Deutschlandspiegel 165/1968 27.06.1968


01 Nurburgring Nurburgring: race of the sports car over 1000 km and Porsche win. Sports cars are one after another, filling the screen. Jean Claude Killy, half close and big before the start. Sports cars (supervision). Driver walk to the car. Start, A few car advertisement continental stand on the edge. Sports car on the track and in the corners. Car driving to Porsche box. Killy continues to race car driver helmet. He moves back in the race. Audience rank. Race. Jean Claude Killy drives Porsche-box with broken steering wheel. Race. Spectators sit on poles between trees. It win two Porsche drivers. VIC Elford and Joe Sieffert with winners wreaths on the shoulders of men after their victory.
(52 m)
(10: 10:00 10:02:05) 02. federal work agency, Stingl a, c workers of spinning machine, half-close. Worker, great. Crane operators, large. Artist drawing tables, shot. Blast furnace. Welder. Shipyard workers at propeller. Nuremberg: Federal Institute for employment and unemployment insurance. Two women are facing shelves with folders and browse files (supervision). Josef Stingl, new President of the Federal Agency, sitting at his desk, close, o-ton: "the Federal Agency's main goals are not to manage the people, but it has its role is to help the people so that the right man in the right workplace, give everyone a job, which really satisfied him." Employees in management school, attached to the Federal offices of of labour. Data Center. Computer work.
(27 m)
(10:02:00 10:03:05) 03. The Rollei story a, b, c old drawing: Photographer with large camera. Historical photograph: horse-drawn carriages. Old drawing: photographer with a camera. Historical photograph: event with many people. Photographer, half-close. Historical photographs: people. Paul Franke and Reinhold Heideke, close. Twin-SLRs: Rolleiflex. Brunswick: city view, Rollei-Werk (aerial photography). Rollei-Werk, shot. Parts of a camera. Prisms in the grinding shop. Remuneration of the prisms. Workers in the Hall in production of cameras. Hands assemble camera, great. Eye is reflected in the mirror of the camera. Employees in production planning. Workers assemble the Rollei 35 camera. Hand holding big, Rollei 35. Woman photographed with the Rollei 35. The Rollei 35 camera is located next to books. Rollei 35 behind the back keep your hands. Case with cameras. Hands remove the Rolleiflex SL 66 camera. The Rolleiflex SL 66, great camera. Lens is swung, great. Blurred image is sharply set. Photo: fashion model. Photographer photographed photo model, which shows off coats. Atelier with many Studio lamps. Photolaborantin looks through the microscope.
Photo: Diver with underwater camera.
(72 m)
(10:02:55 10:05:35) 4th Flensburg a, b, c, d German Danish border crossing: motorway, on two lanes traffic jam. Danish flag blowing in the wind. Passport control. Cars in a traffic jam, frontal. Pedestrian, half-close. Flensburg: Pan across the city, long shot. Ship Dirk Mittmann is located in the port. Old houses are ships at the wharf, behind it. Alley (Oluf Samson gang) with old houses. Cityscape, pedestrian eating ice-cream in waffle, half-close. Danish book store. Man reading newspaper notice (from behind). Nordertor, moving tram in the foreground. City view (supervision). Chimneys, screen-filling. Burning wood stacking, Larding eels are smoked. Old building. Rum barrels. Print "Jamaica rum". Large boilers. Staff sampling from barrel, he smells it. Screw caps for bottles. Rumflaschen be transported automatically. Traveling fork pile driver. Shipbuilding, total. City view from a moving boat. Cruising ship pier (Fördebrücke); Tourists climb the ship. Cruising ship. Passing sailboats, Sun is reflected in the water reflected the (reflective).
(78 m)
(10:05:25 10:08:15) 05. Mireille Matthieu Bremen: profile Mireille Matthieu, great. Mireille Matthieu has been greeted with flowers. Director of photography, close. Mireille Matthieu in car, large, laughing. Her manager Johnny Stark, big, cigar smoking. Mireille Matthieu at rehearsal before performance. She sings original sound. Testing of the microphones. Close up singing "Je ne suis rien sans toi."
(62 m)
(10:08:10 10:10:25) 6 architect Scharoun modern buildings. Berlin: The Academy of Arts entrance. Exhibition about Hans Bernhard Scharoun. Visitors look at designs, drawings and photographs. Hans Bernhard Scharoun, close, with cigar in hand, young people look to him at work. Drawings by Scharoun. The Berlin Philharmonic, shot. Staircase of the Philharmonic with visitors. Philharmonic Hall. Lamps hanging from the ceiling (soffit). Roof is pointed. Construction design. Modern high-rise building with balconies. Stuttgart: high-rise residential Romeo, Juliet and salute. Scharoun in conversation with other young architects. Model of the national library in Berlin. Paper, great. Architects sit about plans for an Embassy building in Brasilia. Scharoun draws close. Plans rolled-up are superimposed.
(55 m)
(10:10:20 10:12:20) 07 gymnastics Festival Berlin a Berlin: rolling out pan in the machine. Motorway (supervision). Passing in Congress Hall with visitors on stairs. Mass demonstration on the Maifeld: Turner in gymnastics; Gymnasts on parallel bars; Children make a somersault (ZL). Trampoline jumpers; Gymnasts beat wheel (ZL). Feet of swimmers on the starting blocks and bounce. Rower. Event arena (supervision). Mass in the stadium. Bouncing children (ZL). Trampoline jumper. Maifeld (supervision). Current gymnasts. Turner chapels at the Olympic Stadium. Pageant of Turner on the Kurfürstendamm, long shot. Rolling trampoline show.
Olympic Stadium At night: match Fireworks; Fireworks.
(48 m)
(10:12:15 10:14:05)

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Mathieu, Mireille


Rolleiflex ; Fotoapparat ; Arbeitsamt ; Turnfest ; Nürburgring ; Flensburg ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Architecture ; Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 165/1968

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