Deutschlandspiegel 146/1966 24.11.1966


1st six days - Berlin race: 6-day race for the 58th time. Car traffic in the evening. Car and driver (supervision). Man front microphone, great. Man speaks in radio, close. Drivers on the track, frontal. Conductor wields a baton, close. Seated woman smokes, half-close. Musician plays bass, back / close. Riders on the track (supervision). Man smoking a cigar, close. Wheels hanging on poles. Man smoking a cigar, close. Woman smoking cigarette, close. Riders on the track (supervision). Viewers with Cap with writing "Rudi Altig", close. Spectators, close, one presses the thumb drivers, close. Wade of a rider is massaged. Cyclist drink beer glass, great. Finger stuck in small bottle, big. Drivers on the track. Scoreboard, large. Cyclists on the monitor of the camera. Spectator gets something drivers, close. Cyclists (supervision). Man holds up the scoreboard. Drivers on the track. Scoreboard, large. Wife smokes, close. Rudi Altig and Sigi Renz win. Winners receive a wreath, half-close. (40 m)
(10: 10:00 10:01:40) 02. Billy Graham Berlin: World Congress on evangelism. Billy Graham, close, speaks English interview before microphones. Rally (supervision). Chaplains go through Lecture Hall, followed by the Emperor of Ethiopia Haile Selassie, close. Man with a Palestinian scarf photographed, close. Haile Selassie. Congress Hall: Haile Selassie stands at the lectern, shot, interview (German translation): "All human acts, which breathe not God's spirit, will bear any fruit." Haile Selassie, close, standing before microphones. Billy Graham, great. Bishop Dibelius, half-close. Haile Selassie, close. Haile Selassie climb scaffolding at the wall. Wall death strip, long shot. Bridge at the people writing "Jesus Christ - Lord of the worlds". Relocation of the evangelists to the Memorial Church. Beckoning people on the edge, half-close. Relocation of the evangelists (supervision). Memorial Church, shot. Rally before the Memorial Church (supervision). Billy Graham, o-ton: "he found forgiveness of sin - there he found forgiveness of his sin - he found a fulfilment and joy in his life - as he was fulfilling his life and joy." Intermediate cuts by faithful people filling image (supervision).
(38 m)
(10:01:35 10:03:00) 03 Corvey Weser Valley near Höxter: barge on the river Weser (supervision). Benedictine Abbey Corvey with environment, long shot. Small ferry: people and two cars are promoted. Captain of the ferry, close. Benedictine Abbey of Corvey, shot. Two steeples. Visitors on site and in the courtyard. Stone figures. Exhibition "Art and culture in the Weser region from 800 to 1600, from the middle ages to the Renaissance", visitors to the gang. Various stone figures. Visitors, great. Visitors go on the site. Exhibition catalogue is worn, close. Large mural. Book is pitched. Passion altar dating back to 1310. visitors on the street and in showrooms. Exhibit: book painting (?), chalices, gemstone cross made by Roger of Helmarshausen 1100th visitors on a guided tour. Figures. Visitors in the exhibition space. The Paradiesgärtlein - a relief group from Hildesheim, Germany. The Madonna.
(66 m)
(10:02:50 10:05:20) 04. Salzgitter Salzgitter: inland waterway vessels in the harbour in the background industrial plants. Industrial plant with A lot of smoke. Hall, sparks. Basket going along on Rails from the ceiling. Spray steel production, sparks. Locomotive on Rails. Factory building of the training center at Braunschweig. Lettering "Salzgitter". Assembly Hall with apprentices. Apprentices learn welding. Apprentices at machines. Workbook. Apprentices in the theoretical lessons. Teacher interview and demonstration model, and on the Board. Apprentices in the workshop. Metal is processed with hammer. Teacher it demonstrates an apprentice. Training room sitting in front of cables and measuring equipment for electricians, apprentices. Switch Board with many cables. Apprentices on the open fire with ironwork. Glowing metal will work with hammer. Teachers work shows two female apprentices with hammer on the glowing metal. Technical artists to sign boards. Beat music playing vinyl on turntables, aspiring secretaries type suitable to the rhythm of the music on the typewriter, teacher slaps a clock with the hands. Finger tapping to the rhythm of the music on the typewriter, great. Trainees sit in front of their typewriters, shot.
(89 m)
(10: 10:05 10:08:25) 05. Oskar Lensch Hamburg: swivel about car junkyard. Car is decomposed. Car hanging on crane. Scrap metal dealers Oskar Lensch enters his trailer on junkyard. Oskar Lensch served old fair organ. Staff is available at Junkyard and see on burning car. Lalo faces age, large fairground organ. Several grades of old organ. Man in welding. Organ, old wooden horses. Lalo restored old organ. Figure made of cardboard with sign "Hummel celebration", swivel to the DOM: dirt bunkers, besides spinning Ferris wheel. Children ride old organ Whirligig in the background. Two children cling to baby strollers. Stall holders speak into microphone (no interview). DOM visits, man at the shooting range, get a profit. Air balloon seller. Child and man sitting on a wooden horse on the carousel. Visitors go Michaelis Church St. Cathedral grounds, in the background. Spinning Whirligig with children. Woman with child on the hand looks on rotating Whirligig, old organ in the background.
(67 m)
(10:08:20 10:10:45) 06 Ofarim in Munich: the singer ester Ofarim is singing in the baroque garden of Schleissheim Palace. Her husband ABI Ofarim stands beside her and accompanied her on guitar. Baroque garden, shot. Stone figures, close. Ester Ofarim goes singing through the garden. ABI Ofarim plays guitar. Ester Ofarim, close. ABI and ester Ofarim in parkland, close to half. Stone figure, close. Ester Ofarim is inspired by Baroque column. Ester and ABI Ofarim Baroque column. Close up of ester Ofarim. Both in the garden, shot.
(57 m)
(10:10:40 10:12:45) 07 football Braunschweig: Eintracht Braunschweig - Borussia Dortmund. People, screen-filling. Game scene. Viewer, screen-filling. The Dortmund Emmrich shoots on goal, goalkeeper defends the ball from (ZL). Avid viewers, close. The Brunswick counter-attack. Viewers, close. Header of the Braunschweiger (ZL) on goal, goalkeeper fends off ball. Game scene. Viewer scream, close/side. Brunswick score goal. An enthusiastic audience, great. Gate falls (ZL). Enthusiastic spectators, close. Braunschweiger strikes the ball into the goal. Enthusiastic spectators. Old man with Hat scratching the head. Shot on goal for Dortmund. Viewers raise arms, full-screen. Mascot bear with Brunswick football dreß. The game ends 3:1 for Brunswick.
(42 m)
(10:12:40 10:14:10)


Persons in the Film

Graham, Billy ; Selassie, Haile ; Altig, Rudi ; Renz, Sigi ; Ofarim, Abi


Ausbildung ; Radrennen ; Evangelische Kirche ; Orgel ; Berlin, auch Westberlin ; Kunstwerk ; Corvey (ehemalige Benediktiner Abtei) ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Jahrmarkt ; Ausstellung ; Football ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 146/1966

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Federal Republic of Germany

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