Deutschlandspiegel 186/1970 17.03.1970


1st Inzell-Inzell: Pan over the participants from six European countries with signs of their countries of origin. Burning blowtorch for heating in addition to motorcycle, large. Launch of four machines, total and race on the ice rink. Restart of the Quad. Two crash in turn. Viewers, close. Falls. Knut Westlund (Sweden) will be the champion, Kadyrov (USSR) as a winner of the day. Official waving banner. Viewer, screen-filling. Westlund gets wreath hung around on the podium.
(32 m)
(10: 10:00 10:01:25) 02 furniture fair Cologne: furniture fair. Visitors to the exhibition. Staff at booth phone, half-close. Half-open wall units. Mr leads Cabinet on the back of TV, bottom drawer CD players. Closet cube, all pages accessible and varied. Open drawers. Drawer is removed. Trick shot: Cushions are placed in the drawer; Cabinet wall; folded up table, woman sits at a table and drinking from glass. Hand push operation button, close, bed stands out. Hülsta - furniture future 2000 adjustable furniture, sliding beds. People are sitting on chairs. Usage woman lies in a quiet housing. Girl lying on soft leather material. In the middle of spherical television, on the back of tape recorder. Plastic furniture: Chairs, table, chairs. State of the art and cave-like residential Affairs settings.
(45 m)
(10:01:15 10:03:00) 03 Brandt a, b, c Copenhagen: Willy Brandt goes through head audience. Swivel on smiling Brandt. Several settings of a session (Denmark's desire for inclusion in the EEC). State Secretary Duckwitz, large (short, leafs through papers). Swivel to Brandt. Session total. Prime Minister Baunsgaard in conversation with Willy Brandt (with cigar), both sitting. Willy Brandt with wife Baunsgaard, large, both laughing. Baunsgaard with Ruth Brandt, great. Festive dinner, including Willy Brandt with wife Baunsgaard.
London: "Bobby" regulates traffic, close. Police officers from Downingstreet 10 press photographer and reporter. Harold Wilson in front of the House waiting. Welcome to Willy Brandt by Wilson, half close, both front Downingstreet 10 standing. Wilson, Mrs Wilson and Brandt in evening clothes standing front of fireplace. Willy Brandt with sandy Shaw, close, close to swivel on sandy Shaw. Willy Brandt in addition to Wilson standing, close, in conversation with guests. Guests enter the Ballroom.
Oxford: Snowy University, taken up by Windows. University in: feeding the dignitaries. Klatschendes audience. Harold MacMillan welcomed Willy Brandt, both in Talar. MacMillan presents Willy Brandt Charter role for honorary doctorates. Certificate, great. Head Auditorium, shot.
(43 m)
(10:02:50 10:04:30) 04. launched in Hamburg: supervision in the cargo hold of the full container ship Sydney Express. Baptism by the wife of the Premier of new South Wales, near, o-ton: "I give you the name Sydney Express." (poorly understood). She throws a bottle of sparkling wine, which shatters. Launched: Slow running screw into the icy water, close. Shot from above. Bow, large, multiple settings. Anchor is used. Any remaining shipyard facility.
(29 m)
(10:04:25 10:05:30) 05. Australia student a, b, c Frankfurt / Airport: young man Colin Truslove at check-in. Fellows (the company Australian German student exchange) in the airport terminal, in the background of Commerz Bank. Host family, half-close. Farewell to host families. In addition to Colin Truslove, Elaine Tarran sits. Hannover: Elaine Tarran goes through Hanover Town Hall, in the background. On Road: Roadmap towards Canberra 16250 km. Old clay pots in display cabinets, old Royal carriage considered timber-frame houses, Tarran. Looking through the glass front garden, swing to host family Ziehm and Elaine Tarran drink the coffee. Tarran, great. Host mother wife Ziehm, close. Child at dinner. Host father Hans Hugo Ziehm, close. Würzburg: Colin Truslove goes through town, old magnificently decorated house "the Falcon". Colin Truslove adjusts camera and photographed. Dove sits on ornate stem above the window. Colin Truslove on old main bridge in accompaniment, in the background towers and Church. Colin Truslove receives fortress Marienberg. Look at Würzburg (supervision). Frankfurt: Exchange students at airport terminal. Lufthansa machine on tarmac. Exchange students get on plane. Launching Lufthansa takes off from.
(69 m)
(10:05:20 10:07:55) Heidelberg 06 revolutions exhibition: visitors in exhibition "Revolution of 1848/49" in Kurpfälzischem Museum. Various paintings and viewers, close. Paintings by the Paulskirche and the National Assembly. Old script "Reich Law Gazette". Paintings and drawings, including "the battle front of Mannheim". Old script (list of names).
(55 m)
(10:07:45 10:09:50) 07 Institute of the scientific film a, b, c of Göttingen: St. Jakobi in downtown, old University building. Institute of the scientific film, shot/pan. Illuminated reception hall with staff (supervision). Special slow motion animation camera is set. Candle is lit, stands before a mirror. Heat streaks of a candle will be visible in the inverted image. Recording an insect. Micrograph with bat. Man looks through the microscope, moving monocytes (white blood cells), great. Movie recording (time lapse) in the greenhouse. Spritzgurke spin out their seed, great. Man sitting at table of the sighting. A hummingbirds Wingbeat.
(60 m)
(10:09:40 10:11:55) 8 handball Hanover: West Germany - USSR handball. Game scenes, many in ZL. Balls that fly into the gates of both teams, A few in ZL. Draw result: 22:22 (43 m) (10:11:45 10:13:25)


Persons in the Film

Frahm, Herbert Ernst Karl ; Macmillan, Maurice Harold ; Brandt, Ruth ; Wilson, Harold ; Duckwitz, Georg Ferdinand ; Baunsgard, Hilmar


Handball ; Würzburg ; Rhein-Main-Flughafen ; Schiff ; Möbelausstellung ; Policy ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Museum ; Motorradrennen ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 186/1970

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