Deutschlandspiegel 151/1967 27.04.1967


01 Adenauer review a, c photos by Konrad Adenauer, including his eyes, great. 1949: wooden gate opens, destroyed houses from the second world war. Adenauer shall take an oath as the first German Chancellor, cameramen and photographers. 1952: The Treaty Germany obtaining the sovereignty by Schumann and Adenauer. 1955: Germany is a Member State of NATO. German flag on the mast, half-close / large. Adenauer in Moscow. Adenauer in Conference with Bulganin, Khrushchev, Molotov, by Brentano, Kiesinger (release of German prisoners of war). Adenauer at the wall in Berlin. Loudspeakers on trucks behind wall. Adenauer, close. Brandenburg Gate behind the wall with barbed wire. Adenauer in addition to de Gaulle, half-close. Panzer parade. Friendship Kiss: De Gaulle and Adenauer. Washington/United States: Adenauer Get up stairs, shot. Adenauer with President Eisenhower and Dulles. Close to Adenauer in conversation with Ben Gurion. Rhöndorf: Adenauer picking Adenauer cherry eating with his grandchildren as a rose grower and the cherries in his garden. Cadenabbia: Adenauer while playing petanque. Birthday greetings for Adenauer, shaking hands: Adenauer with Wehner and Kiesinger. Bonn: Adenauer goes corridor in the Federal House. Chamber: Adenauer, clap your hands, half-close. Cadenabbia: Adenauer writes in his memoirs.
(70 m)
(10: 10:00 10:02:45) 02 Adenauer farewell b, d Cologne: swing of the Cologne Cathedral. Politicians, including Johnson and de Gaulle, pass through nave to priests. Swing by the stained-glass Windows for the altar. He was standing, half-close. Altar with clerics and coffin aufgebahrtem. Cardinal Frings celebrates mass for the dead. De Gaulle standing next to Johnson and he was praying, half-close. Bundeswehr officers wear wreaths. Coffin held funeral procession through the streets, in the funeral procession members and politicians.
(37 m)
(10:02:35 10:04:00) 03. Wolfenbüttel a, b, c of Wolfenbüttel: half-timbered houses, church tower. City view (supervision). Entrance of the Herzog-August-Bibliothek. Man enters the building. Man goes up the spiral staircase. Many books on shelves, man goes along to bookshelves. Hand takes a book off shelf. Man faces bookcase, shot. Painting of the first Leibniz of head of. Drawing of the library building (artist Louis Tacke). Reading room with book shelves on the walls. Librarian Dr. Kästner works on the Chair of Gotthold Ephraim Lessing. The House (supervisory), in which Lessing has lived in the background of Herzog-August-Bibliothek. Interior of the House. The painting, which shows Lessing. "Font"Nathan of the wise"a dramatic poem in five acts by Gotthold Ephraim Lessing". Castle, shot. Stone figure, close. Interior. Painting, the Duke August, old font, large, documents from the middle ages. The Sachsenspiegel, illustrated manuscript from the 14th century. Restoration of the volumes. Spinning book (designed by Duke Augustus), the first handwritten catalogue. Man turns book wheel (supervision). Writing on glass "Catalogue room, reading room, information". Library users in the reading room. Two people search in list boxes. Aisle between bookshelves. Library, shot. City view (supervision).
(72 m)
(10:03:55 10:06:35) 4th nuclear ship "Otto Hahn" a, b keel: Europe's first nuclear merchant ship, of the German freighter "Otto Hahn", in a shipyard for completion. Guests in the engine room, half-close. Man in the control room. Switch boxes. Man climbs through tube, pressurised water reactor. Staff in protective clothing upon completion of the pressurized water reactor. Employees goes up to 10 m high reactor housing Director. Completion of the reactor. Ship is located at the quay.
(25 m)
(10:06:25 10:07:25) 05. wood - research Reinbek / Hamburg: cross section of a wooden base, great. Federal Research Centre for forestry and timber industry, shot. Laboratory technician looks through microscope, detailed view of wood. Staff in the library. Logs are stored in shelving. With brush, wood preservative is applied to wood. Wood destroyed by termites. Many termites eat through the wood. Institute for Wood Chemistry: attempting to gain protection from teak substances. Forest Genetics and forestry plant breeding: Employees with new neutron device tree investigation. Spinning machine in the lab, lab assistant during a trial. Strength of pulp and paper is checked. World forest Atlas is created. Map of South America with forms of vegetation and forest condition.
(67 m)
(10:07:20 10:09:45) 06 Masereel a, b Hamburg: man looks on city (supervision). Boats are in the channel. Historic pictures: cars, cyclists and pedestrians on the road. Square in front of Central station with moving tram. 1967: Cars in the background modern buildings. Old street lamp, in the background of Spire of the Town Hall. Exterior of the uni Lever House. Övelgönne: Pedestrian walk on old houses. Wood engraver and painter Frans Masereel, half-close. Woodcut. Masereel looks on port, close. Boat dock with ships. Woodcut. Masereel goes through downtown in the background moving underground and St. Michel, Masereel actuality: "if I'm a woodcut, thousands can see - that's the point that I can talk to many people." Woodcut. Alster Lake Alster steamer, town hall tower with Nikolai ruins in the background. Woodcut. Visitors to the exhibition. Woodcuts. Font "Charles de Coster the history of Uhlen mirror and Lamme Goedzak and their hero-like, cheerful and glorious adventures in the land of Flanders and elsewhere". Woodcut, visitor, close. Woodcuts.
(43 m)
(10:09:40 10:11:15) 07. kinetic art a, b touring exhibition in German cities: kinetic art. Rotating artwork. Play of light, movement, and any forms, swinging ball. Spinning tube and wheels. Water game. Rod hangs and swings, are spinning plates, shafts are telescoping. Man smoking cigarette, near/side. Create a work of art.
(25 m)
(10:11:10 10:12:05) 08 runner Girke Hamburg / in the Sports Medicine Institute: Werner Girke, indoor European champion over 3000 m, running sports ground (ZL). He lays down on bed of analysis in the Institute for test cable be attached, mask is placed over the head, feet are attached to the pedals. Feet appear pedals under mountain conditions such as in Mexico City. Medical devices draw according to gradual stress reaction of the organism. Kick feet. Hand-operated control. Recorded curve. Ganas decreases mask. Ganas is on track.
(34 m)
(10:12:00 10:13:20) 09 karate Hamburg: 4 Carat Nordin. Karate fight in ZL, winner in the free fight is Klaus Karpinski from Bochum. Japanese champion show karate in perfection (ZL).
(27 m)
(10:13:10 10:14:15)


Persons in the Film

Bulganin, Nikolai Alexandrowitsch ; Chruschtschow, Nikita Sergewitsch ; Frings, Joseph ; Eisenhower, Dwight David ; Brentano, Heinrich von ; Molotow, Wjatscheslaw Michailowitsch ; Kiesinger, Kurt Georg ; Johnson, Lyndon B. ; Gurion, Ben ; Wehner, Herbert ; Dulles, John Foster ; Gaulle, Charles de ; Adenauer, Konrad


Olympische Spiele ; Kampfsport ; Staatsbegräbnis ; Holzschnitt ; Holz ; Herzog August Bibliothek (Wolfenbüttel) ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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