Deutschlandspiegel 149/1967 23.02.1967


1st Inzell a, b Inzell/Upper Bavaria: Centre of excellence for speed skating. Eisschnelläufer run warm, feet in skates, close. Training (preparation for the Olympic Games in Grenoble) the Eisschnelläufer (B-team of the master class of the national team). Eisschnelläufer to front run on camera, swinging arms to the side. Eisschnelläufer Railway (supervision). Car smooths ice rink. Fully automatic cooling system: engine, dashboard and pipes. Two skiers can pull up by lift. Children with wife in the ski lift. Child skiing. Houses with snow-covered mountains in the background. Inzell: Cars drive through the snow-covered village, Parish Church of St. Michael in the background. House with ornate wooden balconies and snow on the roof. Eisschnelläufer, half-close. Feet in skates, close. Eisschnelläufer something in the squat. Erhard Keller runs 500 m sprint in world record time by 40.3 seconds. Time is stopped. Stopwatch, close at hand. Swedish runners are on the car, spectators firing at on the edge.
(63 m)
(10: 10:00 10:02:30) 02 satellite station Bochum a, b, c, d Bochum: satellite station, shot. Large parabolic antenna. Researchers look to the parabolic antenna up. Numbers are displayed digitally. Rotating parabolic reflector antenna. Researchers, system controls. Parabolic reflector antenna is available under a radome (Airdome). World map with curve. Photo of a satellite, close. Researchers put on desk, machine type numbers. Change antenna. Researchers, headphones with microphone in front of him wearing different watches and measuring instruments. Data are recorded. Evaluation of the weather satellite photos, from outer space. The Zeiss refracting refractor, photo from space sits in front of the new special telescope of the Observatory, researcher. Satellite station At night.
(44 m)
(10:02:20 10:04:00) 03 Manescu in Bonn a, b Bonn: Corneliu Manescu (Romanian Foreign Minister) gets out of aircraft. Waving Romanian flag, great. Manescu goes down the aircraft stairs. Brandt is located close Manescu, Manescu. Manescu standing close to half in addition to Brandt, Brandt recorded interview: "I see a valuable confirmation of the fact that the relationship between our two countries is increasingly improved in your visit." Intermediate editing: Cameramen. Handshake between Manescu and Brandt, medium. Departure in the Mercedes, indicator of 0-3 Manescu enters room, half-close. Manescu and Brandt side by side, close. Chancellor Kiesinger receives Manescu, both half-close. Kiesinger, close. Manescu, close.
(25 m)
(10:03:55 10:04:55) 04 green week Berlin: 31 green week. Rotating mirror ball. Woman offers fruits, located in a basket. Tulip, great. In addition to Wilhelmine Lübke, Lübke goes through exhibition. Dutch stand, wife offers cheese on plate. Cheese is made with stickers from the tray, close. Laughing woman by the Dutch state, great. Lübke drinking from glass, great. Wine bottles, screen-filling. Variety of food hanging from the ceiling. Ox is rotated on the spit. Cows, small ducks float on water. Lahiri considers Lamb on a leash and caresses it. Lamb, great. Water games (supervision).
(20 m)
(10:04:45 10:05:35) 05 horse show Berlin Berlin: Horse Show in the Germany Hall of "Grand Prix of Germany". Reiter overcomes obstacles, ZL with horse on the course. Alwin shock mill on mold "Pescgoe" riding, breaks barrier, retires. Nelson Pessoa jumps on "Gran gesture", partially ZL. He is 2. Graziano Mancinelli from Italy on "Turvey" WINS play-off.
(32 m)
(10:05:30 10:06:40) 06th pan on the - freighter a, b Berlin: Tempelhof airport. Rolling out pan am machine. In the evening: hangar with font "Pan American World Airways', shot. Pan Am jet is converted to Jet freighters: engineers Get up scissor lift, which is moved up and gives instructions. Seats in aircraft, flight attendants sit on them, are pushed forward and loaded before the aircraft on scissor lift. Cargo is loaded in passing space. Technicians advance cargo inside the machine.
(27 m)
