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1st Hockenheim - race start of the Hockenheim race, 26 drivers start to the formula 2 race, dedicated to the fatally injured Jim Clark(?), various Rennszenen, full seating, fast paced driving the race car, Jochen Rindt finished the race in the first round: at a stop the Lotus from behind is rammed and thrown on verges, car hangs with the rear wheels in the air, racing car is pushed to the side, continues another race car, takes Cup beckoning viewers with hats and sunglasses, close-up winner Regazzoni.
(29 m)
(10: 10:00 10:01:15) 02 Hannover Messe has b, Hannover. Air show: Pilot are at fairground, helicopter flying, low-angle shot: plane, helicopter from landing, various aircraft, Kleinstflugzeug, plane with folded wings in the container, visitors to the exhibition grounds, industrial exhibition, opening the industry fair by Chancellor Willy Brandt (large), Willy Brandt considered showcases, computers, industrial visitors, cranes and excavators to demonstrate their performance, crane driver while operating a crane in the driver's cab, photographer installed lamp, put film in the camera, in the background sits tall woman, the woman's face is photographed, visitors viewed various cameras, automatic conveyor and storage system, street cleaners when cleaning of asphalt, garbage container is pushed away, three men with umbrellas are lifted by the forklift, Fairgrounds from bird's eye view.
(65 m)
(10:01:10 10:03:35) 03. Foreigner Germany a German broadcaster his listeners all over the world urged to draw her personal image of the German population, drawing of two men while operating a machine, the visitors of the exhibition, various drawings, old timber-framed house, smoking chimneys in the foreground rail cars, drawing: the image of the Eastern bloc from his neighbors Get up the head, different drawings, motorway with moving cars in the hills, Camera shot from a moving car, highway bridge, cars drive over bridge, farmer when mowing, drawings: a haughty German, a Bavaria with Seppelhose and beer in hand, celebration of a society; different people go through Düsseldorf (film clips from DSP 182), different drawings.
(62 m)
(10:03:25 10:05:40) 04. W. Eschenbach farmers on tractor, hay wagon travels through archway, the fat man by the hand, wife carrying tray on shoulder, man drives tractor; Tractor in the background, the man pushes the bike in the foreground, W. Eschenbach: old buildings and half-timbered houses, House facade of the castle with coat of arms (today seat of the incumbent Mayor), Monument: stone figure of the minnesinger Wolfram von Eschenbach, medieval paintings, man shooting, House facade of an old timber-framed house, visitors stop at an old Inn, street scene is reflected in ball, craftsmen in the manufacture of medieval weapons and devices, walkers walk along old wall.
(31 m)
(10:05:35 10:06:45) 05. Esso - House a, b, c Hamburg: modern office building of the Esso company from the outside, from the bird's eye view with logo Esso, Pöseldorf district: old House, road sign: milky way, architects from the inside with photo wall of Hamburg, Office workers, architects when drawing on desks, architect Gert Beppelfort (?) when discussing with Illustrator, another architectural firm from the inside, model, other winners and architect Jost Schramm when drawing, hand demonstrated plans, construction siteThat hole is dug, concrete mixers, concrete pillars, swing over building sites, construction site from bird's eye view, phase trick shows growing building until the final completion, cars drive along driveway, employees go up stairs and pass through the revolving door, the architects Gert Beppelfort (?) and Jost Schramm in the joint design of the staircase, plan of the staircase, escalators, open-plan office with employees, computer, teleprinter, Esso House at the Hamburg City Park with road and traffic. (72 m)
(10:06:40 10:09:20) 06 youth photography a, b, c different photographs: woman's face is reflected a House with huge glasses, glasses, young people stand and sit side by side, couples from behind blows his arm in arm, football ball, swivel about a hamburger elementary school from the outside, with children playing, schoolyard classroom with students, painting: drawing a camera, teacher explains camera negative in the photo lab, students develop photos at the photo lab, Students attend photo exhibition, various photographs of people.
(54 m)
(10:09:15 10:11:10) 07. Handball game of VfL Gummersbach against SC Dynamo Berlin in the Dortmund Westfalenhalle: goalkeeper from behind, handball player with the jump shot achieved goal, different game scenes, cheering spectators, 7-meter penalty throw for Gummersbach ball enters the goal, Hansi Schmidt scores goal, trumpeting viewers, goalkeeper keeps hangover ball, 11-7 for Gummersbach, cat in the Gummersbach goal in the 7-meter throw by Dynamo, ball goes in the external network, cat brings back the ball in slow motion, 14-7, Gummersbach is new European Cup Sieger in the indoor handball, cheering spectators stormed the pitch, Gummersbacher players hold up Cup and be surrounded by spectators.
(64 m)
(10:11:05 10:13:30)


Persons in the Film

Frahm, Herbert Ernst Karl


Handball ; Autorennen ; Industrieausstellung ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Architecture ; Fotografie ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Monthly Newsreel

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Deutschlandspiegel 188/1970

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