Deutschlandspiegel 181/1969 30.10.1969


01 camel race members of the Royal Moroccan camel riders Brigade guest in Cologne: start of seven camel riders. Young spectator with binoculars. Running camel legs big. Two camel riders side by side in ZL. Target gallop. Winner trophy.
(27 m)
(10:00:00 10:01:10) 02 IAA dense traffic. Visitors throng at the motor show. Woman posing on rotating Opel sports car. BMW 2800, VW-Porsche, Audi 100 Coupé, Ford 26 M, Fiat 128. A few get in car with glass body. Body of the ro 80 works side apart. Mercedes C 111 (33 m) (10:01:05 10:02:20) 03 choice 1969 journalists in the Federal House, cameras, lights. Results on overhead projector. Big Karl Schiller. Willy Brandt speaks interview: "I say to my party: it is the best result that we have had so far." "Georg Kiesinger, umdrängt of journalists, speaking o-ton:"... that I of it am convinced that a continuation of the grand coalition under all circumstances should be connected to a clear agreement on an electoral agreement."
SPD - FDP coalition negotiations: Walter Scheel on a large table with Brandt, half close, in addition to Helmut Schmidt. Schiller, Alex Möller, Hans-Dietrich Genscher.
Vote in the Bundestag about the new Chancellor. Brandt, Kiesinger, Schröder, Strauss when voting. The Ruth Brandt Gallery. By hassel Announces vote o-ton: "... the deputies Brandt the majority of members of the Bundestag in elimäki. "I ask the MEPs Brandt: assume the election?" Brandt speaks interview: "Yes, Mr. President, I choose accept." Applause. Kiesinger congratulates first, congratulates Scheel.
Brandt at Gustav Heinemann. Brandt gets out of car. Brandt shakes hand with certificate of appointment, Heinemann. Camera people.
"Brandt speaks o oath before the Bundestag:"... the laws of the Federal Government to preserve and defend, conscientiously fulfill my duties and Justice against will anyone, so help me God!"-"Mr. Chancellor, the good wishes of the entire House join in your heavy Office."
(65 m)
(10:02:15 10:04:35) 4th Götz v. Berlichingen city scapes by Jagsthausen. The Schloß Jagsthausen. Festival in the courtyard. Hermann Schomberg plays the Götz von Berlichingen. Engraving and logo of Götz von Berlichingen. Iron hand and their construction drawings. Scenes from the play by Goethe. Schomberg is actuality. Castle Hornberg on the Neckar.
(65 m)
(10:04:30 10:06:50) 05 Litfaß pillars in the streetscape. Advertising posters. Old engraving of a pillar with passers-by. Contemporary picture of Ernst Theodor of Litfaß of Amandus.
Output of posters on the adhesive squads. Slinger gets into the car, opens pillar box and get head. Lifts opened together bicycle from trunk. Driving with ladder and bucket bike. Slinger seal pillar. Poster "Berlin Zoo".
(44 m)
(10:06:45 10:08:20) 06. Zoo Berlin Berlin: people queue in front of building with the inscription: "125 years of Zoo Berlin". Shots of ibex, Lion, monkey, giraffe, ostrich. Old engravings: Zoo visitors, elephant is cleaned. Visitors from the Elephant House. Rhinos, birds, monkeys, fish. Polar bear jump into the water. Hippo. Orang-utan with guards. Chimpanzee.
(73 m)
(10:08:20 10:10:50) 07 soccer Hamburg: Germany - Scotland 3-2 World Cup qualifier storm the Scots. Meier drops the ball, Jock shoots 1-0 in the gate (ZL door camera). Cheering at spectators. Haller hits the post. Fichtelgebirge shoots the compensation. Spectators wave flags. Floodlight. Foul. German player falls. Seeler beheads to Miller, who shoots 2:1 (ZL door camera). Viewers. Scottish compensation ZL. Meier at various parades of the goalkeeper. Hötkes strikes the ball out of the gate. Meier loses the ball. Lambe storms alone, plays defender and shoots 3:2. Lambe jumps and falls.
(71 m)
(10:10:45 10:13:20)


Persons in the Film

Frahm, Herbert Ernst Karl ; Strauß, Franz Josef ; Seeler, Uwe ; Schiller, Karl August Fritz ; Kiesinger, Kurt Georg ; Brandt, Ruth ; Genscher, Hans-Dietrich ; Heinemann, Gustav ; Scheel, Walter ; Schmidt, Helmut ; Möller, Alexander ; Schröder, Gerhard


Kamel ; Automobilausstellung ; Bundestagswahl ; Policy ; Litfass Säule ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Berliner Zoo ; Football ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 181/1969

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Federal Republic of Germany

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