Deutschlandspiegel 141/1966 30.06.1966


01 women's artistic gymnastics a, b, c Stuttgart: art turn international competition of for women. Gymnast on balance beam. Feet turn on balance beam, half-close. Gymnast makes Handstand with rollover on balance beam. The Munich Helga Klein on the balance beam. On the uneven bars Irmgard Lüdemann. The Czech athlete Jana Kubotschka (?) on the beam repeated the day high note with 9.85 points. Gymnast on the floor exercise (ZL). The Sportstudentin Vera Caslavska from Prague on the dance floor routine. Seated spectators. Vera Caslavska at the dance floor routine.
(56 m)
(10: 10:00 10:02:15) 02 youth - photo competition Hamburg: Audimax. Listeners, half close and close. ' German youth photo Prize 1966' by Federal Minister Dr. Bruno heck, o-ton: "he wants to for as many young people inspiration and motivation be to make creative and creative play. [...] So, Dirk Wexel has earned the first prize with its cover photo of "Attack". In the twenty to twenty, the jury came to Cora Pongrarcz from Munich first prize for the photo "Game with the cloth". Intermediate cuts: Photos of the laureates. Winners take the stage. Clapping spectators, half-close. Dr. Stern congratulates the winners. Entrance hall of the Audimax: photos exhibition of the best photographs, visitors see themselves. Various photos.
(72 m)
(10:02:10 10:04:45) 03 Dörner - Institut Munich: Doerner Institute. Workshop with employees. Employees considered paintings. Hand restored image with brush. Image is examined from the year 1625 with ultraviolet light. Later additions to emerge as dark spots. Spectral analysis with the aid of a microscope. Colour sample is taken from the image surface, great. Combustion of the colour sample in the arc. Grey scale, great. Various paintings. Painting, which should have been painted by El Greco, is an x-ray. Scientists consider X-ray image on the X-ray screen, it is a forgery. In the restoration Studio: piece of evidence is uncovered. Restorer edited painting with cotton and cotton swabs.
(62 m)
(10:04:40 10:06:55) 04 City Portrait pools - a, b, c swivel over mountains with pine trees in the foreground, swimming long shot. Cable car guide, close/laterally. Passing in the Valley, filmed from the cable car, in the forest. Baden-Baden: old buildings, Church (supervision). Old houses, shot. Woman happens crosswalk, in the background of old houses, shot. Pedestrians on the sidewalk, traffic on the street, in the background the old church. Entrance of the Friedrichsbad with lettering. The new spa rooms, medium. Hosting swim in the movement bath, medium. Lamps on the carriage, close. Coachman, close/laterally. Hosting take horse-drawn carriage ride. Ambling horse before the carriage. Pump room, shot. Arcade with visitors, shot. Coachmen, big / from behind filmed. Visitors sit outside in the Café and in the Park in front of an old building. Old lantern, people sitting on folding chairs outside and read. Walkers, half-close. Sitting people in the Café, half-close. Carriage drives along Lichtentaler Allee. Old building with columns. Walkers go to the river of OOS along pedestrian bridge with a pedestrian on the OOS. Old House, seated visitors. Walkers go along well. Fountain. In the Park of the Lichtentaler Allee: Exhibition American plastic of the 20th century. A girl rides a bicycle through the Park, another girl goes with footboard scooter advance. Walkers look at sculptures. Visitors sit on wall. Plastic, representing a bird, close. Coach drive through the Park, shot. Theatre: in the foreground, pedestrians pass the zebra stripes. Memorial plaque "The composers Hector Berlioz..." Theatre: Lodge, ranks, and parquet. Lighted stage is decorated (supervision). Old street lamp lights up. The Casino, shot people. Stops spinning Roulette, ball in a box. Sumptuous room of the Casino. Decorated figurines, lamps as a candle holder. Roulette table, close.
(99 m)
(10:06:50 10:10:30) 05. post - technology Pforzheim: Mailman go with letters. Letters in boxes on treadmill, crates are stacked. The letters are distributed electronically by postcode. Women sit at computers. Hand taps keys on the computer. Post will receive magnetic lines of code. Letters run through an electronic machine and fall within the subjects specific to them.
Hannover: Packages are thrown on the conveyor belt. Employee picks package by conveyor belt. Employees take packets of band and throws them in boxes. Pacts be promoted to production line. Control room with TV monitors and control panel: an employee uses electronically controlled system. Packages are transported further on tape. Stacked packages on trolleys. Postman on bicycle going along forest road. Woman wearing headphones with microphone and typing telegram in typewriter. Man abandons telegram. Hand fills telegram, great. Telegram is inserted into the tube and pipe system. Employee processes off telegram and distributes them in the machine, which automatically forward them. International telegram select network: hand spinning dial, close/large. Hand type in machine, telegram comes out again as the Strip. Women To give a text in Telegraph, shot. Various places are on signs. Telegrams transmitted overseas on punched tape, cable and radio equipment, shot.
(60 m)
(10:10:25 10:12:35) 06 Hamburg jumping Derby: Flottbek, the 38th German jumping Derby. Many viewers, course, shot. Equestrian jumping over obstacles. Audience clapping, half-close. Hermann Schridde slips on comrade on the great wall. Comrade rips the obstacle behind the wall. Next show jumping also rips obstacle after the great wall. Alwin Schockemöhle on athlete (ZL). Nelson Pessoa on Gran gesture (ZL). Hermann Schridde manages a Nullfehlerritt on lecturer (ZL). Hartwig Steenken on fairness at Nullfehlerritt, partly ZL. A spectator wearing a hat, great. Kurt Jarasinsky on Torro in the Nullfehlerritt. Spectators clap enthusiastically. Kurt Jarasinsky on Torro with wreath at the award ceremony, half-close.
(51 m)
(10:12:30 10:14:25)


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Heck, Bruno


Telegraph ; Kunstturnen ; Baden-Baden (Baden-Württemberg) ; Bundespost ; Hamburg (Derby) ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Fotografie ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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