Deutschlandspiegel 155/1967 31.08.1967


01 Nurburgring Nurburgring: race car driver pushes car. Wheels are approached and assembled. Race cars with open bonnet is checked. Chris Irwin, sitting in the car, helmet relies on close. John Surtees sitting in the car from the rear. Denis Hulme sitting in the car, half-close. Start of the race. Cars in the race. Graham Hill car touched gang after start, hurls and falls back. Jim Clark leads ahead of 150 m. Cars in the race. Fangio, as spectators, great. Failure, race car driving to box. Pedro Bodriguez, half-close, to the task. Jim Clark must abandon due to breakage in the suspension. Jim Clark, close. Race. The Australian Denis Hulme on 'Brabham' drives as the winner by the target. Official waving banner. Hulme with wreath and Cup, half-close.
(42 m)
(10: 10:00 10:01:55) 02 Nuremberg: roofs (supervision). Old church, cars and trams. Old city wall with Tower. Old town with fortress. Engraving by Albrecht Dürer from the year 1512. John cemetery on the Dürer is buried with a small chapel. Writing on Tomb tablet "AD". Self portrait by Alfred Dürer. Characters on paper. Old house where Dürer lived. Plate, showing Alfred Dürer. People entering the building and go up the wooden staircase. Visitors to the House. Engravings "Knight, death and the devil", and "St. Jerome in his study". Drawing representing Dürer's mother, various works. Old castle on the mountain. Old homes (supervision). Sculptures, fountains. Old pedestrian bridge over the Pegnitz. Old timber-frame house. Drawing of the water tower. Water tower (now a Hall of residence for students), the Pegnitz, students go up stairs. Students at the coffee drink. Student sits down at a desk. Student window. Stone figure on House wall, close. Market square with fountain. Old fenced well (?).
(64 m)
(10:01:50 10:04:05) 03 abduction Jungfernstieg, Hamburg: Gänsemarkt, people stand next to the tram stop. Jungfernstieg (supervisory): road transport, Inner Alster Lake. Pedestrians on the sidewalk, Marlies Krüger goes on the Jungfernstieg (supervision). Car driving at roadside, Uwe Svenson and Mr Lütge jump out of cars, jump to Marlies Krüger and rip it in the car. Car driving through red traffic lights. Incredible passers, close. Eye-witnesses are interviewed, contradictory statements. Old man says, two women to testify. Repetition of "abduction" with still images. Walton interviewed eye-witnesses.
(40 m)
(10:04:00 10:05:30) 04 Hamburg - Hauptbahnhof a, b Hamburg: entrance of the main railway station. People on escalators. Central station Halle (supervision) with many people. People queue in front of ticket office (supervisory). Old man with a long beard and straw hat on the desk, close. Carrier takes a woman opposite (supervisory) money. Man wears bag on his head. Bags are transported on wagons. Hands stamp tickets, great. Close people.
Concourse trains (supervision). Train arriving, waiting passengers on the platform. Woman bike holds up, display panel, clock, many people on the platform (supervisory). People get on and off. Doors close automatically. Schaffner beckons with a trowel. People waving handkerchiefs train behind. Little girl on mother's arm waving behind. Train announcer speaking into microphone. Scoreboard, close. Woman with Hat comes on the escalator to the top. People stand side by side in telephone booths. Kiosk: Selling books and newspapers. Train station restaurant, waiters serve. Waiting passengers from the baggage claim area. Young man sitting on the platform and plays guitar. People of various nationalities. Young people play football on platform. Crying baby, close. Man carries a child on shoulders, woman wearing cat on shoulder (filmed from behind). Additional legs, women drink with a straw. Cat on shoulder by Mrs. Cleaners floor cleaning machines. Man drives a small car platform. Men make calls from glass phone booths. Sadeghi looks on paper. Man Get up platform and kissing the hand of a woman who is in the car and leans out of the window. From train, beckoning people from the train. Drive across the Elbe (in the evening), including through the old Elbe bridge.
(70 m)