(10:06:35 10:07:35) 07 Zuckmayer Berlin: playwright and actor Carl Zuckmayer reads on the occasion of his 70th birthday in the Academy of Arts from a portrait study of the Brothers Grimm, Zuckmayer table sitting on stage, original sound: "a gentleman of Macherla distinguished himself particularly on such occasions, where he had to as involuntary comedians, because even at its mere attribution Wilhelm tears laughing." Listeners, screen-filling. Close listeners. Zuckmayer, half close, reads (original sound). Photos: Heinz Rühmann as "Captain of Köpenick", from the predator's ballad "Schinderhannes" and the circus piece "Katharina Knie" nuclear espionage "Cold light". In the Berliner Schiller-Theater revival of the play "The Devil's General": Zuckmayer in conversation, close. Photographer photographed from a Crouch. Zuckmayer in the interview with actor, close. Zuckmayer in addition to photographer, half-close. An excerpt from the key scene (General Harras discovered that his employee Oderbruch belongs to the resistance fighters), sound bites of actor of Friedrich Siemers as the Oderbruch and Carl Raddatz as pilot General Harras: "who are you?" "We have no name." "Who are you?" "We fight unknown - uncredited. We know each other and hardly know each other. We have no names. Only - a target! And an enemy." Filmender cameraman, close. Quote: "And if he wins, Harras - if Hitler wins this war, then lost Germany. Then the world is lost."
Destroyed city after the second world war. Historical material: discussion with young people in 1948 in Munich, image-filling. Carl Zuckmayer stands before microphones and responds, youth speaks. Close listeners. Discussion with the audience. Zuckmayer about oder fracture problem, actuality: "for me the Oderbruch, was if I may say so, a kind of self solution. Because the step by a desire to act, he performs in the play as acting figure, is just the expression of what countless people felt and suffered have.
Zuckmayer (20 years later), close. Berlin: Pillar box with poster "Akademie der Künste Carl Zuckmayer", swivel to the Memorial Church. Carl Zuckmayer about the importance of the city of Berlin in his life, quote: "... artistically shaped been am. I came to Berlin already in 1920 and had the good fortune of the immense suggestions, which had at that time To give the theatre to Berlin, to be affected to work, even at the theater and my way to the Theatre To find. Berlin was the actual artistic home for me. "And it also it remained to a certain extent." Intermediate cuts: Memorial Church (supervision). Road sign "Meinekestraße". Zuckmayer's hooked with his wife about zebra stripes. Sidewalk with pedestrians, in the background of Memorial Church. Victory column, shot. Zuckmayer is accompanied on hotel.
(81 m)
(10:07:30 10:10:25) 08 Le Parc exhibition Esslingen near Stuttgart: poster "le parc". Light and motion picture. Le Parc in Esslingen. Light-shadow effects, man with large glasses. Moving pictures. Girl as a spectator of the images. Finger push button close. Woman moves image by holding button. Different ground glass. Woman wearing glasses with intentions. Balls are attracted and repelled again. Woman's face, great. The rotating circle. Ball band, spectator behind it.
(36 m)
(10:10:20 10:11:40) 09 boat show Hamburg: 7th international boat exhibition. Boat will be transported on trucks. Boat is pulled into the exhibition hall. Sailboats in exhibition. An old man, great face. Sailing ship, a visitor's, great face. A-man-U-boot, man is in this boat and shut off the transparent hatch. Water motorcycle, photo of this vehicle in use. Woman sitting on personal watercraft. Viewers with Hat and big sunglasses. Motor boat. Boat is put together. Diver plunges into the pool. Diver surfaced with underwater camera and deep-sea flash light. Sailboats in Exhibition Hall, shot.
(34 m)
(10:11:35 10:12:50) 10 sledding a, b, c Berchtesgaden: Luge. Woman puts on glasses. Start. Luger on the railway. Drive with mounted on camera filmed. Ride through the curve. Women's singles 900 metres: it wins the Berchtesgadenerin Christel Schmuck. Christel Schmuck after victory, half close, pushes up glasses. Men's race: it wins Leonhard Nagenrauft, Berchtesgaden. Mounted on camera filming the drivers during the race.
(40 m)
(10:12:45 10:14:10)


Persons in the Film

Zuckmayer, Carl ; Frahm, Herbert Ernst Karl ; Lübke, Heinrich ; Kiesinger, Kurt Georg ; Manescu, Corneliu ; Lübke, Wilhelmine


Reit-und Springturnier ; Boote ; Tobogganing ; Grüne Woche ; Ice skating ; Satelliten- und Weltraumforschung ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Flughafen Tempelhof ; Schriftsteller ; State visit ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 149/1967

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