Deutschlandspiegel 171/1968 12.12.1968


01 Hubertus hunting a, b, c Hamburg: Riding on horses, half-close. Rider on horse with Fox slogan on the saddle. Riders with Fox slogan rides ahead. Hounds of the Foxhounds. Equestrian riding terrain. Dogs jump over the ditch, ZL. Horse jumps over obstacles, stumbling horse, rider crashes. Horse denied obstacle. Jump over the ditch, ZL. Horse jumps too short, falls backwards, riders descend. Riders ride through terrain (supervision). Forest Glade. Bubbles of the Halali. Handing-over of fir trees breaking. Mob rushes about cow stomach.
(49 m)
(10: 10:00 10:02:00) 02 D - Schiller Bonn (International Monetary Conference): reporter before closed doors. Broth is served out of pot. Distribution of toast and sausages. Economics Minister Schiller speaks with Strauss, half-close. Cinematographer smokes, close. Schiller, o-ton: "the participants welcomed the measures, which represent an important contribution to the recovery of the international balance of payments." Intermediate sections: Listening to journalists, Schiller, great. People with placards "No DM appreciation betrayal of the German worker ="; "Franc crisis = fault of French nationalism". Parliament, Chancellor Kiesinger, o-ton: "we stick with it, that we all are one for keep always to overcome and linking the fate of all European peoples is the question of whether it succeeds in mutual trust to bring about a unification of Europe, in which the interests of each country and each people are safely rescued." Deputies clapping.
(35 m)
(10:01:55 10:03:15) 03. folding paper is folded and assembled. Experiments with paper, which are made at the Hamburg Hochschule für bildende Künste. Institute of industrial design studio Prof. Londenberg: students design fabric made of paper. Fabric paper is pulled apart. Various paper fabric, great. Cardboard is folded. Professor Peter Raacke, close, lines design. Stacked cardboard, Raacke folding cardboard furniture and sits down on cardboard seat.
(30 m)
(10:03:05 10:05:05) 04. cardboard furniture Germany: exhibition of cardboard furniture in department store, visitors consider furniture. Woman sits down on the seat. Stress test: Sitting area, visitor, couples Get up close. Cardboard table with dwarf it. Visitors wear their cardboard furniture and so climb escalator.
(41 m)
(10:05:00 10:05:45) 05 Odenwald school a, b, c, d, e Odenwald: pan across countryside and houses. Students go through the forest. Odenwaldschule (Landschulheim) at Heidelberg, medium. Physics Lesson: Students sit in a classroom and experiment. Immersion brings water to a boil. Lab: Students and teachers wear headphones with microphone, speak English. Director of the school of Dr. Walter Schäfer surrounded by students. Two students in her room. Students, close. Two students at the learning in her room. High school class sits in library: teachers tell students to listen and To write some with; Students in the dialog. Students learn craft: plane, shelf is built, metal milling machine in operation, welding, weaving. Students jog through the forest. School fire sampled usage: students climb ladder with hose in hand. Students are wet sprayed from above. Students before school, shot.
(88 m)
(10:05:35 10:08:50) 06 Steiff (Giengen) a, b, c Giengen (Baden-Württemberg): roofs and steeples, long shot. Street with old houses. Plush dogs of the Steiff company. Fabric giraffe, tall. Fabric giraffes, screen-filling. Teddies, screen-filling. Steiff factory: Manufacture of stuffed toys (supervision). Pieces of fabric are processed. Women sew stuffed animals, close. Hall with workers, shot. Stuffed animal is pulled over ironing. Teddy and camel are filled with straw. Three fabric Bunny, screen-filling. Eye is sewn to stuffed animal, large. Nose is sewn. Nose and mouth sprayed with donkey, pony at Monkey combed and sprayed Hairspray. Finished monkeys, screen.
(54 m)
(10:08:40 10:10:40) 07 Bremen Freimarkt Bremen: Roland (drupe). Kids listen to organ players. Organ, that's great. Opening of the Bremen free market: competition of 40 barrel organ players. Old town hall with free market (slight oversight). Spectators, half-close. Big heart balloons mounted on the Roland. People riding the carousel. Children, screen-filling. Barrel organ player takes leg by organ. Kid clap your hands, big. Old man playing a harmonica. Girls wearing headscarves, close. Old man plays accordion, she plays banjo, half-close. Old man singing into the microphone, close, to playing banjo and drums with foot operated. Fabric Monkey on drums, large.
(26 m)
(10:10:35 10:11:35) 08 Jazz on the river Spree in Berlin: people walk in the rain, in the background of Memorial Church. Young couple goes under umbrella, close. Poster advertising pillar "Berlin Jazz days 68". Young woman under umbrella. Woman legs in boots happen zebra stripes. Face of a young man behind a screen full of raindrops. Blurry pedestrian. Man behind a screen. Poster "Jazz was no". Stairs area at the Philharmonie, a couple behind round glass. Count Basie on piano, half-close. His band. Basie, close. Various settings of the band. Dizzy Gillespie, close, plays trumpet. Close drummer; Close to Dizzy Gillespie; his band several settings. Score sheet with font "Dizzy Gillespie", Dizzy Gillespie, close, plays trumpet. Julie Driscoll sings great. Hands on piano, great. Julie Driscoll sings, accompanied by pianist, sings also. Guitarist half close. Julie Driscoll singing, drummer.
(55 m)
(10:11:25 10:13:35)


Jazz ; Hubertusjagd ; Bremen ; Odenwald ; Policy ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Plüschtiere ; Schule ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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