(10:05:25 10:07:55) 05 Kiesinger in United States Washington: Kiesinger goes next to President Johnson, half-close. Willy Brandt in addition to Ladybird Johnson, half-close. He was next to Johnson on the podium, shot. Audience in the White House background. Johnson speaks to press, him Kamagate, Brandt and Dean Rusk, half-close. Reporter's notes. Brandt and Rusk, half-close. Kiesinger - Johnson, close handshake. Johnson smacking, half-close. Cameramen, half-close. Johnson, great hands. Johnson, close. Kiesinger and Johnson in conversation in the open air. Photographer, close. He was in addition to Johnson, great. Kiesinger and Johnson shake hands behind people maintain the fence. Running dog. Johnson and he was walking in the garden of the White House. Johnson turns his youngest grandchild in strollers on the back. He was in addition to Johnson, close. Granddaughter Cecilia bounce on a wooden horse. Kiesinger bends down to his granddaughter Cecilia. Guests, close. Cecilia says he was on the arm of Ladybird Johnson, also close.
(31 m)
(10:07:50 10:09:00) 06. car Acrobat in Berlin a, b, c, d Berlin: hands tighten auto gloves, close. José Canga sits at the wheel. He drives a car increase and continue on 2 wheels. Drive on 2 wheels in the traffic between other cars. Cameraman filming Street and C.m. in sloping car.
Weird car head-on. Victory column. Car continues diagonally, accompanied by other cars and police on motorcycles. Cameraman interviewed canga while driving, o-ton: ", How long you drive José Canga already?" Canga, o-ton: "seven years." Question: "are you upset that?", answer: "only during the training." The passenger by canga gets out while the angled drive and Get up the side window, he beckons in the standing. Motorists takes off glasses while driving. Car falls on 4 wheels back on road to the Brandenburg Gate.
(29 m)
(10:08:55 10:10:00) 07 Schwetzingen a, b, c Schwetzingen (near Heidelberg): street with traffic in the background Castle. Visitors go to the Castle, shot. Market woman selling asparagus, asparagus mountain. Asparagus is carried in a basket. Farmer considered asparagus field, asparagus is crisp. Castle Park: Arion on the dolphin in the great basin, medium/supervision. Visitors before the Zirkelhaus. Theatre Hall with guests. Theatre-goers in the foyer. Theatre Hall with guests. Performance: Chamber Opera "Albert herring" by Benjamin Britten. Castle Park: high water fountain with a stone figure. Water-spouting deer in front of the Castle, shot. Walkers in the Park (supervisory/normal view). Stone figures. The ends of water spitting birds. Walkers in the Park. Stone figures.
(46 m)
(10:09:55 10:11:35) 08 Bauhaus - exhibition woman portrait by Max Beckmann. Visitors to the exhibition. "Diagonal" by Kandinsky, a picture of Hundertwasser. Several of the works, visitors look at works of art. "Ships" by Schmidt-Rottluff. "A young man figure" by Oskar Schlemmer. "Woman with bird" by Legér. A picture of Schröder Sonnenstern Friedrich. Visitors look at works of art.
(36 m)
(10:11:30 10:12:50) 9 Athletics a Duisburg: excretions for athletics European Cup. Feet on launch pads and big. 110 m hurdles: start. Run ZL. Winner Hinrich John runs through the target, ZL. Hinrich John embraces two hangers-on, half-close. Hammer throw: Throws Hungarian. Uwe Beyer raises 66 m and WINS, ZL. Ball flies through the air, Baker, great. 800 m run: run, spectators stand up and clap. Franz Josef Kemper goes into the lead and WINS. Pole vault: Jump of the Bulla, ZL, Englishman he is 3. The Bulgarian Klewerow (?) is 2 (ZL). Klaus Lehnertz jumps (ZL) and is 1. 4 x 100 m relay: run, partly ZL. Germany WINS ahead of Hungary, Englishman crashing into the goal.
(51 m)
(10:12:45 10:14:40)


Persons in the Film

Frahm, Herbert Ernst Karl ; Kiesinger, Kurt Georg ; Johnson, Lyndon B. ; Rusk, Dean


Nürnberg ; Großer Preis von Deutschland (Autorennen) ; Nürburgring ; Schwetzingen ; Kunst (Albrecht Dürer) ; Hamburger Hauptbahnhof ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Ausstellung ; State visit ; Leichtathletik ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 155/1967

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