Deutschlandspiegel 135/1965 15.12.1965


1st State visit Hassan II a, b, c, d airport Cologne-Bonn: silhouette of a man in the foreground illuminated lamp. Air traffic controllers in the tower. Onlookers will be pushed back by a police officer. Air traffic controller speaking into microphone. Landing machine on monitor. Waving Moroccan and German flags, close. Onlookers are police officers back urged banner "Moroccan workers greet..." King Hassan II. gangway goes down, welcome address by Federal President Lübke, half-close. Aircraft Get up tarmac (supervision). Lübke and Hassan II. Honorary parade pace, half-close. Hassan II. beckons. Back, spectators waving flags. Hassan II. bends down to a woman. Bonn: dense traffic, many cars and moving tram on the bridge. Beethoven Hall: outside, parked car in the foreground. State reception: Various guests. Lübke, Hassan II and wife Lübke go next to each other. Guests in robes. Hassan II, close, Lübke, close, welcome guests. Lübke, Hassan II. and guests welcomed Mrs Lübke, half-close. Flute player, close (Symphony No. 6 plays Schubert). Gambling Orchestra, shot. Double bass player, close/laterally. Strings, screen-filling. Residence of the Federal President: exterior with a waving flag on the roof, shot. Erhard enters the building with Hassan II., close. Hassan II. sitting on the sofa, and in conversation with Erhard, medium and close, Erhard cigar smoking. On the Petersberg Hassan II's reception for Lübke: kitchen staff with FES on the buffet. Spoon is taken from ornate jug. Lübke and Wilhelmine Lübke can be operated by the kitchen staff at the buffet. Guests with robes, close. Guests at the buffet, including Wilhelmine Lübke. Staff turns meats on long skewers, shot. Steam rising from ornate ball.
(74 m, 10: 10:00 10:02:35) 02. Thomas Mann a, b, show c photos, the Thomas and Katja Mann on her return from exile. Photo: Thomas Mann is registered in the Golden Book of the city of Lübeck. Photo: City of Lübeck (supervision). DOM: exterior (easy soffit). Nave with front window (bottom view). The Buddenbrook House, shot. Thomas and Katja Mann, half-close. Schabbelhaus (slight lower ceiling). Photo: Tables and chairs, staircase. Buddenbrookmuseum: Windows with glass on the windowsill. Handwritten paper with drawing. Photos, papers and books, including Buddenbrooks, in the showcase. Lettering "Tonio Kröger", book is pitched. Thomas Mann way Archway in the company.
Thomas Mann actuality: "Tonio Kröger went north, to the towers of the narrow city, from which he was out before him into the gray air raised. A dreary afternoon went in the evening, when the train into the strange familiar Hall. Were the narrow gabled streets risen here all the time so cute steeply to the city? Where did he go? He went along, walking over the bridge whose railings were mythological statues, and a stretch of waterfront. The chimneys and masts of ships rocked gently in the wind and twilight on the murky river. On the market, he went through under the arches of the Town Hall - it was like yesterday: the narrow gabled and pointed towers which greeted over about the next roof, blond and casual clumsy people: he would like to long so gone - in the wind through the dark'ning wonderful familiar streets. Tonio went through the old, stocky gate; There were the two black Lions which were before that... and continued the steep drafty lane up to the House of his parents. It was enclosed by the neighbouring houses, its gable towered over, grey and ugly as for 300 years. At that time lived his heart; Longing was a little contempt and a whole chaste bliss."
Intermediate cuts: Pan across nebelverhangenem Lübeck. Pedestrian bridge in the background go Church. Train comes to a stop, sign in Concourse "Lübeck Hauptbahnhof". Old houses. Narrow lane. Arches over narrow alley. Pedestrians walk past stone figures. Ships are in port, in the background of old houses. Crane, is reflected in the water. Marketplace with cars in the background City Hall. Arch of the Town Hall. Gable. Towers of the Town Hall. Woman with blond hair goes, any people. Old houses with stairs. Holstein Tor (supervision). This stone lions. Alley with archways, old houses. Old House, façade and stone figures on the page. Roofs and gable (supervision).
