in front of House, great. Heinemann goes through kindergarten, where children make. Other interviews: "what do you expect in Germany?" "I expect as evacuees in the Federal Republic, here as a German citizen will, get a good job that I like also a good apartment, and with here as a German can feel at ease." "Why did you leave Poland?" Other returnees with sunglasses: "my parents were German, so Me too can be no poles. If my parents in Germany, since the SBZ denied years long, and us, so I took advantage of now the possibility, and At last I succeeded to load today now here in Germany." Evacuees walking through the camp. Young woman pushes pram.

04. Kassel art college young man immediately. Art students in the classroom at pottery. Young man when turning clay jug. Colored student, great. Discussions of the students: "... but more complicated present themselves than we thought... "Designs for new forms of bedroom and dining rooms of the Deutsche Bundesbahn. Work material. Moving coloured elements. Discussion by students and professors to the thesis of a student to the new ferry terminal for Helsinki: "my question: actually one of us was ever in Helsinki?" Future art teacher in conversation with the painter Fritz Winter. It demonstrates their notions of alienation and abstraction on the basis of paintings: "then an abstraction happens by overlay strips as follows, the figure is No more than whole recognizable. Moreover the space by the colour in the background then. This the figure is abstracted in the direction of landscape, in my opinion."

05. food: Exhibition African art of 2000 years of African culture in the Villa hills Villa hills. African art exhibits. Sculptures made of busts. School in the exhibition.

06. Stuttgart: Masterpieces of the Makonde wood carving work of the Makonde from Tanzania. Various works. Heads, Viewer, great.

07. Hamburg: Danyel Gerard singing "Butterfly" Danyel Gerard with a guitar on the banks of the Alster on sailing boat Jetty, at bow of sailing boat sitting, on the banks of the Alster sings "Butterfly". Alster images with sailing boats.

08 Stuttgart: German Athletics Championships hammer throw: hammer throw and hammer, big feet. Photo reporters have cameras on the belly. Uwe Beyer in the hammer throw, ZL. New world record with 74.90 meter Uwe Beyer, great. 100 meters final men's: Starter shoots with a starter's pistol. Start and run, slow motion. Karl Heinz Klotz WINS on the inside lane in 10.1 seconds. Karl Heinz Klotz, half-close. 110 m hurdles men: start and run, ZL. Günter crashes nickel finish and flip over several times. Winner is Manfred Schumann. Long jump women: Heide Rosendahl at the start. Run and jump 6.69 meters - winner. 100 metres final women: start and run, slow motion. Elfgard Schittenhelm of the formidably WINS ahead of Ingrid Mickler and Hede Rosendahl: little boy presented Elfgard Schittengelm flowers. Viewers in sports pants next to Zuschauerrin in bikini claps, great. 1500 metres: Bodo overhauled his rivals in the final sprint bottlenose dolphin, Berlin, WINS and congratulations. 800 metres women's: Hildegard Falck opposite to the victory by a large margin. It runs new world record and it goes from reporters surrounded by the railway. Viewers get up from their seats.


Persons in the Film

Beyer, Uwe ; Heinemann, Gustav ; Winter, Fritz ; Falck, Hildegard ; Inzeo d', Raimondo ; Moore, Ann ; Rosendahl, Heide ; Shapiro, Neal ; Schockemöhle, Alwin ; Schumann, Manfred ; Steenken, Hartwig ; Tümmler, Bodo ; Winkler, Hans Günter ; Gerard, Danyel ; Klotz, Karl Heinz ; Manchinelli ; Mickler, Ingrid ; Nickel, Günter ; Rozier, Marzello ; Schittenhelm, Elfgard


Aachen ; Bad Segeberg ; Food ; Friedland ; Hamburg ; Kassel ; Stuttgart


Holzschnitzerei ; Umsiedlungslager ; Pferderennen ; Karl May-Festspiele (Bad Segeberg) ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Railways ; Hands ; Returnees, evacuees, Outlander ; Interviews ; cameramen, cameramen ; Children ; festivals ; Musical events ; Photographers ; Horse riding, horse racing (without harness) ; Schools, training ; Sports details, fouls ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Townscapes: Germany ; Buildings ; Cultural events ; Art ; Athletics, jogging, fun run ; Exhibitions ; Kunsthochschule ; Kultur/Kunst ; Ausstellung ; Leichtathletik ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 203/1971

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Federal Republic of Germany

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