Deutschlandspiegel 197/1971 24.01.1971


1 Rottweil: keg night cityscape. Fools parade through the streets. Children in mask costumes in the train image filling. Whips men jump with masks. Men in historic face masks and costumes-hopping on the train. Marching band. Clamps men jumping move. Masks with sticks annoy the audience. Look at rows of stretched screens of viewers in snow flurries.

02. Augsburg: Construction of a ship's engine at man for Hamburg shipyard ship at the shipyard in Hamburg. Hull with scaffolding before installation of the engine. The engines and engine factory in Augsburg. Factory building with steaming chimney. Man in Control Panel. Trial run of 32,000 hp engine in the manufacturer's works. Setting of part of of the 132 m high engine during the test run. Giant piston turn in lubricating oil. Computer control operations.

03. Berlin: Honorary citizenship for Willy Brandt the Kurfürstendamm with car traffic. In the background the Gedächtniskirche. Car driving before. Brandt gets out. In the Schöneberg Town Hall will receive the honorary citizenship Brandt for Berlin. Klaus Schütz holds the eulogy, o-ton: "you should stay as an honorary citizen for us, what they have been as a fellow for the Berlin: the right man in the right place." Willy Brandt and Rut Brandt as listeners before them a large bouquet of red carnations. Brandt is umdrängt by photographer. Brandt speaks words of thanks, o-ton: "this town owes, I say it Once again, their survival, their structure from the rubble, their achievements and their future prospects, first and last, the Berliners."

04. Bamberg city image, total, in the background of the Bamberg Cathedral. Statue of St. Kunigund, patron saint of the city. Pedestrian. 2 nuns go side by side. Tight angular old town. The Cathedral. People in front of the portal of the Cathedral. The late-Gothic construction with the Bamberger Reiter and sculptures indoors. The old royal household with timber-frame houses from the 15th century. The old town hall on a bridge built. Medieval wall paintings. Women with baby carriages go side by side, shot from behind. The meeting hall with views of the river and the fishermen's houses. Fishing for drying and setting forth their networks. Old small houses on the river bank. A cosy evening in the delights. Landlady tap beer from the barrel. Guests at the beer and food. Cityscape.

05. Hamburg: doctor art exhibition visitors. Paintings and sculptures of doctors produced. Dr. Friedrich Zerning, specialist in throat - nose and ears, sits at his desk and writes. Pan treatment device to modern image. Dr. Zerning painted sculpture grams (dashes and letters) and speaking, actuality: "my sculpture programmes consist of translations of letters in length. Pit Mondrian is my role model, and as objectively as possible to make the universal harmony he covets for my particular case, I use the word measure." The obstetricians and Gynecologists Dr. Garrett at the production speaks of ceramic sculptures, quote: "as a physician with a large practice I have little time for an artistic activity. I have chosen only the sound as a material, to be able to realize my ideas." Dr. Achim Hübner has performed with jazz band. Listeners applaud.

06. Hamburg: fur fashions for young girls with fur coats in addition to Horn. Icebreaker cuts through ice walrus. Mannequins with fur coats at the stern of the vessel. Dark suede coat with pale blue Fox collar and skirt. Black Persian lamb fur. Mannequin in light-coloured fur on the ship's rail. Brown fur and warm hat. Young man drinking grog glass. Driving record on the snow-covered banks over. Tractor drives past in fairway. Heater shovelling coal. Mannequins climb up ladder of the ship on the ice. Mannequins with fur coats on the river ice.

07 in Oberstaufen: women's ski race ski runners for exercises before the start. Runner with goggles Inc. Shoe ski binding, great. Launch of runner. Giant slalom: Runner on the track. Rosi Mittermaier startup and run. 6 Michele Jacot, France, she is on the track, drive through the target as the winner with the best time. Special: ZL recordings. Runner goes against door and rushes. Rosi Mittermaier goes against door and starts up but continues. Slow motion-ride through the gates. Jocelyn Perrilat, France, runs and drives through the target. It is 3. Michele Jacot at the start. Running and driving through the target. The winners, half-close.


Persons in the Film

Brandt, Rut ; Brandt, Willy ; Schütz, Klaus ; Mittermaier, Rosi ; Perrilat, Jocelyn ; Guhr ; Hübner, Achim ; Zerning, Friedrich ; Jacot, Michele


Augsburg ; Bamberg ; Berlin ; Hamburg ; Oberstaufen ; Rottweil


Ehrenbürger ; Pelzmode ; Bamberg ; Fastnacht ; Ski-Langlauf ; Schiffsmotor ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Honors ; Industry ; Interviews ; cameramen, cameramen ; Carnival ; Children ; Carnival ; Fish ; Pedestrian ; Photographers ; Rain ; Shipping ; Ski, skiing, ski jumping ; Townscapes: Germany ; Buildings ; Art ; Transport: General ; Winter ; Fashion ; Gastronomy ; Kunst, bildende ; 01 16 mm project ; Industrial ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 197/1971

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Federal Republic of Germany

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