Deutschlandspiegel 137/1966 24.02.1966


01. Horse Show Berlin Berlin: Price of Germany in the Germany Hall. Show jumping rider on the course. D'Oriola (?) on Leutteur jumps the triple combination (. 10). Fritz Ligges on booze, ZL, he is 3. Herbert Meyer jumps on Dahlberg (ZL), he is 2. Hermann Schridde on lecturer wins. Clapping spectators, long shot. Lecturer receives winner loop. Sajith at award ceremony, half-close. Rider on their horses side by side at the award ceremony, shot.
(47 m)
(10: 10:00 10:01:55) 02 green week Berlin Berlin: green week. Opening: Federal President Heinrich Lübke, starting next to him wife Lübke. Wilhelmine Lübke receives Tulip bouquet of woman in Dutch costume. Lübke and woman in Dutch costume shake hands. Bundesernährungsminister Hermann Höcherl and Mayor Willy Brandt lead guests through the exhibition, half-close. Fair constructions (supervision). Man eats sausage with Hat, close. Visitors, screen-filling. Crockery in showcases. Cows. Tulip bed with fountain. (23 m)
(10:01:40 10:02:40) 03 Schwebebahn Wuppertal: traveling levitation, down cars along. Propelled Schwebebahn over Wupper River. Driver's cab with platoon leader. Propelled cable car (slight lower ceiling). Passengers and a conductor in the wagon. Filmed from errant Schwebebahn Wuppertal. Propelled cable railway, long shot. Propelled cable railway, pedestrian perish through. Maglev train passes across Street. Drive past petrol station and residential houses. Passengers. Schwebebahn over the Wupper. Train drivers in the driver's cab, rear shot. Travel via road and tram ride away. Propelled monorail, light underside. Drive along road across. Traveling levitation, soffit. Wuppertal, filmed from a moving train. Maglev train moves into station, waiting passengers on the platform.
(36 m)
(10:02:35 10:03:55) 04 lab Hamburg: laboratory on the high pasture. Headphones hanging over lab cabin. Language laboratory, shot. Students sit in the booths. Tape is inserted. Schoolgirl puts on headphones, tape recorder is switched on. Teacher sits in front, students in single cabins. Running tape. A headphone, large. Spanish interview (?) mentions pupil into the microphone headphones. Teachers, close. Finger on the mixer. Student in cabin. Button lights up, fingers pressing button. Intercom, great. Student talk to teachers about headphones and microphone. Running tape. Students speak their answers into the microphone. German original sound sits in front, teacher. Students To give response, hubbub. Pupil speaks English interview. Teacher stops with close. Schoolgirl smiles while she receives instructions from their teachers, close.
(76 m)
(10:03:50 10:06:35) 05 Pöseldorf Hamburg: cars in the background Außenalster, partly with ice and snow covered. Alster steamer breaks through the ice at the edge of the Alster investors. Zookeepers pushes a wheelbarrow, swans swim in the water. Swans are fed.
Pöseldorf: Harvestehuder way. Old Villa, car, turn into a side street. Old houses. "Theater room" medium, with shield. Road sign "Milky way" that business "pro arte". Sign "Interiors of ancient art", man pushes bicycle in the foreground. Antique shop. Man edited wardrobe. The oldest House in Pöseldorf. Antique dealer Eduard Brinkamer gets out of his car, close, he goes on his business. Chandelier, old crockery, old furniture and paintings. Visitors in the exhibition space. Child sits on sled and travels down the small snow Hill. Side street with parked cars in the background St. Johannis Church on the Tower trail. Wife carrying shopping bag, medium. Painter of Ruth's looming bust and bird cage. Plaster heads, close. Pipe smoking Ruth's big, with brush painting is made. The photographer Elisabeth Rickwardt in her Studio, she arranged a pineapple dish for a photograph. Light, large-format camera, illustrated through Pöseldorf (edited by Elisabeth Rickwardt and Ruth's). Various photos from the book. Old signs of craft enterprises, including "porcelain and ceramic distillery F. u. Walter Timm '. Cups are painted by hand, cups while turning onto a disc. Freight elevator outside the House down box. Cups on a tray be removed from oven. Many cups stacked in the kiln, oven door is closed. Visitors go to input "old Pöseldorfer pubs" to. Host Emil taps into beer, half-close. Visitors to the pub. Snow-covered staircase. In the evening: bright, old street lamps.
(91 m)
(10:06:30 10:09:45) 06 Blacher - Hamburg Opera: last samples prior to the premiere of Boris Blacher "Incidents at an emergency landing". Boris Blacher, half-close. Salleh at the Director's desk, great. Boris Blacher, half-close. Sellner with microphone, great. Conductor of Reinhard Peters at conducting, great. Sound engineer on mixers. Sheet music is handled, hand-operated buttons on the mixer. Hands pluck a harp, great. Hand-operated control on the mixer, great. Hand plays violin, big. Plug is attached. Hand plays, big wind instrument. Rotating tape reel, great. Bow strokes, big violin strings. Hands on mixer move slider downward. Actor at the rehearsal. The author Heinz von Kramer talks o-ton: "you are yourself shipped himself in a wilderness, actually, and the following stations are actually nothing more than symbols of their increasing fears and obsessions, a compression this basic situation, so to speak." Intermediate cuts: a travel company after emergency landing, stage scenery is descends on people. Spaceman in a wire cage. Actor, original sound. Sellner in stage direction. Astronauts are to willenlosem tool machines. Main character of the scene, big travel conductor.
(60 m)
(10:09:40 10:11:50) 07 figure skating history Hamburg: many skaters on artificial ice rink. Ice skaters on frozen Alster. Altonaer Museum: Exhibition "The skating in art and cultural history" from the collection of the Sweden Gillis Grafström. Various drawings, books. Drawing: "the great ice pleasure on the Meuse" from the 18th century. Porcelain and silver figurines. Different types of skating: floating bone, wood and iron construction, steel form. The "European balance" drawn by Honoré Daumier. Tighten the two people on the bridge at the ice skates. Engraving "Young man, the Skate binding" of Abraham and Frederik Bloemaert. The oldest depiction by Pieter Brueghel people on frozen lake (supervisory) dates from the year 1560. skating end. Drawing. Skaters on the Canal. Drawing. Little kid with a hockey stick and puck in the hand. Drawing. Young people, half-close. Drawing: figure skating fashion. Many skaters on the rink, screen-filling. Drawing "The joys of skating rink" by Georg Heine. Skater makes Pirouette on the ice. Drawing. Dog Boxer between women legs. Lithography "Race train" by Alexander bore. Poodle, another dog on a leash. Painting. Feet in skates bend inwards away, young people falls. Drawing. Young people sitting on ice. Drawings.
(65 m)
(10:11:45 10:14:15)

Persons in the Film

Frahm, Herbert Ernst Karl ; Lübke, Heinrich ; Lübke, Wilhelmine


Reit-und Springturnier ; Schwebebahn ; Oper ; Schlittschuhlaufen ; Grüne Woche ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Hamburg, BRD ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 137/1966

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Federal Republic of Germany

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