Deutschlandspiegel 177/1969 26.06.1969


01 Athletics Heidelberg: Athletics international match Germany - USSR in the University Stadium. Pole vault by Peter Grube, ZL, WINS with 4.20 m viewers with umbrellas, close. The Russian Nikolai Avilow in the pole vault, ZL, jumping 4.00 m. Victor Tschelnakow in the discus throw, ZL, raises 49,36 m. He throws the discus, discus flies and drops. 400 m race of men: Start. Viewers with umbrellas, squatting photographer with tripod. Russian runner runs ZL as winner by the target, so the Russians with 300 points win advantage 10-fight the men. 5 struggle for women: Vault: Ulla ride man, Nejolia Kvetkauskaite have no chance against Heide Rosendahl, all ZL. Woman with braids, close. Heide Rosendahl WINS in the long jump, ZL, with 6.21 m 100 m hurdles: Heide Rosendahl runs 13.6 seconds, partly in ZL/frontal. Audience clapping. Nejolia Kvetkauskaite (?), close. Heide Rosendahl would be great.
(40 m)
(10: 10:00 10:01:40) 02 Kiesinger in Japan Japan: Airport Kyoto (?). The Japanese Prime Minister Sato with Ms. Sato at the airport, close to half. Chancellor Kiesinger and wife Kiesinger go gangway down. Greeting between Kiesinger and Sato. Parade, Japanese and German flag blowing in the wind. Kiesinger and wife Kiesinger walk through Park. Temple complex. Japanese draw water in temple complex (supervision). Chancellor Kiesinger draws water, with mugs and drink, intermediate cameraman keep camera in front of the eye. Katsura imperial villa: dressed and waiting for Kiesinger woman Kiesinger in the garden, students of the tea school in kimono in the Garden State visit. Kiesinger participates in Japanese tea ceremony. Japanese, close. Mrs Kiesinger takes tea Cup. Japanese laughing. Kiesinger and wife Kiesinger sitting in heel seat and at the same time drinking tea from cups. Photographer keeps camera in front of the eye. Two Japanese bow to couple Kiesinger.
(35 m)
(10:01:35 10:02:55) 03 20 July West Berlin: Gedächtniskirche and Europacenter. Pedestrians in front of Memorial Church. Review 1944-destroyed Gedächtniskirche, large empty space. House in the former Bendlerstraße am Tiergarten. Road sign "Tiergartenstrasse / Stauffenbergstraße", House facade. Visitors to the exhibition. Photo: Freisler (Hitler's supreme judge) holding hand making a Hitler salute. Visitor, hand presses button on board. Photos of resistance fighters. Close to visitors. Writing "Fake documents - condition any illegal work in the resistance". Woman with a headscarf, close. Photo: execution site Plötzensee. Visitors, great. Photo: Guillotine. Close to visitors. Photo: Siblings Scholl. Map with light-emitting diodes. Visitors, half-close. City map with light-emitting diodes. Photos: Colonel General Beck (head of the conspiracy); Carl Goerdeler (former Mayor of Leipzig); Field marshal von Witzleben (he participated in the coup); Graf von Moltke; Julius Leber (Social Democrat); Colonel von Stauffenberg (Hitler's assassin). Review: Hitler talking to other men. Assassination is schematically illustrated on figure: Briefcase with the bomb is provided by Stauffenberg in addition to chart, but the bag was used for page. Destroyed barracks after explosion. Memorial in the courtyard of Bendlerstraße. Memorial plaque "Here died for Germany on 20 July 1944" (names are listed). Memorial, close, bound hands, great. Review: "people's Court" convicted defendants in the background flag with swastikas (o-ton, poorly understood). Visitors enter the Plötzensee Memorial. Execution space with wreath, hook hanging from gallows.
(81 m)
