Deutschlandspiegel 143/1966 25.08.1966


01 Gastarbeiter Bamberg: Start of the 81st German Catholic day. Woman with Hat singing Spanish folk song in microphones. Old town of Bamberg with main Danube channel. Bowl takes from the stack, large stacked bowls, hand. Migrant workers in line wait till they get a bowl. Trowel is filled with stew in Bowl. Young girl eats with spoon. Migrant workers eating from Bowl. Eating children. Hand shaking tambourine, close. Dancing folk dance group from Italy introduces old Sicilian peasant dances in a Sports Hall in the stands many viewers. Bishop cut back, great. Dancing legs, various settings of the dancers and dancers. Dancing feet without shoes and swinging rock, close. Dancing man legs and dancer dancers kneel down quickly, from behind.
(26 m)
(10: 10:00 10:01:10) 02 Katholikentag a, b Bamberg: Cathedral (shot). Believers flock wells (medium) through the portal of the Church, in the foreground. Tabera (Bishop of Madrid) holds Pontifical high mass in the Bamberg Cathedral before migrant workers at the beginning of the Catholic day, great. Tabera blesses oneself side and close. Nave with believers (supervision and shot). Believers, sometimes with lowered heads, half-close. Young girl, close and sideways. Bishop Tabera from behind, Madonna with child. Final rally in the open air, in the background Cathedral, people square, picture filling. People from church portal. Stone figures, various settings of the faithful, two clergymen. Professor Rögele speaks on final rally: "We To want clean away the debris of centuries, to reveal the path to the Church..." Various settings of nuns and believers, close. Final rally in the background Cathedral (shot).
(40 m)
(10:01:05 10:02:15) 03. de Gaulle in Bonn Bonn: Palais Schaumburg (medium), meeting in the framework of the Franco German friendship treaty. Adenauer welcomes half close and both sides, de Gaulle, in the background of Erhard, smiling. De Gaulle, close, from behind Adenauer, in the background of Erhard, close. Foreign Minister Schröder greeted de Gaulle, several cabinet members greet de Gaulle, including F.J.. Strauss. De Gaulle goes between Erhard and Pompidou. Conference Room: De Gaulle sits down at a table and gets filed bag Pompidou and Couve De Murville, beside him. Erhard sitting next to Schröder. De Gaulle sitting next to Pompidou and Couve De Murville. Table with politicians (medium). Erhard and de Gaulle left room, half-close. Cameramen, frontal and half-close. De Gaulle, close, Erhard, close turns out to Erhard. Shaking hands is de Gaule and Erhard, half-close.
(23 m)
(10:02:10 10:03:00) 04 helmstedt bus drives along in the foreground and gives views of free signs "Highway Berlin" and in the other direction "Helmstedt", before young man with baggage, including a packed a guitar sitting. Border crossing: Two Citröens follow sign "Berlin Traveler!" successively smaller cabin, in the foreground, run tends to the car down. People COP looks through binoculars from guard. House cross border at the border crossing helmstedt, VW bus, and Volkswagen beetle. Train, in the foreground of shield "zone border stop here" and barbed wire. Sign "Limit" on railway tracks, large, train passes. Platform of helmstedt: train enters.
Cars driving on motorway parking area and the city of helmstedt. Old roofs, old building with turrets on the side with parking lot before that. Old timber-frame buildings: House facade with a carved inscription (Guest House of the Duke of Brunswick), old door (?). Renaissance building from 1576 (former University, now venue for concerts and cultural events). Swivel on the House side of the Renaissance building with old doors. The former Augustinian monastery St. Marie mountain with Park, in which people walk (medium). Steeple, swivel on courtyard with cemetery gardener watering of plants. Printed linen (with characters from the Bible) from the middle ages. Nuns when embroidering of Paraments, cloths for worship. Nun, great looks on her embroidery, swivel to his hand, which embroiders. Nun sitting in front of the window and embroiders.
Industrial complex: Tubes of a lignite plant. Worker bends over machine. Briquettes are redirected by machine and fall on a conveyor belt. Train with coal, in the background industrial plant. Machine processed tailings. Dump with machine (total and supervision). Workers with helmet quickly moved down the arms, the blasting box lever is pushed down. Demolition. Extraction of brown coal in the pit: modern bucket wheel excavators gradually wins the overburden, coal is (total) under the. Rotating bucket, wholesale, different setting from the extraction of brown coal. Coal production line, coal is filled into wagons. Vehicle moves along rails across. Power pole, swing down on down hanging cable. Vents. Two national policemen, one looks through binoculars in the foreground barbed wire. Dump: Large excavators throws off coal. Border policemen beyond barbed wire meadow with grazing animals, smoking chimneys and power pole, in the foreground.
(79 m)
(10:02:55 10:05:45) 05 cows after Berlin and Kurhaus Wannsee Pan American machine flying over clouds away (balloon), a machine flying curve. Aerial view of Berlin, including high-rise. Berlin/Tegel: Turbine, large. Cockpit of the engine, pilot leans out the window and waving. A Winker with headphones and jumpsuit from the rear. Veterinarian wearing coat, half-close. Packaged cargo is pulled from hold. Man driving forklift trucks. Cows, densely, in cages (supervisory), swivel to the wing of the plane. Two pilots, close and sideways. Cow, looks great, under cover out. Veterinarian examines teeth of a cow. Pilot holds cow from the rope. Various supervision on Berlin. Road traffic in the background column of victory, in the foreground fountain. Zebra crossing in the city centre pass Memorial Church (supervisory), people. Various settings by people.