(96 m, 10:02:30 10:06:00) 03 student newspaper school, around forest and hills. Schoolyard with students. Students walk speed. Hallway with display cabinets. Students sit at a table and design student newspaper. Student's typewriter, half-close. Students draw with pen and ink. Student makes the layout. Heading "The problem child", swivel on the photo which shows a girl. Drawing. Text drawing with title "caution: interview". Drawings and texts. School newspaper is pitched. Student newspaper "Sponge", no. 17 linoleum printing, great. School newspaper. Text with header and drawing. School newspaper is scrolled, including photo of John F. Kennedy. Report on NATO. Linoleum print. Hand scrolls on paper. Lecture Hall with students: the student Parliament. Different faces, great. Vote.
(63 m, 10:05:50 10:08:10) 04 Twen - Expreß train is in the station Hall, people go. Many people at the station. Sign "Teenager Twens Expreß Stuttgart Neustadt (wine Street)", big. Teen Twen Expreß (TTE) leaving station, filmed from a moving train. Young people sit in the train. Dance wagon: Young people dancing in the car, different settings. Sun shines through the trees, filmed from a moving train. Passing the hilly landscape. Dancing teens, ride across the channel. Teenagers dance. Empty and half-full bottles of Coca-Cola, close. Tracks pass, filmed from a moving train. Train station a (supervision). Train station Neustadt (Pfalz): many young people in front of the station. Young people (supervision). A representative of the town welcomed the participants, close (original sound). Neustadt (supervision). Church towers in the background. Young people go to Hambach Castle. Young people gathered in front of Castle. Couple's hands continued through archway. Open arches in the Hambach Castle. Two teenagers are in an archway. Oversight of Neustadt. Dance Hall with long tables and dance floor on the many young people. Playing drummer (supervision). Dancing teenagers. Train in the curve, filmed from a moving train. Young people dancing in the train. Train.
(56 m, 10:08:05 10:10:05) 05. development assistance for Africa has b, Ghana: view from the shore by Palm, Africans in canoe on sea. Africans in canoes paddling in the surf. Sign "Republic of Ghana lower Volta bridge". Ferry is located on the shore. Cars on the ferry. The ferry on the water. Africans with loads on the head, they leave the ferry. A bridge construction site: Africans receive explanations from German technicians. Bridge part of the bridge. The rotating crane. Crane operator. Grab dredge digs soil from the river bottom, big. Crane operator.
Togo: demolition work in a stone quarry. Africans driving excavator. Big Rock drive to Loren to the coast. In Lomé (capital of Togo): Construction of a pier. Crane operators, large. Colored hit posts into the ground. Colored beats stake into the ground, half-close. Streetscape Lomé: African woman wearing laundry basket on the head. BA-Dar (small town in the Interior of Ethiopia): Kid goes with stock box. Hospital: Injured man is pushed on stretcher to the entrance. Waiting people sit and stand in the hallway. Patient sitting across from the doctor on the desk. Nurse holding the baby in her arms, babies lie in their beds, three young children sit on floor on potty training. Patient in the eye test. Doctor holds a patient's eye and makes test with the other eye. Patient lies in bed, X-ray machine (?) examined head. Patient is on X-ray table (supervision). Radiographers x-ray leg. Doctor at the business and hand of a patient, looking from arm cast, picks up. Test on the thumb, big and the remaining arm cast. Patient, close. X-ray image with metal wires, great. Surgical team with masks, half-close. Surgical team in the operating room (supervision).
(75 m, 10:10:00 10:12:45) 6 "the Nutcracker" Cologne: Cathedral as a silhouette at dusk. In the Opera: Tchaikovsky's ballet "The Nutcracker", different scenes. The curtain closes.
(41 m, 10:12:35 10:14:15)


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Erhard, Ludwig Wilhelm ; Lübke, Heinrich ; Mann, Thomas ; Mann, Katia ; Hassan II ; Lübke, Wilhelmine


Lübeck ; development aid ; Schülerzeitung ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Ballett ; State visit ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 135/1965

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