Deutschlandspiegel 134/1965 25.11.1965


1st Medal for Dr. Arnold several cameramen (Rahim, Zakariah, strong) and a pilot with Arri film camera.
Nuremberg: Awarded the diesel medal in August Arnold. Certificate of commendation is expanded. Arnold bows after the medal presentation. Technical drawing room, drawing a camera. Workshop for film cameras. Arnold can look through a viewfinder, camera running with open cassette. Stoll congratulates Arnold, half-close. Camera Derby pans cameramen, Stoll.
(24 m, 10: 10:00 10:01:05) 02 trampoline new churches: trampoline jumpers in ZL. Trampoline, big. Viewers raise and lower their heads. Trampoline jumper in ZL. Freestyle Michael Budenberg in ZL of the winner. Camera jumps shots during the leap.
(33 m, 10:01:00 10:02:15) 03 handball BSV Solingen - Grün-Weiß Dankersen 15:14 Wuppertal: goal throw, goalkeeper casts aside (ZL). Spectators, half-close. Goalkeeper keeps ball (ZL). Game scenes, goal throw (ZL). Spectators cheering, spectator with arms raised high. Spectator, large. Disability a player before the gate. Audience, great. Slat roll (ZL). Goal throw (ZL). Spectators laughing. Goal throw of Solingen in extension. Players embrace. Spectators wave banners, Rattle and Bell. Players and spectators after the game on the field.
(41 m, 10:02:10 10:03:40) 04 Bundestag opening the legislative session. Konrad Adenauer bows to smiling, laughter in the House. Adenauer speaking interview: "I was born, ladies and gentlemen, on January 5th I ask 1876th, whether an older Member, Lord or lady..." Laughter. "I note ladies and gentlemen, that I am only, quite obviously." Applause.
Election of the President of the Bundestag. Adenauer actuality: "Mr Gerstenmaier, I may ask you whether you accept the choice?" Eugen Gerstenmaier standing before a microphone recorded interview: "I suppose the choice." Adenauer actuality: "Then I ask to sit here." Election of the Federal Chancellor. Voting and counting.
Gallo o-ton: "Congressman Dr." Erhard, accept this choice?" Ludwig Erhard rises, speaks interview: "I suppose the choice." Heinrich Lübke handed over the certificate of appointment Erhard, shaking hands with him. Photographer. The new members of the Government are the cameras: Gerhard Stoltenberg as Minister of science, Johann Baptist fork as Minister of displaced persons, Ewald Bucher as Minister of housing.
(54 m, 10:03:35 10:05:30) 05. Goethe House Frankfurt / Main Frankfurt: road signs "Large deer ditch", "Berliner Straße". Swivel on the Goethe House. Inside: The stairs, tourist group entering rooms. Engravings framed on the wall. Kitchen, painting rooms, rooms of Goethe's mother. Portrait of mother and image of the young poet. Handwritten records of Goethe's lawyer. Astronomical clock. Original edition "Sorrows of Young Werther" of the "Götz von Berlichingen" and the "Faust". Book illustrations. Portrait of Goethe.
(61 m, 10:05:20 10:07:40) 06th Rothenburg a. to Church (81 m) b. Church of Rothenburg: German classes at the Goethe-Institut. Class room.
A student interview: "Robert has To want To write today a letter his parents." Another student interview: "We've had here to wash our clothes." Students in their spare time.
Panoramic view over the medieval gable of Rothenburg. Old streets and alleys. Battlements of the city wall. Workshop of a blacksmith: manufacture of halberds. Coach from Rotterdam, group of tourists, tourist guide, post card seller. Various views of the city, photographing tourists. The St. James's Church. Interior with Riemenschneider altar.
(10:07:35 10:10:30) 07 Ostwall Museum industrial landscape with smoking chimneys. Tram in Dortmund. The Museum am Ostwall. Paintings, sculptures and prints in the exhibition rooms.
(29 m, 10:10:25 10:11:30) 08 children sit children painting on large tables and paint. Children's faces, including Asian Oratory from girls. Pictures of flowers, with little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf. (34 m, 10:11:25 10:12:40) 09 drag hunting Hubertus hunting in Hamburg. Rider and old riders get on horses. Hounds starts, chasing through the Woods. Rider, jump over the obstacles. Horses go on slopes. Rider and dogs by skip trench (ZL). Rider on forest swath. Halali is blown. Riders get oak breaks on the lapel. Dogs jostle on the Curé. 10:14:20 end (51 m, 10:12:35 10:14:15)


Persons in the Film

Erhard, Ludwig Wilhelm ; Lübke, Heinrich ; Gerstenmaier, Eugen ; Stoltenberg, Gerhard ; Gradl, Johann Baptist ; Bucher, Ewald ; Adenauer, Konrad


Handball ; Goldmedaille ; Kunstausstellung ; Bundesregierung ; Rothenburg ob der Tauber ; Policy ; Goethehaus (Frankfurt am Main) ; Trampolin ; Schleppjagd ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 134/1965

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