Deutschlandspiegel 163/1968 25.04.1968


01 gymnastics Oldenburg: Competition of art Gymnasts of Germany - Sweden. The Swede Solveig Andersson in the floor exercises, ZL. She is second in the individual competition. IRMI Krauser (Bavaria) in Vault, ZL, is best in the individual competition. Angelika Kern makes flick flack on balance beam. IRMI Krauser on uneven bars, ZL (she receives the highest ranking figure in this discipline: 9.45.).
(35 m)
(10: 10:00 10:01:30) 02 Schridde a, b, c Federal Republic of Germany: Hermann Schridde moves on tractors. He transported obstacle. His hand switches course. Drive in the car on country road, Sajith driving, close. He trained his horse to lunge. Sajith rides. Eggs Schridde at work on the Assembly line, (farmer he is). Sajith sitting with his family at the table. Sajith with daughter and son on lap, close. Mrs Schridde, great. Sajith overcomes obstacles on the course with his horse, ZL.
(35 m)
(10:01:25 10:02:45) 03 Mexico Federal Republic of Germany: Mexico week in department store. Mexican dances. Mexican Chapel. Mexico fashions. Department store Karstadt: Showcase with font "In love with Mexico". Mexican fashions are presented. Exhibition: Aztec masks, Sombreros. Mexicans go on the escalator. Mexican music. Women served drinks. Young people in cars. Cook with Chef's hat behind counter standing. Mexican court. Mannequins show off ponchos. Large wooden figure.
(31 m)
(10:02:40 10:03:50) 04. Somalia Bonn: Palais Schaumburg, shot. Prime Minister of Somalia Mohammed Ibrahim is no matter received by Federal President Lübke. Lübke in addition to care, close. Cologne: Rhine bridge in the background ship, DOM. Facade of the Cathedral, car, accompanied by police officers on motorcycles, faces the Cathedral. Accompanied by wife, close no matter. Portal of the Cathedral. Model of the city of Cologne. No matter considered model. Construction site, 1 section of the underground railway line. Whatever goes down stairs accompanied by. Stairs and escalator. Companies building KHD (Cologne-Humboldt-Deutz), shot. No matter welcomes countrymen get their education at KHD. Photos by: Nicolaus August Otto and Eugen Langen. Plant Museum: an internal combustion engine (built) in 1864 by Nikolaus August Otto throws, moving machine. Chiemsee: No matter sitting on sun deck on the ship. Anyway, close. Woman no matter close. Mr Island: Facade of the Castle Herrenchiemsee. Richly decorated Ballroom. Eaton and wife no matter entering the room and equipment, consider close. The couple no matter surrounded by people consider Hall (light supervision). The couple no matter when horse-drawn carriage ride. Facade of the Castle.
(60 m)
(10:03:40 10:05:55) 05 Zille Berlin: image that drew Zille. Pedestrian walk along the sidewalk. Children play on pavement. Woman, each a bucket in the hands, goes beyond backyard. Painting by Zille. Woman pushes PRAM (from behind). Streetlighting, large. Tower of the Charlottenburg Castle. Curtain is pushed to the side, looking through window on tenement house. Photo: Heinrich Zille. Jude Charlottenburg apartment: Living room. Sophie Zille (daughter-in-law of Heinrich Zille), close. Drawing, great. Book "My photo Milljöh" is pitched; Photos, which has made Zille of Berlin. Photo templates and the corresponding drawings. Photo: Heinrich Zille when drawing, great. Drawings. Signature of Zille, great.
(51 m)
(10:05:50 10:07:40) 06th children's Theatre Hamburg: prospective children (supervision). Children stream into the open. Font "Theater for children", great. Initiator Uwe Deeken sold tickets. Kids in the Hall. Uwe Deeken speaks in radio production (sound), close. Scene from Pippi Longstocking (with original interviews). Intermediate cuts: Children's faces, great. Pippi Longstocking sings a song with girls after the show, Pee plays this guitar. Laughing children's, faces, great. Children clap enthusiastically.
(68 m)
(10:07:35 10:10:05) 07 Ahrensburg & Springer - print a, b Ahrensburg (Schleswig-Holstein): church tower, old House. Cars, on the edge of many road signs, etc. Pedestrian crosswalk signs. Car drives along small road, lined with many trees. Castle Ahrensburg, shot. Modern large print (Springer), shot. Large machines that print magazines. Workers in the Hall (supervision). Drawing: Johannes Gutenberg (inventor of the printing press). Casting of single letters in lead. Lead character, great. Printing press. Printed text in old German script, screen-filling. A drawing that shows the letterpress to Gutenberg's times. Printed paper stack with forklift trucks driven by Hall. Current printer machines. Retouching: Preparations of the illustrated magazine Hörzu, revision of the image templates. Prepare the color pages. Laterally-inverted title page of the magazine Hörzu. Assembly: Image and text parts are assembled to pages. Finished pages side by side on the light wall. With special paper, the pages are transferred onto cylinder. Acid bath. Engraving techniques: The templates are electronically scanned and engraved on synchronous running cylinder. Forklift goes through Hall, large paper rolls lying on floor (supervisory). Clamped paper into machine. Rotary printing machines. Workers at button standing. Finished copies on line. Packed Hall (supervisory) newspapers. Machine welding up multiple newspapers. Put on treadmills.
(80 m)
(10:09:55 10:12:50) 08 football a, b Nürnberg: Soccer of 1 FC Nuremberg - 1 FC Cologne 2:1 crowds, image filling. Spectators wave flags. Game scenes. Viewers with spoiled mouths, big. Audience with mouths open, close. Cologne in the attack shortly before the Nuremberg goal. Viewers, close. Cologne hits ball post. Viewers, close, short stills. Nuremberg Awards scoring chance. Spectators breaks arms in the air and knocks against the head with his hands, close. Horrified and angry viewers, close. Nuremberg shoots on goal, 1-0 to Nuremberg. Spectators holding his hat. Nuremberg again shoots on goal, goalkeeper Wawra holds. Nuremberg shoots 2:0 viewers swing flags. Viewers with wide-open mouths, close. Cologne 2-1, camera behind gate, shoots ZL. Enthusiastic spectators, close.
(52 m)
(10:12:45 10:14:40)


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Egal, Mohamed Ibrahim


Reiten ; Kunstturnen ; Ahrensburg (Schleswig-Holstein) ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Fotografie ; Football ; State visit ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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