Deutschlandspiegel 148/1967 26.01.1967


01. Hubertus hunting Schleswig-Holstein: drag hunting. The riders before him hounds. Hunter blowjobs Halali in the Horn, half-close. Rider on horse. Awakening to drag hunting. Horsemen riding on horses across meadow, dogs run across the meadow. Riders overcome obstacle. Hounds and horsemen with horses at the cyclo ride, different settings. Man blows Halali in the Horn. Jagdherrin handed rider FIR breakage, fir break inserted jacket's pocket.
(36 m)
(10:00:15 10:01:35) 02 Kiesinger in Paris Paris: wake presented. Photographer, half-close. De Gaulle and Kiesinger sit opposite each other. De Gaulle, half-close. Kiesinger, half-close. De Gaulle and Kiesinger sit opposite each other. Cameramen on stairs. Kiesinger occurs terrace, next to them of Pompidou, Brandt, Couve De Murville in addition to de Gaulle. De Gaulle, Kiesinger and Brandt half close, they turn away. Pompidou between Kiesinger and Brandt in a dinner suit. Photographer. Kiesinger, great. Brandt and Pompidou, great. Kiesinger and Couve de Murville, great. Watch in the Elysee Palace, close. Gala dinner. Kiesinger near Pompidou sitting, half-close, Brandt besides Couve de Murville, half-close. Feast, shot.
(25 m)
(10:01:30 10:02:25) 03. highway bridge Court Court in Bavaria: wooden door opens, workers go through. Snow-covered landscape with House on the side of the highway. Workers dismantle wood fence. Motorway bridge over the river Saale, total. Customs officer looks through binoculars. Bridge with running water. Three border, medium. Completion of the highway bridge.
(19 m)
(10:02:20 10:03:05) 04. The last Berlin tram Berlin: Urban motorways (supervision). Memorial Church (supervision). Traffic rolls over crossing (supervision). Passing double-decker bus in the background go pedestrian bridge. Highway bridge, including cars in the roundabout. Moving tram, filmed from an open window of tram. Platoon leader, close. Hand-operated crank, close. Moving tram. Seated and standing passengers in trams. Moving tram filmed from driver's cab. Crank, close. Moving tram next to cars. Pantograph. Tram runs Memorial Church at stop, filmed from the tram, in the background. Trams are parallel to each other in Hall, shot. Converted tram: beer bar with guests. Print "LOB". Beer is tapped. Sitting and dancing guests in the restaurant. Tram car with guests.
(37 m)
(10:02:55 10:04:20) 05. Berliner Porzellan Manufaktur Berlin: revolving porcelain bowl, large, in the background of Memorial Church. Symbol (stylized Scepter from the coat of arms of Brandenburg) the State porcelain factory in Berlin on porcelain. Making a jar, close. Many shells on the shelf. Staff keeps close, Bowl in hand. Production of tableware. Flower is draped on the vessel, big. Vase is taken from form. Many porcelain vessels are on shelves. Staff puts a handle on large floor vase. Flower painting on plate. Porcelain figurines. Table centerpiece "Birth of beauty" is created, different settings.
(47 m)
(10:04:15 10:06:00) 06 - cyclo Berlin: cyclo-cross of cyclists. Rolf Wolfshohl, half-close. Cyclists ride in the snow by Viktoriapark in Kreuzberg. Cyclists lying on floor and rises again on the bike. Cyclist crashes. Legs of cyclists walk up stairs. Wheels are worn. Ride over mountain. Athletes wearing down stairs wheel. Wolf Hollow is a winner by the target. Audience clapping, half-close. Rolf Wolfshohl won, exhausted, half-close.
(26 m)
(10:05:50 10:06:50) 07 exhibition of Otto Dix Hamburg: exhibition of Otto Dix. visitors look at pictures. Otto Dix laughing, great. Painting, great. Otto Dix in conversation with two men, half-close. Various paintings. Various visitors. Painting "Mother ey" (a promoter of modern art), painting shows photographer Hugo Erfurth, "A Berlin doctor". Many visitors to the exhibition. Shows paintings, the philosopher Max Scheler. Visitors and painting. Triptych "Big city".
(52 m)
(10:06:45 10:08:40) 08 Heidelberg students - baby Heidelberg: oversight of city with the river Neckar. Additional people in the background old building. Old building, in the background castle on the mountain. Old house facade. Stone figure of facade. Students come from a University building. Students go on the sidewalk. Facade. Students go with small children by the hand to student Manger, go in the House. Sign "Student care e.V.", great. Students with their children in the stairwell. Children are left in the Hall. PM in the Lecture Hall, students follow lecture. Professor teaches. Student, great students, great. Lecturers in the foreground (slight oversight). Professor teaches, students To write with. Students, it's great. Lecture Hall with students, medium / easy supervision. Students in the cafeteria. Food output. Students at lunch in the cafeteria. Shield "student Heidelberg e.V. Office hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 9: 00-12:30" high. Student father talks about setting up the nursery, o-ton: "at the beginning it was Of course, to reduce a great deal of prejudice. It is however in General so that the society recognizes the student marriages not considered adequate." Mr. Hansen as an interviewer. Intermediate cuts: Small children in the playpen. Baby drinking from bottle, close. Toddlers eat with spoon porridge, close. Student's father says his opinion about Heidelberg nursery, o-ton: "If did not exist the possibility here, then one would have to stop both of us study." Babies and toddlers sitting on a wall. On the question whether also optimism among a student marriage student father, o-ton responds: "Without a doubt, because physical and mental stress is quite large for a student marriage, because household, child and study equally to cope with." Intermediate section: "textbook of obstetrics, edited by W. High-heeled", great; Child is in the playpen and withdraws book off the table, parents sit together at the table and learn. Book baby in the playpen. Parents sit over books at the table, hand reaches for the book in the playpen.
(64 m)
(10:08:35 10:10:55) 09 Grimm's fairy tale book is pitched, writing "children and House Fairy tales = collected by the Brothers Grimm". Old German script, great. Font and image of 'snow white. A children's fairy tales with 17 images". Drawing of Kassel. Cars by Kassel. Road signs "Brothers-Grimm-Platz" and "Wilhelmshöher Allee". Visitors look at showcases books and pictures. Russian image, besides drawing. Malay image. Various images and drawings. Books in display cabinets. "German Dictionary of Jacob Grimm and Wilhelm Grimm" font. A drawing that shows the two brothers.
(63 m)
(10:10:45 10:13:05) 10 four hills tournament Garmisch sponsor churches: four hills tournament. Ski jumpers at the start, swivel Garmisch sponsor churches (total). Ski jumper launches safe landing on the jump, bounce, phase of flight. Ski tips at the start, Dieter Neuendorf from Thuringia starts, jump off, lands safely and is 4 Tikander at the start, Hill, flight, landing, he is 2nd Wirkola of Norway at the start, Hill, take-off, flight and landing, he wins with 91.5 m. Wirkola after victory, half-close.
(40 m)
(10:13:00 10:14:25)


Persons in the Film

Frahm, Herbert Ernst Karl ; Murville, Maurice Couve de ; Kiesinger, Kurt Georg ; Pompidou, Georges ; Gaulle, Charles de


Skispringen ; Autobahn ; Kunstausstellung ; Porzellanmanufaktur ; Heidelberg ; Policy ; Schleppjagd ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Märchen ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 148/1967

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