Deutschlandspiegel 166/1968 25.07.1968


01 Derby a, b, c Hamburg (horn): the 99th German Derby. People on Racecourse (supervision). Visitors see the program standing half-close. Women with miniskirts. Jockey Lester Piggott's with jockeys to race. Visitors with grey cylinder. Lester Piggott is rising. Older Lady with white fur and a wide hat, close. Jockeys on horses just before the start. Woman with large hat, close. Start. Outsiders "Black Winesaps" goes into the lead. Two men see through binoculars, close. Race. Horses in the arc, from the front. Viewers behind railings, half-close. "Elviro" lead under Jockey Alafi. On the grandstand Lübke and soft man, half-close. Running in the home straight. Final stage of the race in ZL. "Elviro" WINS. Jockey Alafi on "Elviro" according to race. "Elviro" receives wreath. Lester Piggott is alone from the square.
(49 m)
(10: 10:00 10:02:00) 02. visa requirements a, b, c, d Bonn: arrival in car, US Secretary of State Dean Rusk drops out, half-close. German flag blowing in the wind from the roof of the Palais Schaumburg. Chancellor Kiesinger and Brandt welcome Rusk. Photographer and cameraman crowd outside. Rusk in addition to Kiesinger, close. Photographer and cameraman, half-close. Rusk in conversation with Kiesinger and Brandt, close.
Quality trucks. Border pass border crossing BRD - DDR, cars. Passport control. Motorists will be interviewed, close (no interview). Deck of inland waterways. Border officials on ship.
West Berlin: Airplane turns. Kiesinger's gangway down. Welcome Kiesinger's cameramen filming the arrival. Kiesinger, o-ton: "the Federal Government is determined to do everything in their powers to preserve the viability of this city." Memorial Church. Writing "I-Punkt Berlin". Cars driving in the city, pedestrian bridge (with pedestrians) crossing road. Pedestrians in the city center, in the background of Memorial Church.
Archive image (March 1948): Meeting of the headquarters. The Russian Colonel Kalinin in writing, frontal, close. Russian soldier catches up with the red flag in front of the Council building. Aircraft flying over Berlin, at the landing. Goods will be unloaded. Children sit at a long table and eat. Child looks over fence, landing aircraft. Botched raisin bomber Burns, fire fighting force. Destroyed Brandenburg Gate. Ernst Reuter, close, o-ton: "your peoples of the world, their peoples in America, in England, in France. Look at this city and recognizes that you may not disclose this city and this people, can not disclose." Intermediate editing: Pan across a destroyed Berlin.
(76 m)
(10:01:55 10:04:35) 03 Berlinale a, b Berlin: Memorial Church (supervision). Man Get up balcony. People sitting at Café. Two women drive up escalator. Pedestrians on the sidewalk. Flags in front of Festival House, writing "Berlin International Film Festival". Car driving before. Hubert by Meyerink is welcomed on arrival. Press Conference with Geraldine Chaplin, tall, cigarette smoking and Orson Welles, great cigar smoking. Benda gives Film Awards (not a quote). Movie big band. Benda gives may spils and Werner Enke Filmband in gold for "The thing to honey"; for the best director Johannes Schaaf awarded Filmband in gold for "Tattoo"; best young actress Gila von Weitershausen in "Jungfrau von Bamberg", Gila von Weitershausen leaves with a bouquet of flowers. Intermediate editing: smacking viewers.
(31 m)
(10:04:30 10:05:40) 04 GIFA Dusseldorf: shield "GIFA 1968". Exhibition Hall, long shot. Man operated electronic controller. Machines. Large forming works. Forming presses castings in series. Shaped parts are taken out of machine. Different cast productions.
(27 m)
(10:05:35 10:06:40) 05 Freiburg a, b, c, d, e look at Rhine Valley. Old book "The Baedeker" will be added. Old sketches. Dr. Karl Baedeker (great-grandson of the Publisher), nah, o-ton: "we have dealt so far over 250 different countries, landscapes and cities in our travel guide. The total is in the millions." Freiburg: Oversight of city, Münster, with market stalls. Bride and groom before Münster, bride is kissed. Stone figure on House wall. Old market woman selling tulips. Woman under umbrella, large. Woman considered flowers. Buyers on the market. Stone pillars. Various settings of the Cathedral, including the Gothic Tower. Supervision at the city. Interior of the tower. Sketch. Restoration work with hammer and chisel. Old town by tram. Cat sits in roof window. Gable. Facade with stone figures. Pedestrian pass road. Waiting pedestrian. Bächle cross "Bächle", pedestrian old town. Mosaic pavement. Historic plaster patched with hewn clean pebbles. People entering the building. Modern University building. Students converse, close. Campus with students. University building, window cleaners in car at work, long shot.
(85 m)
(10:06:30 10:09:35) 06. Documenta a, b, c Kassel: Box with script "Works of Art" is labeled with "Painting", it is screwed to a plate. Façade of the Museum fridericianum. TRUCK with container is in front of Museum. Three men talk, close. Pop image of Roy Lichtenstein, artwork is held in the Museum. Pop images are built up. Foot is connected. Box is loaded. Pop screen is worn. Aue Park: Christo and aides To try to set the landmark of 4th Documenta: an 80-metre Trevira shell. Christo, close to half. Artwork is built from the ruins of the Orangery. People in the conversation. Space column of Erich Hauser and Tajiris nodes from polyester. Professor Arnold Bode (inventor of the exhibition) on the phone, half-close. Exhibit: severed large fingers. Bode, great. Artwork is held in Halle. Image is composed. Painting will be carried up stairs. Works of art are in the room. Image is revealed. Pop image. At night in the rain: the plastic casing will continue trying to rebuild, the air escapes again and again. Large images: "mouth no. 15 "by Tom Wesselmann, and"The great Love"by Robert Indiana, visitors look at wooden dolls of French Marisol. Visitors look at works of art. People go through the exhibition. Severed fingers are perpendicular. Moving figures. Bloody face. Fallen together, balloon.
(86 m)
(10:09:30 10:12:35) 7 Kieler Woche sailing boats on the Baltic Sea (86. Kieler Woche). Sailing boats are in the wind. Sailing boats, long shot. Daring outdoor boarding manoeuvres. Sailboats, screen-filling. Catamaran sailing. Exit "Coat of arms of Hamburg" at regatta of Eckernförde to Kiel on the ocean going yacht. Sailing yacht sailing and tax. Deep sea regatta in the wind.
(47 m)
(10:12:30 10:14:20)


Persons in the Film

Frahm, Herbert Ernst Karl ; Reuter, Ernst Rudolf Johannes ; Kiesinger, Kurt Georg ; Rusk, Dean ; Chaplin, Geraldine


Kunstausstellung ; Grenzkontrolle ; Filmpreis ; Berlinale ; Berlin blockade ; Kieler Woche ; Reiseführer ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Freiburg im Breisgau (Baden-Württemberg) ; State visit ; Pferderennen ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 166/1968

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Federal Republic of Germany

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