Deutschlandspiegel 185/1970 24.02.1970


01 canoe Lüneburg Heath: Exercises (Eskimo roll) outdoors and wild water rafting on snow-covered banks over, various settings partly in ZL riding over rapids. A bridge abutment, partly in ZL slalom training. Recordings of Canoe: descent of Rapids, past splashing water over the bow, driving on snow-covered banks. Canoeists pass under wooden bridge and pass through rapids.
(55 m)
(10: 10:00 10:02:15) 02 Brandt in Paris Paris: Élysée Palace, outside. Brandt and Pompidou on the fireplace in entertainment. Presenting Sabre guard. Banquet at Prime Minister Chaban-Delmas: total in the doorway in tuxedos Brandt, Chaban-Delmas, Walter Scheel, Karl Schiller,. Press photographers. Long shot of the festive dinner table. Several settings of the session about the accession of England to the EEC. Among others at the table, swivel: Brandt-Scheel, Schiller, Carlo Schmid. Salutierender guard, close. Adoption of Brandt and Pompidou, total.
(21 m)
(10:02:05 10:02:55) 03. A Kunsthalle, Hamburg: old painting of the Kunsthalle. Art Gallery with very busy road in the foreground, long shot. Sculpture (lying woman), in the background entrance of Kunsthalle and Kunstverein. Entrance hall (inside), shot. Stairs. Exhibition "Meister Francke and the art around 1400", paintings, visitors to the exhibition. Modern: "Golden fish" by Paul Klee. Impressionism: "Nana" by Edouard Manet. Group before the painting "The Horsewoman in the Bois de Bologne" by Renoir. Art teacher, surrounded by children, some sign, they converse about the paintings (sound bites). Girls stir paint in a small pot with brush. Children when painting with ink and brush. Art teacher gives young instructions. Different children, close. Art teacher hangs pictures.
(88 m)
(10:02:50 10:06:00) 04 Munich Munich: construction workers wearing acrylic panel on building site for the sports facilities of the Olympic Games 1972 model of the Olympic system (supervisory). Construction: construction workers on hanging roof, it is tested. Anchoring is tightened with hex wrench. Construction workers on acrylic plates (soffit). Various settings of the tent roof.
(26 m)
(10:05:55 10:06:55) 05. masks and fools Südschwarzwald: snowy Schloß Langenstein, swivel and shot. Frozen lake. Mask, large, for keg night. Old clock, great. Swinging pendulum, great. Masks, large. Oldest illustration for fools of time from the middle ages. Train, plate "Rottweil". Train, in the background of snow-covered Rottweil. Old tower gate, fool dressed up different settings to pull through the city. Residents are available at open Windows. Masks, playing Chapel. Clad fools hop on road. Playing musician, close. Fools run through the city.
(65 m)
(10:06:45 10:09:10) 06 hinterzarten a, b hinterzarten / Hochschwarzwald: snow-covered mountains. People in horse-drawn carriages, medium, and long shot. People go for a walk in the snow. Sikabfahrtsläufer. Snowy hinterzarten: houses, snow detection snow pushes away, Hotel driveway with horse-drawn carriage, Church. Nave (inside), woman makes Knicks before she goes in the Pew. Baroque altar. People praying in church. Late Gothic Pietà by Tilman Riemenschneider. Snow-covered hotel. Bathing in the swimming pool, youth jumps off the edge of the pool in the water. Woman in the breaststroke, views of snow-covered mountain. Woman lies in a deck chair. Man to woman in Black Forest costume during the walk. Waiting skiers. Skiers in lift. Georg Thoma instructors teach, close and shot. Students listen to him. Ski teacher gives instructions, husband tried it and falls forward. Ski group training. Thoma is downhill. Downhill skiers. Trophies and medals in shelf, great. Thoma, great interview: "My favorite Cup is the Championship trophy from 1966 in Oslo because I had to fight Very much hard." He thinks big, Cup in hand. Children and young people at the ski school, child falls and gets up again.
(93 m)
(10:09:00 10:12:20) 07 tobogganing Königssee: sledders go down. Christa Schmuck from Berchtesgaden differentiates helm and glasses, close, (silver medal get laughing). Barbara Piècha from Poland: start, drive and thrown after victory in the air. Camera ride with on sled, by Josef Feist coat from Austria, bypasses in the target audience, he finishes second. Start and drive from Joseph Fendt of Berchtesgaden, great victory (45.9 seconds).
(31 m)
(10:12:15 10:13:20)


Persons in the Film

Frahm, Herbert Ernst Karl ; Schmid, Carlo ; Schiller, Karl August Fritz ; Scheel, Walter ; Pompidou, Georges ; Chaban - Delmas, Jacques


Kurort ; Tobogganing ; Kunsthalle ; Fastnacht ; Policy ; Olympia Vorbereitungen ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Skisport ; Malerei ; Kanusport ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 185/1970

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Federal Republic of Germany

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