Deutschlandspiegel 183/1969 10.12.1969


1st Go-kart Kaltenkirchen: 9th International go-kart racing. Man lifts go-kart. Review of vehicle, chain, inflated tires, steering checked. Go-kart driver in the race. Through curves in the site, gokart ride is across. Driver retires. Go-Kart is pushed away. Race through Kaltenkirchen. Girl makes round display. Curvy race. Hans Heyer runs and WINS. Official lowers flag. Hans Heyer differentiates helm, great.
(41 m)
(10: 10:00 10:01:45) 02 aid a, b, c West Berlin: Memorial Church, long shot. Subway entrance "Kurfürstendamm". Elephants in the Zoo enclosure. High-rise, shot. Opening of the international seminar "Standardization as an instrument of industrialization", seated participants, medium. Participants with whistle and headphones. International participants, close. Writing hand, close. Federal Minister Erhard Eppler, half-close. Villa Borsig (seminar Center), shot. Participants in the garden. Erhard Eppler, close to original sound (to the choice of Berlin as an International Centre): "development policy requires openness to the world, and Berlin had always been this openness to the world." Skyscrapers, medium.
Gedächtniskirche, swing down to a group of colored people. Central Office for public management, medium. Tape recorder playing band. Man with headphones with integrated microphone, great. Participants in the language laboratory. Participants go down stairs, participants sit in the foyer. Participants receive declarations in the chemical laboratory.
(59 m)
(10:01:35 10:03:45) 03 Heinemann in Holland welcome: Heinemann and Ms. Heinemann with Juliana and Bernhard of Netherlands on platform in Amsterdam. Heinemann and Juliana sitting in a moving carriage. At the national monument on Dam square wreath-laying ceremony by President Heinemann. RIM inscription "The President of the Federal Republic of Germany", close. Old Dutch Schauburg, pan across the front. Jewish monument, Heinemann lays down Nelkengebinde, Juliana accompanied by a Rabbi (?).
Rotterdam: Swivel port (supervision). Monument, in the background the Tower of St. Laurentius Church. Car is in front of St. Laurentius Church, Heinemann goes to the entrance. Nave, shot. God service. Town Hall: Driving cars, in music, Chapel playing in the background. Photographer. Heinemann is from Finland. Soldier with sword, great in the background waiting for Mayor Thomassen. Heinemann go up stairs with Mrs. Heinemann and Juliane (?) and Scheel. Director of photography, close. Thomassen with Heinemann, half-close. Hall with guests, shot.
Amsterdam: Rembrandt posters from the Rijksmuseum. Painting, great. Heinemann by exhibition walking. Painting. Photographer. Painting, great. Heinemann considered painting, half-close.
(65 m)
(10:03:40 10:06:00) 04 Ludwigshafen Ludwigshafen: drive over the bridge. Modern station, shot. Train arriving. Font "Ludwigshafen". Pylon (soffit). Car bridge pylon. Train on bridge, it runs on Rails. Arriving train in the background pylon. Station forecourt with pylon. Main entrance. Mature couple pushes a trolley suitcase. People go under canopies. Travelers go through tunnel under the tracks. Arriving travelers waiting at the train station, train. Pylon, swivel to the station clock, great. Passengers board the train. Schaffner shut door. PSB: Employees in the workplace, schematic. Man speaks into microphone, close. Train leaves the station.
(44 m)
(10:05:55 10:07:35) 05 art market Cologne Cologne: bridge over the Rhine, in the background of Cologne Cathedral. Towers of the Cathedral (slight lower ceiling). Visitors to 3. Cologne art market (Pan). Works of art look at playing youth band, visitors. Man wearing a tea strainer as glasses. Sausages on the grill. Three people sit under transparent umbrella. Face painted on paper mache. Art poster. Façade of Gallery: visitors go towards the entrance, visitors jostle in the entrance area. Visitors look at exhibits. Image of Roy Lichtenstein, visitors, half close, man wearing baby in arms. Pop art paintings, visitors, close. Man goes through exhibition mirrored headgear with arms raised. Visitors, exhibits. Visitors wear paintings from Gallery.
(84 m)
(10:07:25 10:10:30) 06. Nuremberg: city view, total/zoom. Old Tower, roofed gear. Old House on the water. In addition to the Albrecht Dürer House a stand of gingerbread. Pre-packaged gingerbread. Gingerbread moulds. Gingerbread factory E. Otto Schmidt: Dough is transferred mechanically. Gingerbread on conveyor belt. Wafers are placed in the machine. Gingerbread are automatically forwarded. Gingerbread is covered with cast iron. Workers with aprons and headwear clothed, working in big Halle. Workers Pack gingerbread, large package is sealed. Old Tower, roof with small Windows. Ornate fountain, old timber-frame house.
(52 m)
(10:10:25 10:12:20) 07. Landshut ice hockey: ice hockey Germany - Sweden: 1:7 offense, several scenes, partly in ZL. 2 shots on goal to land in the German goal. Viewers, close. Shot into the Swedish goal. Game scenes. Händeschüttelnde teams in the middle of the field.
(34 m)
(10:12:10 10:13:30)


Persons in the Film

Juliana ; Heinemann, Gustav ; Scheel, Walter ; Heinemann, Hilda ; Eppler, Erhard


Nürnberg ; Eishockey ; Ludwigshafen ; Art ; development aid ; Kart (Rennwagen) ; Nürnberger Lebkuchen ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; State visit ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 183/1969

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Federal Republic of Germany

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