(10:02:45 10:05:45) 04 nursing in Düsseldorf: girl rides a bicycle through modern residential complex: Altenheim St. g Daniel, Hildesheim (design of Prof. Böhm). Man walks on Court. Modern concrete Church. Stone House with round tower. Stone House with concrete balconies. Old man pouring his balcony plants. Old man looks out window. Road sign on the wall of the House "St. Suitbertus". Old people in hallways. Old man reading book. Shelf with books. Altenpflegerin brings an old lady food. Two men go on masonry way without stages upwards. Woman brick staircase goes up. Old people on the brick path to the top. Old women sit at a round table with coffee, swivel to other coffee tables. Old man, close. Altenpflegerin pouring coffee. Old people in the living room. Old pair of converses on balcony.
(38 m)
(10:05:35 10:07:00) 05. Demag a, b, c Duisburg: bridge over River. Downtown: Pedestrian pass Street, in the background with shell shield Park House. Demag company building. Design Office: extended draft and sign boards. Artist working on drawing boards. Assembly Hall. Item hanging on chains and is transported through Halle. Lehmbruck-Museum: The façade, plastic front Museum. Visitors to the exhibition "Industry and technology in German painting". Paintings of factories (around 1830). Cyclists and propelled tramway, swivel to Max Liebermann paintings (Weber in their work). "Iron rolling mill" by Menzel; "On the work" of Paul Klee and "Chemnitz factories" by Kirchner. "Working men", a composition of the Bauhaus. Drum (?) behind this bat. Visitor, close. Abstract painting.
Castle wetter an der Ruhr: Assembly Hall, mechanical workshop Hartkort': heavy part is transported hanging by Assembly Hall crane. Workers smokes a pipe and operated machine. Carbide drill bit. Big pipe. Large drills. Workers climb scaffolding. Workers at Cabinet. Large funnel-shaped machine is transported by rail.
(66 m)
(10:06:55 10:09:20) 06 Einbeck beer Einbeck: people on market square and open Windows by timber-frame house. Men dressed in historical costumes of Knight. Beer trunk from large beakers. Tapping of the keg. Trek with horses and beer barrels on car moves through city and highway. Munich: clapping audience. Beer keg filled with coins will be handed over for Olympic Games. Olympic champion Manfred Schnelldorfer and Erhard Keller To try to press the barrel. Barrel with coins and writing "Olympic regulars". Schnelldorfer, great. Large cellar. Horse tries to eat flowers at neckline by costume girl.
(29 m)
(10:09:10 10:10:20) 07. wild horses Mersfelder break in Westfalen: galloping horses (Brumby horses). Wild horse eats grass on pasture, great. Wild horses on pasture. Foal. The herd gallops and is rounded up. The Colts capture driver and collector. The young stallions receive branding. Wild horses fight, men throw themselves about horses and hold. The mares and foals and two stallions are driven back to freedom.
(36 m)
(10:10:10 10:11:35) 08 football a, b, c of Nuremberg players leave with hanging heads field. Cups and winning trophies of the Association. Flag of the German football champion. The team training with Max Merkel. Cologne: Müngersdorfer Stadium, game 1 FC Köln of against 1 FC Nuremberg 3:0 big spectators behind bars. Cologne storms in the penalty area, and shot on goal. Goalkeeper Rynio holds, ZL, (camera behind gate). Viewers behind bars, close. The Nürnberger Tor Overath plays goalkeeper Rynio and shoots ZL for the 1-0. Boys behind bars and cheering spectators. Nuremberg shoots on goal, goalkeeper fends off. Young viewers kisses girl, big, behind bars. Nuremberg striker front gate. Goalkeeper charge. Cologne storms. Advertising on gang of Deutsche Bank. Hornig ZL shoots up to 3-0. Ball in the goal (camera behind gate). Flags are swung, screen-filling.
(55 m)
(10:11:25 10:13:30)


Persons in the Film

Witzleben, Erwin von ; Scholl, Sophia Magdalena ; Scholl, Hans ; Freisler, Roland ; Kiesinger, Kurt Georg ; Goerdeler, Carl Friedrich ; Leber, Julius ; Kiesinger, Marie-Luise ; Hitler, Adolf


Gedenken ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Attentat, 20. Juli, Deutsches Reich, 1944 ; Ausstellung ; Football ; State visit ; Leichtathletik ; Duisburg ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 177/1969

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