Deutschlandspiegel 184/1970 28.01.1970


1st motor ball at Karlsruhe: Moto-ball Cup final MSC PUMA Kuppenheim - MSC Masch. Various scenes of the game. Horn blows viewers with sunglasses. Ball flies out over the gate. Viewers with Hat, close. Goalie keeps game scene. Driver drops off the motorcycle, ZL. Throw-in, game scene. Goalkeeper keeps. Audience, great. Penalty kick, the ball flies into the goal, MSC PUMA from Kuppenheim won with 1:0 clapping spectators, close. Winners receive trophy and be congratulated.
(27 m)
(10: 10:00 10:01:15) 02 ideal type 70 Hamburg: old woman, great. Young women, big fur hats. 6 young people on the podium before Kaufhof, differently dressed. Pan, passerby, o-ton: "links decently dressed. Striking anyone. Right is a fashion that is virtually only the people's eye, which is belacht, in a short time later - after work." Interviewer Hans Hamed Wiechmann interviewed passers-by: "Yes, I would take the mini girl. But the other, the supply pacts is Of course, can be also Very much interesting, I'm not saying that." Annette Paulmann (DW) in the Maxi coat with a large hat. Passerby, o-ton: "right, the little girl, isn't it looks so nice, but after 20 years that is noticeable. The husband is rant then." Walton, in the off, o-ton: "Why is he rant?" Passerby, o-ton: 'why? This is not a simple matter. "Stomach sick, everything." "Oh, what." Passerby, o-ton: "especially the modern types of fur skirt for the Lord and also mini and Maxi. It doesn't irritate the sexual in particular in some form, but it irritates the eye." Bystander, O, tone: "the man with the red scarf." "Why?" "He is modern and it is still not UltraMon and I find him Very much sympathetic." Passerby, o-ton: "Yes, the second man, that would I believe that after the man of the next 70 years. This is the young emerging generation." Walton, in the off, o-ton: "So, are you not for mini and Maxi not?" Woman, o-ton: "No, no, no." "Why not?" "Yes, I must honestly say that is not a fashion." Man, o-ton: "they're the best. You have the chance to get ahead. That not come on, the guy." Woman in the off, o-ton: "because the German is too hidebound. Is not tolerant enough." Conflict between 2 people, close, Walton is in between. "Professionally there only can up there, can be the what with the hat, because yes man, because it is a well-dressed man, what need be." "Do you think that we are really so conservative?" "We are yet to strictly conservative. Much too strict." "You mean we're going every day with a white shirt and a tie in's Office and stuff." We are also..." "It looks nice and neat, it looks nice and neat. If you new business interns think Yes, then to what be only with Hat, tie and shirt."
(58 m)
(10:01:05 10:03:15) 03 Osaka hostesses Bonn: flag at Villa Hammerschmidt, great. Inner: Japanese hostesses in kimonos. Japanese hostesses are received by Federal President Gustav Heinemann. Japanese hostess presented a bouquet of flowers. Heinemann welcomes the hostesses individually with hand percussion, different settings. Heinemann surrounded by hostesses.
(17 m)
(10:03:05 10:03:50) 04 Brandt in Tunis Willy Brandt, followed by Ruth Brandt, rises out of plane in Tunis, they are welcomed. Ruth Brandt laughing, great. Street scenes in Tunis. Reception with Foreign Minister Bourguiba Jr. and Prime Minister Ladgham, each big. Brandt, close. Brandt leaves the House, slamming Tunisians. Brandt's autograph, close. Brandt visited workshop for orthopaedic surgery (supported from funds development aid): double leg prosthesis, great. Man polished prosthetic leg, small child with leg prosthesis on the walking line. Brandt is the staff. Young girl gets customized corset. Brandt caress child.
(27 m)
(10:03:40 10:04:45) 05 children and objects a, b Nuremberg: inner space of action (built by art teacher Friedhelm Klein during the Nuremberg "Biennale for constructive art"): children and adolescents play on "Image sound structure" (by Fridhelm Klein, art teacher) with homemade instruments, different settings. Children stacking boxes and pass between the pillars. Young people build structures and towers with items (tires, plastic tubes, balls). Young people paint wall brush and Quast, different settings. Girls paint with chalk on Blackboard. Radiant overhead projector. Shadows, shadows are painted to different settings. Multiple shadow shapes overlap.
(75 m)
(10:04:40 10:07:20) 06. Vessels in the ice a, b Elbe near Lauenburg: Various settings of this set ships in the ice. Ropes to bollards placed in the ice, close. Hans-Ludwig Wiechmann interviewed operators, half close, o-ton: "since 20th December am I with my ship in the harbour of Lauenburg and can not continue to Hamburg, because I have been held through the ice. The economic disadvantages for us are about about 10,000,-DM mark in a month. "And if it takes until mid March, we must expect that 3 months have no merit." In the ice of this ship, shot.
(17 m)
(10:07:15 10:08:00) 07. winter story a, b, c, d snow detection pushes snow from road. Hiker goes with stock wood bridge. House with snow-covered roof in the forest. Man pulls sleds with child, snow-covered mountains. Ponies in the snow, pony wallows in the snow. Tynemouth in the Schongau district: peasants with horses, wood master is behind hergezogen. Village wrought with an open fire. Blacksmith pounding on red-hot steel, great. Horseshoe is adapted to HUF, horse, close. Horseshoe is fixed in HUF. HUF will sweep. Workshop for tractors and farm equipment: welding work on the tractor. Old photo of craftsmen. Horseshoe as prizes. Man with Tyrolean hat, big. Brass band in the music, different settings. Horses pulling a plow. Snowy Bavarian Alps, on the edge of stocking factory Arwa. Yarn on bobbins. Workers at a machine. Threads, great. Circular knitting machine for stockings without seam. Running sock machines. Cotton (?). Stockings are exposed to stress test and drawn by form. Workers, close. Stockings are packed. Workers at the packaging (supervision). Curling: Railways (supervision). Man in the curling. Ice sliding on ice. Cable car in the background snowy landscape, partly taken from moving lift. Skiers in the lift. Snowmobile vehicle moves up the mountain. Downhill skiers, long shot. Skiers in the lift. Skiers exit, shot. Snow-covered mountains, long shot. Snow-covered Berchtesgaden (supervision). Outgoing man with a Tyrolean hat and backpack. Fancy Bavarian House, fountain, city view, total.
(108 m)
(10:07:50 10:11:45) 08 football Hamburg: football Borussia Mönchengladbach - HSV: 3:1 various game scenes on icy course. Viewers, close. Netzer is the ball over Voigt to Dietrich. Goalkeeper Adam can't hold the ball, puts long, ball goes into the goal. Viewers, close. Game scene. 2. goal falls, settles long Acharya. Game scenes in ZL. Hamburg score goal.
(48 m)
(10:11:35 10:13:25)


Persons in the Film

Frahm, Herbert Ernst Karl ; Brandt, Ruth ; Heinemann, Gustav ; Bourguiba jr., Habib ; Ladgham, Bahi


motor sports ; Fashion ; Schmiede ; Policy ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Binnenschiffahrt ; Weltausstellung ; Ausstellung ; Football ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 184/1970

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Federal Republic of Germany

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