Deutschlandspiegel 133/1965 28.10.1965


01 Columbus - station Bremerhaven big ship, low-angle shot: Tower, new radar headquarters in Bremerhaven, model of the Central radar image is received and evaluated the man at the microphone, accompanied tug ship: United States, ship ship taken from offices, terrace with visitors: United States is at the wharf moored, waterfront, gangway is applied. Columbus station, a train, travelers, music Chapel plays on platform, travellers pass through concourse, luggage is weighed and loaded onto the ship, passengers go on a covered gangway to the ship and then boarded. Passengers beckoning from the quay of people, some with handkerchiefs, a large woman's face (she wears a head scarf), ship sails away.
(54 m, 10: 10:00 10:02:10) 02 swimwear Harbour: Harbour, fashion show, Ms. swimwear introduces three women perform swimwear of a Dutch clothing company ship, face of a large mannequins. Including designs of the French Jacques home, people waving from a small boat over, mannequin on ladder to ship wall waving back, waving sailors, people waving from a large ship's rail, waving mannequins on a small boat towards the camera.
(26 m, 10:02:00 10:03:05) 3rd day of the Hamburg of masters. Supervision: Hamburg harbour with many ships, City Hall: ceiling and space from the inside, "Captain day": deserved Captains are awarded by Engelhard (second Mayor of Hamburg), plaque (detailed view): tag Hafen Hamburg the captains 1965th feast: American Colonel John Glenn and Ms. Glenn, John Glenn half close and big, named Glenn deserved "Captain of space navigation", Glenn and Engelhard half close.
(16 m, 10:03:00 10:03:35) 04. Aerial view of Berlin, Glenn and Mrs. Glenn Glenn in Berlin welcome viewers behind barrier, Glenn and wall and Brandenburg Gate, Checkpoint Charlie, people police, signs visit Mrs Glenn: Allied checkpoint, U.S. army checkpoint Charlie, Glenn and Mrs. Glenn look through binoculars, blocking people cops.
(14 m, 10:03:30 10:04:10) 05 wall escape cemetery in East Berlin with national police, Shepherd behind barbed wire, West Berlin are available in light truck and tilting head throw refugee refugee runs over head and cemetery boundaries and Lands on the loading area of the small truck, East Berlin people police officers run to the place, leaving small vices, Shepherd behind barbed wire.
(18 m, 10:03:55 10:05:05) 06. Traffic story relies on hydraulic Highway, high traffic density, traffic, truck restraints on road, police vans with surveillance equipment, tape recorder plays tape, COP uses photo camera on tripod, switch from antenna (large), road signs: exit and City Center, besides police trucks with motorway junction, monitor, monitor: wreath image cartridge, meter changes from headlights to the camera, man, a VW Beetle front passes contact threshold and comes to the stand, lightning system: triggered by contact threshold, Negatives, lightning system and traffic lights, shows the second recording whether the driver despite red light is continued, man looking through magnifying glass on negatives and typing on a typewriter.
(38 m, 10:04:55 10:06:20) 07 Frankfurt Motorshow: 42. international mobile exhibition headlight image filling, man, kneeling man and look under car, visitors screen on Fairgrounds, policeman controls pedestrian flow, large exhibition hall from the inside, turning on pedestal front of BMW, VW, Porsche, man sitting behind the steering wheel Mercedes 250s, woman with Hat large, handset apart Opel GT, Alpha Romeo (?), Ford GT, man.
(31 m, 10:06:15 10:07:25) 08 main - Taunus - Centre car drive to main-Taunus-Zentrum (lies on the Autobahn Wiesbaden / Frankfurt), Pan shot over parking, cars filling image on parking, überdachteLadenstraße, different settings by customers, dog on line, shop window displays, woman wears many shopping bags, boy with soap bubbles, café in the outdoor fountains, highway.
(23 m, 10:07:20 10:08:15) 09. Book City of Frankfurt a, b, c plane taking off, man waving a plane, passengers board aircraft, aircraft rolls, escalator facade of Central station, concourse, train is moving inland on main, waterfront, Cathedral, St. Paul's Church, supervision of the Römerberg Frankfurt's old houses, old facade of the Roman, visitors to the Romans, new theatre, City Centre station,: the main guard, many pedestrian cross road, road sign: Kleine Rittergasse (with old lantern), Drink cider Tavern, visitors with cider, cider is served.
(50 m, 10:08:05 10:10:00) 10 Frankfurt book fair and Bookstore a, b input of the Deutsche Bibliothek, high-rise building, library filmed from ascending Paternoster, man pushing books on trolleys by bookshelves, women label and sort books, book publisher, sign: S. Fischer Verlag, photos of authors: Stefan Zweig, Maxim Gorki, Franz Kafka, Carl Zuckmayer, full bookshelves, editors at work, Office, data-processing machine, large printing, Fließbandarbeiterinnen, finished books.
Book fair: Books in the stand, visitors, supervision of exhibition hall, visitors browse through books, book store, man turns book stand (large), books in the book stand (large) among other "Buddenbrooks" Thomas Mann, full bookshelves, out of the bookstore.
(82 m, 10:09:50 10:12:10) 11. Fencing Berlin: International Fechtturnier, sword handle, light, fencer fencing mask sits up, camera films through fencing mask, Elaine begins feet tall, Sports Hall from supervision, Elaine in ZL, signaled alarm apparatus crashes hit by light signals, referee, Håkon stone and receives an incorrect follow-up of Franz Rompza, Håkon stone will be the winner and he must compete against the tied left-handed Paul Gnaier, various settings of the battle of Gnaier against Håkon stone, stone attack directly in Gnaiers parade, Gnaier half-close as the winner with medal runs with the score at 4-4.
(28 m, 10:12:45 10:13:45) 12 wheel Finnentrop Sauerland: German Championships in the wheel. Wheel rider great gymnast in the wheel, great. Lübke as audience, great. Group show at the wheel of gymnasts and gymnasts. Cinematographer Horst Grund with camera moves to the wheel. Recording from the wheel is turning.
(26 m, 10:13:40 10:14:40)


Fencing ; Bremerhaven ; Bademode ; Escape ; Internationale Automobilausstellung ; Berlin, auch Westberlin ; Frankfurter Buchmesse ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Verkehr ; Kapitän ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 133/1965

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