Deutschlandspiegel 140/1966 26.05.1966


1st football Europe - Cup players come with UEFA from aircraft. Players waving from the plane, flag is waved, beckoning fans. Glasgow: Endgame (Borussia Dortmund - Liverpool 2:1). Game scene. In the 63rd minute: Emmerich gives the ball to hero who scored the 1-0. Players embrace. Dortmund fans waving flags. The English player Thompson playing the ball on the sidelines, Touchline from suspicious position Hunt, who scored to 1-1. Liverpool fans cheering and holding banners. Game scene. In extending Libuda scored distance from 30 m to the 2:1 Dortmund: soccer fans on the street in Dortmund umdrängen the car with the players. Hans Tolkowski, goalkeeper, half close sitting on car. Theo redder, defensive player, close. People waving from the window. Player keeps Cup his hands over his head. Cup, the great hands.
(35 m)
(10: 10:00 10:01:30) 02 Olympic city of Munich Munich: pan over the city, town hall tower, Church of our Lady. Pedestrian walk in the foreground fountain. Cityscape: Church, market square (supervision). Pedestrian run over place road. Church (slight lower ceiling). Place "Stachus" (supervision). Mayor of bird and Deputy Brauchle, half close, standing before model of sports facilities. The upper meadow field near Munich, long shot. Buildings and Stadium in the model. Football on an operating sports ground, where later the stadium should be built. The Olympic village in the model site.
(31 m)
(10:01:20 10:02:30) 03 Ambach a, b Ambach am Starnberg Lake: "Family Fest" with guests. Man wears trombone on the back. People come out of building. Children go to Bavarian House. Visitors, musician and ecclesiastic, half-close. Field service: visitors before the Holzhauser Church, shot. Field service: listening to believers, long shot behind altar in the open air, clergyman. Two men, side/close, holding flag. Man plays trombone, close / from behind. Conductor, half-close. Keep your hands Bible (?) in the hand. Musicians play, conducted a conductor, half-close. Man with religious necklace around neck, close / from behind. Woman wearing traditional clothing, half-close. Sailboat on Starnberg Lake, shot. Boat dock with visitors, "Ambach" sign. House with a balcony. Singing choir plays guitar girl, half-close. Smiling man wearing traditional uniform, half-close. Singing children, close. Exhibition at "Bierbichler": visitors see paintings. Painting, great. Old woman, close. Book "Travel à la Schmidt" with photo on cover, which shows the cartoonists Manfred Schmidt. A photo that shows the cameraman/photographer Hans Hubmann. Dachshund on a leash, close. Opened book by Waldemar Bonsels "The Maya the bee and her adventures", great. Bust of Waldemar Bonsels, close. Spitzweg handwriting on paper, image, which shows the painter Carl Spitzweg.
Dance around the maypole, shot. Dancers, musicians half-close. Visitors are reflected in trombones opening against close.
(77 m)
(10:02:25 10:04:55) 04. 1. May rally Berlin Berlin: Federal President Lübke sitting next to Mayor Willy Brandt, close / from behind filmed, in the background may 1 rally. Visitors of the freedom rally, filling in the middle picture frame with cameramen. Writing on the Reichstag "Berlin site of freedom / may 1". Visitors, flags at the edge of the medium. Willy Brandt on the speaker's podium, shot. Willy Brandt delivers speech on the side/close. Seated man, close. Uniformed participants, shot from behind, in the background. Berlin flags. Lahiri on the speaker's podium, shot. Sitting African women, side/half-close. Lahiri speaks close / from behind.
(16 m)
(10:04:40 10:05:25) 05 compilation white paper on big hits June 17 hand. Summary of the white paper, great. Barbed wire, close. Divided highway sign on the edge of the "End of motorway". Before the bridge with pillars. Shield "Border between the German Democratic Republic and the Federal Republic", in the background watch tower. Beach divided by barbed wire. Railroad tracks are separated by barbed wire. Village with sign "Zicherie district Gifhorn". A police officer looks through binoculars, great. Two border policemen. Barbed wire. Berlin wall. Popular policeman, half-close. Old House behind wall. Sign "Unity and justice" behind barbed wire and walls. Wreath-laying ceremony for the victims of the June of 17, shot. Affected visitors, half-close. RIM inscription "The Government", great. Meeting people filling image, cinematographer on scaffolding in the crowd. Federal Chancellor Erhard, close, o-ton: "In all free parts of our country that man is thought today solemnly who dared open resistance to the intolerable dictatorship at the time." Intermediate cuts (review): Uprising of June 17, 