Wannsee: People are densely located on the beach, in the foreground, young girl waving. Young girl slips down the water slide. People jump off the slide into the water. Old woman with dress stands in the water up to his knees and running water in bucket, children and sailboat in the background. Little girl in the water with bare-chested claps his hands. Mercedes and VW Beetle drive road, modern building in the background. Facade of the new Kurmittelhauses: many balconies (easy soffit), people are on roof terrace overlooking the Wannsee and boats. Young woman strokes hair off your face, side himself. Beach with many people, sometimes in beach chairs sitting, others are in the water. Big, feet in the water: patients at the treading water during the cure, person swims backwards in the indoor pool. The new spa rooms with Park (medium).
(53 m)
(10:05:40 10:07:40) 06th wall construction / Reichstag Berlin: police officer Get up wall piece, before other police officers. Wall border and police, various settings of the wall construction, shovel, great. People policeman guarded the building. People police with Jackhammer, Jackhammer drills set by stone, big. Pan from the Brandenburg Gate to the military vehicle with national police, running a machine gun, German shepherd dog is on a leash on the Earth. People big COP. National police use concrete slabs, other people policeman guarded the work. Battering people COP. Reichstag building before shut-off.
(16 m)
(10:07:30 10:08:10) 07 Berlin Philharmonic Berlin: Street in front of the Philharmonic, swivel to the Philharmonie (medium). Entrance of the Philharmonie (architect Hans Scharoun). Concert Hall with a stage in the middle of the Hall and ranks (medium). Various settings of the facade with round Windows. Staircase: Man goes up stairs. People in the stairwell, different setting. Test of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra under Professor Keilbert (slight oversight). Musicians play the 1st movement of Beethoven's eighth Symphony. Intermediate cuts: Prof. Keilbert, half-close. Strings, close; full orchestra, light supervision; Wind instruments: two clarinet player, a horn player. entire orchestra; Strings, close; empty spectator stands in the background organ; Lamps hanging from the ceiling; extreme supervision on the Berlin Philharmonic; Prof. Keilbert, half-close. entire orchestra; Strings, half-close. entire orchestra; several strings; entire orchestra; Prof. Keilbert, sideways and half close; Hands play the cello, close; Pan to the cello player; Prof. Keilbert conducts his Orchestra. Philharmonic Orchestra from the outside.
(77 m)
(10:08:05 10:10:55) 08 book auction u. Berlin At night Berlin/Friedenau: shield with a winning hand where the fingers to the side shows, among them is "Café". Young man sold books, cut from the back. Spine and this books, screen-filling. Two men auction books press Café, old battered hat wearing auctioneer. Young people sitting in the Café and enjoy, it is smoked A lot, auctioneer auctioned off the books, young girls laugh, auctioneer in action, woman's face, great. Young man laughs, great.
Different faces, great. Young people sitting at the table, young man smoking pipe. Auctioneer presented young woman Buch, laughs and opens the book. Helpers of the auctioneer reads from the book before (interview): "... According to motives of Luise Valley Home drawn by M. Schäfer,..." Intermediate cuts: Man drinking from glass, woman smokes and holds a Cup in his hand, different faces, auctioneer reads from the book before (interview). Press Café (medium). Young man counting money, auctioneer and assistants promote book. Envelope book titled: "Poems by Johanna Ambrosius", book cover titled "A happy by Hedwig of Justice stone" and "The Heath Prinzesschen of novel by E. Benjamin". Auctioneer (original sound), half close, swinging his hammer and knocking it against a book. Evening: Sidewalk, entrance and storefronts of the press Cafés, two men enter.
Berlin At night: road (supervisory), double-decker bus passes many pedestrians and cars are on the road, people (half close), illuminated lettering "Kranzler", people sitting in the Café. Supervision on Berlin (dark), road with passing cars.
(49 m)
(10:10:50 10:12:35) 09 German Athletics - Championships Hanover: German Championships. 800 m final race of men: Franz Josef Kemper goes to the tip and WINS new European record time of 1 min 44.9 sec. Referee sit in a row on podium, Kemper crosses the finish line. Lock throw: German champion is Dieter Stumpp, shedding and flying lock and impact. Pole vault: Klaus Lehnertz starts up, jumps down and Rod, overcomes falls back on soft ground (ZL), and WINS with 4.80 m triple jump: the Mainz Karish WINS with 15.95 m, start, jump and emergence in the sand (ZL). 80 m hurdles of men: for the third time is the 31 year-old Hinrich John of champion, frontal and lateral (ZL), time 14.1 sec., Hinrich John after the victory, close and side. 100 m Sprint of women: launch and run sideways, partly in ZL, Hannelore Trabert running 11.4 sec. Record, finish line (ZL), Hannelore Trabert after the victory, close. High jump: New high jump champion is 2.09 m (ZL) Ingo Marsikat Nwener_ehmed Valk WINS at the women, jumping 1.63 m (ZL), Valk stands up Right away from the soft ground and smiles.
(50 m)
(10:12:30 10:14:20)


Persons in the Film

Erhard, Ludwig Wilhelm ; Strauß, Franz Josef ; Schröder, Gerhard ; Murville, Maurice Couve de ; Pompidou, Georges ; Gaulle, Charles de ; Adenauer, Konrad


Zonengrenze ; Berlin, auch Westberlin ; Helmstedt ; Katholikentag ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Mauer (Berlin, 1961) ; Philharmonie (Berlin) ; State visit ; Leichtathletik ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 143/1966

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