Deutschlandspiegel 189/1970 16.06.1970


01 canoe polo Neuß / Rhine: Canoe polo, final: police Hamburg - Peregrine Falcon eat 6:5 (total / reverse zoom). Game scenes, viewers sit on the edge of the grass. Player capsizes at the gate. Goal throw. Player takes ball out of water with paddles and throws away with hand ball, ZL. Ball missed gate and landing on water surface, great.
(29 m)
(10: 10:00 10:01:20) 2nd Texaco a, b-moving big ship with an open bug. Kiel: cityscape, Harbor (supervision). Ships lying at the wharf. Pedestrian zone with many pedestrians in downtown. Small harbour for motor boats and sailing ships. Slipways (Howaldtwerke, German shipyard): welding work on the ship. Shipyard workers on the deck (supervision). Man goes along way with helmet (from behind) on deck. The massive tanker Texaco Europe, shot. Propeller turns in the water. Texaco Europe test drive, accompanied by tugboats, long shot. Helmsman and crew on bridge. Hand-operated stop-watch, close. View from window of the ship on deck. Engine room, instruments in the engine room and on the bridge the degree show how much the ship of the course is different. Pan across the sea. Pan in the machine room, tubes and machines. Instruments on the command bridge. Engines are stopped by a lever, machines grind to a halt. Captain (?) converses with men, close. Anchor is used. Chain, large.
(49 m)
(10:01:10 10:03:00) 03 a, b Bremen Bremen: city view (aerial view). Pan over the ruined city in 1945 (WIF). Various settings by 1945, 1946 and 1947, and from the same point of 1970 including Roland, Church in the West, now modern interior, Central station, tram runs through rubble landscape, now houses, zertörte Weser bridge, new flat bridge over the Weser, swivel about modern residential tower. Driving record over bridge to modern high-rise apartment blocks and office buildings (font of Beck's beer, SU self-propelled Union) over.
(30 m)
(10:02:55 10:04:05) 04. Juniors a, b, c, d Federal Republic of Germany: young men playing electric guitar. Dancing women in Dim lighting. Lipstick is applied on lips, big. Car "GT 1960" with retractable pig launchers. Woman sweeps up eyebrow. Headlights are flipped. Jacket adheres to male model. Young girl sitting in front of mirrors and make-up itself. Young man with a full beard shave electrically. Girl listening to music through headphones. Male model proposes superimposed legs (extreme bottom view). Young people sit in the outdoor Café. Young people at the microscope. Lab assistant at work, close. Young people in exhibition.
Turnout divided according to age groups is represented by a graph. Interviewer, o-ton: "will you choose?". Young man, o-ton: "Yes, I will choose, I'm 20 now and I think any citizen who is more interested in our political life, should get involved even politically."
Young woman, o-ton: "Yes, I will choose, because if I would not choose, then I could Yes No more talk, because I could say nothing about what happens." Interviewer, o-ton: "will you choose?" Young man, o-ton: "No." Interviewer, o-ton: "why not?" Young man, o-ton: "Because I Not yet set apart me with this new situation." Young girl, o-ton: "it's good that we have the opportunity At last time, to express our opinion, that we now go to the streets and demonstrate different." Young man, o-ton: "with a political demonstration taking position mostly on day-to-day issues, while to deal with the Government for four years in an election." Young man, o-ton: "the youth has the opportunity, through the reduction of the voting age, that she can take but a significant political influence without radical methods." Young girl, o-ton: "Yes, I find just as young people, we should seize the chance. And if we already have a choice. Since we can express our own views."
Leverkusen: "Jugend forscht" Landessieger present the results of their work, young man flips grains (?) in a small glass jar, photos of Labs, cable are controlled, young people rebuild their attempts. Plasma acceleration attempt (?), Henri Nannen, half close, considered experimental set-up. Mathematical formula, great. Evaluations in radio astronomy. Youth jury explained their attempt. Jury, half-close. Electronic test. Close to young people. Close Klaschender viewers. Teens gets tacked decorations on jacket. Henri Nannen gives order and congratulated young laureates in the background Star emblem and cameraman.
(74 m) 5th mining Ruhr: Zeche Sachsen, coal is transported in open wagons. Tower, machine breaks down coal. Miners monitored machine, worn-out coal. Pit waiting: Man turns dial from the phone, he sits in front of Control Panel. Electron machine reports data. Miners drill in the tunnel. Man operated large processing plant. Luminous diodes, great. Worn out carbon. Interlocking: train traffic is monitored from there, shining and schematic. Moving electric locomotive. Headframe. Parachutes are automatically transported. Man with helmet monitored transporting coal on television monitors from the track image signal box at the pit head. Man on the phone with helmet, he sits in the control centre. Automatic washing and sorting plant. Schichtende: miners leave, go up, miners take stairs in their financial statements, they slide in pickup. Payroll Office with employees. Recorded by computer: geologic structure of the seams. Computer expression is evaluated. Employees fill plug Board. Cars are filled with coal, coal is weighed. Flashing numbers. Reception sheet clamped in typewriter. Coal is transported in wagons.
(76 m)
(10:06:30 10:09:20) 06 Barlach Hamburg: Ernst Barlach Haus in Jenischpark, visitors go to the entrance. Interior: Two visitors (filmed from behind) sitting in front of sculptures "Frieze of listening". Photo: Ernst Barlach, cigarette smoking. Drawing, great. Old photo: cityscape of Güstrow. Living room of the House (exterior in the forest standing), in which Barlach lived, Studio, Barlach's signature. Drawings, tall and large sculptures. Original manuscript is pitched towards drama "The real Sedemunds". Illustration of a drama. Group of figures: "Christ and Thomas" (at the moment of reunion, as the doubting Thomas begins to believe). Drawing and sculpture 'The Pied Piper'. Study towards fallen monument for the Cathedral in Güstrow. Plastic "The preacher of desert", various sculptures such as "Moses", "Hovering God The Father".
(77 m)
(10:09:10 10:12:00) 07. Nürburgring Nurburgring: 1000 km race (7 scoring run to the brand World Championship). Car in the pits, riders prepare for the race. Start the car (after Indianapolis patterns). Viewers see partially through binoculars, screen. Race car in curve and straight line. Cars whiz past on wire mesh fence. Keep writing pads large, hand, women, writes on a surface on which three stopwatches are. Racing scenes. Ferrari holds in box. Huschke von Hanstein in conversation, tall, short. Work of the installers on the car: tire pressure check, refueling, changing tires. Leaves box. Race, including the Mexican Rodriguez on Porsche. Kurt Ahrens on Porsche WINS. Rodriguez gets out of car and differentiates helm. Ahrens and passenger VIC Elford are hanging around, near Laurel wreaths, in the background of ADAC shield. Ahrens and Elford (filmed from behind) wave to the audience.
(43 m)
(10:11:50 10:13:30)


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Barlach, Ernst


Nürburgring ; Kanu ; Zeche ; Jugend forscht (Wettbewerb) ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Bremen, BRD ; Wahl ; Kiel (Schleswig-Holstein) ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 189/1970

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