1953: burning barricades, many people on the road, Russian tanks rolling through the city, citizens, half close, people throw stones at tanks, cameramen hiding behind walls. People diverge (supervisory/shot). Erhard, close, o-ton: "the unity of our people remains an eternal value and therefore this togetherness can be never collapses. "It is and rather abandoned, to enter with the means of peaceful politics incessantly for the fundamental rights of all people and peoples, the sacred right to self-determination, the victories to help." Sacrificial fire, close, in the background of Berlin flag. Torchlight procession, medium. Brandenburg Gate Quadriga in the foreground road sign "Street of the 17th of June". People COP looks through binoculars, shot. People COP looks through binoculars from the watchtower. VW Beetle goes to the closed barrier, is filmed by guards from the car.
(61 m)
(10:05:15 10:07:50) 06. Saarbrücken on the border of the Saar, between Germany and France: Saarbrücken, supervision/long shot. German and French flags blowing in the wind. Border crossing point: Cars waiting for clearance, shot. Border, close. Car passes Customs House. Swivel of Saarbrücken. Cars are new city highway, shot. Many pedestrian shops pass, the main road sign "Schiffer road". Pedestrian go to showcase along and over bridge. Inland waterway vessels lying on the shore, shot. Woman stands on the deck of the vessel and depends on linen. Captain leans over the railing, half close. Woman comes through hatch on the deck. Industry: smoking iron works in the background, houses line the street. Cars in the background, shot. Pan across the Burbacher Hütte. Steel production: sparks. Steel workers in protective clothing in steel production. Steel is transported on small cars.
German French garden: water games, visitors sit on chairs at the edge. Peacock, close. Children stand next to swans. Visitors sit on chairs and watch water games. Walkers in the Park in the background high-rise buildings.
University: Supervision and normal vision. On the Halberg: Seat of the Saarländischer Rundfunk, shot. Pan across the broadcasting. Employees in the connecting corridor between the Studio and wardrobe. Radio announcer speaks into microphone, o-ton: "Saarland Radio 1 programme Europe wave Saar." Studio: Sample a beat show, man sings Beatles track "Michelle" (supervision). The Director of Truk Branss gives instructions, half-close. Camera moves through the Studio. Camera image, great. Light is altered in the Studio (supervision).
(84 m)
(10:07:40 10:10:45) 07 master man Karlsruhe: the painter Georg Meistermann in his Studio, shot. Hand painted image with brush. Master man interview: "my painting is a direct sales of unfettered imagination in an image. The reason, the reason is not to define. It is that which is deeply hidden in the people and what is to be brought to the visibility." Intermediate cuts: master man paints picture of what is in season, half-close. Master man half hidden by the image, great. Brush strokes on the canvas. Different painting in frame. Painted glass of a window. Master man, nah, o-ton: "To stained glass the inclination, add a poetic element of modern architecture drives me." Templates for stained glass hang on the wall, boxes in original size. Design for the window of the Elisabeth Church in Marbach, master man smokes a pipe and designs, close the window with a long rod. Hand corrected draft and set new marks with charcoal. Master man considered design, shot. Workshop: The draft is edited by the crop. The individual panes are dyed and connected by lead rods. Vote the color values: master man discusses with the crop. Finished glass painting in a church.
(74 m)
(10:10:40 10:13:20) 08 canoe Championships and Monschau on the RUR in Monschau in Eifel: international days of canoeing (slalom) 1966 double kayak runs through gate. Driving on the defensive and in the flow. Double kayak capsizes, drivers in the water. Jury sits at the shore. Einerkajaks drive Weirs down and pass goals. Einerkajaks in the flow. Einerkajak capsizes, tilted to boot, role of a driver. Driver in the water, boat whizzes unmanned military down.
(38 m)
(10:13:15 10:14:45)


Persons in the Film

Erhard, Ludwig Wilhelm ; Frahm, Herbert Ernst Karl ; Lübke, Heinrich ; Meistermann, Georg


Saarbrücken ; Europapokal ; Olympiade ; 17. Juni 1953 ; Glasmaler ; Maidemonstration ; Policy ; Ambach (am Starnberger See) ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Football ; Kanusport ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 140/1966

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Federal Republic of Germany

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