Deutschlandspiegel 154/1967 27.07.1967


01-Kiel week, Kiel: 85th Kiel week. Sailing boats on the Baltic Sea. Bloated sailing. Team on a large yacht. Sailing rousing sweeping through the team. Tax man. Large boats in the race.
(39 m)
(10: 10:00 10:01:40) 02. old Berlin and organ a, b Berlin: any pedestrian. Water fountains, in the background moving cars and victory column, shot. Memorial Church (supervision). Stone figures. Around 1900 by Berlin, including Potsdamer Platz; photographed historical photos by Waldemar Titzenthalers, 1967: Potsdamer Platz with wall. 1900: Romanesque Café, the literary venue; 1967: Europacenter. 1900/1967: Memorial Church. Stone figures on the House. Street sweeper. Pedestrian pass crosswalk (supervision). Stone figure.
Workshop by Karl Schuke: organ builders at work. Organ pipes, large. Organ are used. Tin-lead alloy is mixed. Alloy is poured out in platform. Organ pipes are shaped, hand work. Pipes are tuned individually. Memorial Church (in the evening). Schuke-organ in the Memorial Church, Kirchenmusik Director Paul Hoffmann plays on their "fantasy on the theme B - A - C - H" by Max Reger. Hands on keyboard, close. Organ pipes. Foot operated pedals, close. Christ on the cross. Memorial Church (in the evening).
(78 m)
(10:01:30 10:04:20) 03. Rheinisch - Westfälisches electricity works a, b between Jülich and Bonn: Rhenish lignite area, shot. Mining: Bucket wheel spinning great. 70 m high bucket-wheel excavator moves slowly forward. Spinning wheel. Machine operator smokes and operated machine. Rotating impeller, close. Machine (reflective). Brown coal is transported in wagons. At Frimmersdorf: Coal-fired power plant, medium. Steam rises from chimneys. Large tanks, water running at the side down. Lot of steam rising from chimneys, screen. Staff completed inspection walkway in the engine House by bicycle. Control Center. Cars drive past coal-fired power plant. Electricity pylons with overhead lines. Wiring diagram with luminous diodes. Command center. Electricity pylons with overhead lines.
(59 m)
(10:04:15 10:06:25) 04 Ruhrfestspiele propelled steam locomotive with coal wagons. Recklinghausen: Detailed people. Winding towers. Additional people at Festival (supervision). Industrial plant. Additional people. Continuous winding Tower, great. Young people go up stairs in the theater. Scenes from the production "Napoleon and the hundred days" by Christian Dietrich Grabbe. Napoleon, o-ton: "because not all were so weak – I would have never been so huge."
People (supervision). Modern art exhibition with visitors. Exhibition "Magic of light". People in the exhibition. Light effects of mechanically moving op-art creations.
Jazz Workshop: Colored drummer, musician plays flute, great. Seated audience. Listener, great. Musicians playing flute, great. Stage band, listener in the room. Karin Krogg, Norway, big, singing Modern Jazz. Playing band. Young listeners with sunglasses, wholesale. Young listener with sunglasses, wholesale. Young man with a beard, great. Trumpeter, big. Stage and audience (supervision). Sticks drumming on drums. Hands play the organ. Viewers, close. Playing band, shot. Audience clapping, filling the screen.
(54 m)
(10:06:20 10:08:15) 05. Romans on the Rhine boat on Rhine (supervision). Cologne: Ship is loaded in the background of Cologne Cathedral. Old tower with battlements, in the background of Cologne Cathedral. New art gallery. Visitors to the exhibition "Romans on the Rhine". Statuettes, reliefs and small portrait head of Augustus from topasfarbenem glass. Figures, mask, large busts. Relief of the lady who is doctored. Vessels, Cup. Old Roman stone wall. Old walls under the today's Town Hall. Visitors look at walls. Rhine: Vagrancy ship (supervision). Castle, reconstruction in the Taunus. Courtyard of the Castle. Bad Kreuznach: Mosaic, great. Large floor mosaic, screen-filling. Trier: Roman bridge (supervision). Ancient bath complex. Visitors in the amphitheatre (supervision). City gate "Porta Nigra", the main road. "Porta Nigra" close and shot.
(77 m)
(10:08:10 10:11:00) 06. Gipsy in Altenberg a, b, c Altenberg: European gypsies go with candles in hand, procession. Abbey of Altenberg near Cologne. Musicians play the violin. Procession participants. Woman wearing traditional clothing. Laundry hangs on the line between caravans. Gypsies always stand together. Woman leaves Caravan. American cars front of trailer. Bread is lubricated, great. Gypsy woman bites into the bread. Gipsy eats bread. Eyes, almost obscured by the pony, big. Old Gypsy woman, great. Young woman to brush her hair. Girl gets dressed hair. Young woman dances to the music of the man who plays the violin. Watch Gypsy. Bow violin, big. Girl dances to the music. Hands to play guitar, great. Man wearing hat, big. Woman holds a child on arm. Old woman dances to the music. Children. Musicians play the violin. Guitar Player. Woman holds a child on arm. Gypsy, close. Playing musician. (52 m)
(10:10:55 10:12:45) 7 Derby - Hamburg Horn a, c Hamburg: 98. Deutsches Derby. Cooler by Rolls Royce. Viewers with big hats, close. Front of Mercedes with license plate "K - UL 268". Great hat, great. Heck 600 HB-JJ from Mercedes. A spectator with a hat. Woman with sunglasses and a hat in male escort. Jockey on horse. Man with Hat making notes. Racing display. Viewers with binoculars, on the side. Start. King Ulan stops at the start. Horses in the race. Summer rain leads. Race head-on. Viewers with binoculars. Lester Piggott on Luciano, no. 7, takes over the top. A spectator with a fur hat. The race in the HomeStretch, frontal. Luciano WINS before Norfolk and presto. Finish ZL. A spectator with a hat and sunglasses. Lester Piggott in addition to Luciano, close. Mayor Weichmann presented Cup owner of the stud of PRIM rose, half-close. Horse with cloak is led away to Halter.
(41 m)
(10:12:40 10:14:15)



Braunkohlentagebau ; festivals ; Orgelbau ; Trier ; Kieler Woche ; Pferderennen ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Zigeunerlager ; Fotografie ; Ausstellung ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 154/1967

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