Deutschlandspiegel 145/1966 27.10.1966


01 wheel - Championships Frankfurt am Main: wheel Gymnastics Championships. Camera moves with in the wheel. Wheel racers. Figure riding in gymnastics. Freestyle: "Spiral" of champion Anneliese Faber from Würzburg. The winner Manfred Walier leads 'Spiral total' error above.
(29 m)
(10: 10:00 10:01:20) 02 pan on the autopilot flights to Berlin: Pan-am machine starts, it stands out, shot. Seated passengers. Leadership takes over the pilots in the cockpit, automatic system. Passenger speaks into microphone. Pilot sitting in front of emergency exits. Pilots in the cockpit check the automatically controlled instruments. Berlin/Tegel: Landing the Boing 727, medium Pan-am machine. Machine is a wave. Stairs is left at the rear end of the aircraft to the ground, lettering Pan am. (15 m) (10:01:10 10:02:00) 03 industry - exhibition a, b Berlin: 16 industrial exhibition. Radio tower. Supervision at the city centre. Exhibition Center, in the background radio tower. 1000 hp engine. Electronically controlled lathe. Visitors. Lettering "Congo", close. Woman put Crystal stone. Lettering "Indonesia". Material from Asia. Visitors. Model of the Concorde. Satellite station on the US stand.
(25 m)
(10:01:55 10:02:50) 04 opening Springer - Haus Berlin: opening of the Springer House. Parked VW buses are parallel to each other in front of building. Move to the high-rise with lettering on roof "Axel Springer Verlag". Parallel VW buses. Axel Springer enters Ballroom alongside Lübke, followed by Willy Brandt. Springer welcomes Oskar Kokoschka and guests. Helmut Schmidt in conversation with Guttenberg. Axel Springer holds speech, speaking in microphones, half-close. Working space of Axel Springer on the 18th floor. Oskar Kokoschka in conversation, half-close. A picture of Kokoschka: divided city by Springer building seen. Lübke, Brandt, Springer at the wall. Driving record by wall with barbed wire. Editors with editors. Springer-Haus (slight lower ceiling) with flags in the foreground.
(25 m)
(10:02:45 10:03:40) 05 a, b Mainz Gutenberg Museum: River Bridge. Old building, in the background modern Gutenberg Museum. Font "Gutenberg Museum". Church reflected in glass façade. Printing blocks in bronze cast at the entrance. A bust of Gutenberg of the Finns Aaltonen. Visitors in the exhibition space. Open old book, close. Close to visitors. The "Astronomicum" with rotating zodiac wheel from the 16th century, zodiac wheel is turned. Vault: Museums guide makes English Guide, visitors standing around them. The first printed Scriptures, close. Old drawings, close. Liquid lead is scooped with a spoon and filled into tube, close. Pusher, large. Hands touch to the author manuscript on paper tape. Tape, big. Run the tape in Jiggers, great. Printer face Jiggers. Letters are fused into print-ready rows. Replica of the workshop of Gutenberg: letterpress, visitors watch, press is cranked down. Laughing visitor, close. Printed paper is kept high. Expression of a daily newspaper: fast-running rotary machines. Number will be shown. Finished papers are further transported on conveyor belt.
(75 m)
(10:03:35 10:06:15) 06. Garcia a, b at Reutlingen, Baden-Württemberg/close: mountain of Achalm. Old building with Tower. Helmut AP Grieshaber, close, goes through his garden House. Helmut AP Grieshaber is reflected in a glass ball, rose to the fore. Grieshaber, close. Woodblock print, large. Grieshaber pulls out a picture. Parrot, big. Grieshaber holding horse in Halter, pulling behind ass her sheep go beforehand. Dog Get up garden deck, close. Goose Pecks grains. Grieshaber speaks with his Parrot, half-close. Peacock faces deck chair. Grieshaber feeding monkeys sitting in the cage, Grieshaber clap your hands, monkey look great on. Workshop: Grieshaber when designing a woodcut. Look in his garden, shot. Grieshaber works with carving exhibition, half-close/large. Carving fair cut out figures, large. Grieshaber sees his work while standing. Grieshaber smokes great. With role, color is applied to the plate. Grieshaber solves press and pulls out the finished image. Finished wood prints. Grieshaber is sitting in his Living room surrounded by his works.
(98 m)
(10:06:10 10:09:40) 07 Schwabing a, b, c Munich: oversight of the city, long shot. People sitting at Café on the road (supervision). Painter paints on the road. People sitting in the Café on the road. Man reading the paper, half-close. Different images. Visitors to the place. In the local "Old Simpl" sings Fifi Brix, close/large chansons (original sound). Hands play the piano half-close. In the theatre at the Leopoldstraße Annette Spola Philip Arp perform a pantomime: "Bike repair". Spectators, half-close. Audience clapping, half-close. Suzanne (innkeeper and raconteur) sings her song of the lamp (o), half-close/large. Seated spectators in the venue, half-close. Suzanne sings, band accompanied her to do so. Street performers and visitors look at pictures in the evening. (59 m)
(10:09:35 10:11:45) 8 gymnastics - World Championships Dortmund: Westfalenhalle. The men's floor exercise: the Japanese Akinori Nakayama WINS in the floor exercises. Mikhail Voronin, Russia, receives the rings highest rating, Voronin comes off. Akinori Nakayama shows a musical freestyle, also ZL on the horizontal bar, he wins with 19,67 points ahead of compatriot Endo, Nakayama jumps out and lands. The women's floor exercise: freestyle by Vera Caslavska (CSSR). The American woman Doris Pana-Fuchs on uneven bars. The Russian Natalia Kutschinskaja on uneven bars (ZL), is new world champion with 19.61 points. Natalia Kutschinskaja gets close to medal.
(73 m)
(10:11:35 10:14:15)


Persons in the Film

Frahm, Herbert Ernst Karl ; Lübke, Heinrich ; Schmidt, Helmut ; Grieshaber, Helmut Andreas Paul ; Springer, Axel ; Kokoschka, Oskar ; Brix, Fifi


Linienflug ; Gymnastics ; Mainz ; Industrieausstellung ; rescue services ; Holzschnitt ; Buchdruck ; Axel-Springer-Haus ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 145/1966

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