Deutschlandspiegel 131/1965 26.08.1965


01 Athletics Duisburg: Wedau Stadium, 65 German Championships. Pole vaulter, 1500 m-race of men: men with stopwatches sit at a time and stop time, stop watch detail recording, winner: the Berlin Bodo bottlenose dolphins WINS ahead of Harald Norpoth. Bodo bottlenose dolphins and Harald Norpoth, half-close. 100 m limit of women: Erika Pollmann training jacket pulls out, half-close. Start and run (ZL). Erika Pollmann WINS ahead of Renate Meyer Rose 12, 0 sec. Erika Pollmann after the run, half-close. 100 m Sprint men: Manfred Knicken mountain wins 10.3 sec ahead of upper screen race. (ZL). German high jump champion Schillkowski jumping 2.09 m (ZL). Triple jump: Michael Sauer jumps 16,01 m (ZL). Hammer throw: Uwe Beyer raises 64,86 m (ZL). Flying hammer. 110 m hurdles: run laterally and frontally, partial ZL. Winner: Hinrich John (large).
(55 m, 10: 10:00 10:02:15) 02. In Bonn, in Berlin a, b Rhöndorf on the Rhine: Eduardo Frei (President of Chile) and Konrad Adenauer contact from front door, stone figure, freely and Konrad Adenauer go up stairs, half-close. Staircase goes down, free, half close photographers, Konrad Adenauer. Konrad Adenauer picking roses and she gives woman free.
West Berlin: Reception by Willy Brandt (Mayor), bus accompanied by police escorts, free and Brandt behind bus ride to the wall, visit the wall at Potsdamer Platz, arrival: bus leaves from the Schöneberg Town Hall, spectators waving behind barrier free and woman free, half-close. Free Berlin enlists in the "Golden book" of the city, signature in the book is closed.
(36 m, 10:02:05 10:03:25) 03. Ambassador Paul in Israel Israel: police officers, airport Tel Aviv, arrival and welcome Dr. Rolf Paul, descend the aircraft stairs.
(9 m, 10:03:20 10:03:45) 04. Ambassador Ben Nathan in Bonn arrival of Israeli Ambassador Ben Nathan, goes down the aircraft stairs behind him wife Nathan and a daughter. Interview: "I hope that it is a further step on the way from a past that we can not forget that it should not be forgotten in a better future." Mercedes is leaving.
(21 m, 10:03:40 10:04:30) 05. 75 years Helgoland a, b, c moving ship: water splashing on passengers, they protect themselves, different settings of passengers, Ludwig Erhard beckons from a small boat towards the camera and to the Islanders of Heligoland. Shield: Welcome welcome. Erhard and Sir Frank Roberts welcome to street with many flags, German and British flag blowing in the wind. Erhard goes by road, large timpani, brass band, spray jumping over stone and rock, aerial view of Helgoland, destroyed houses and lighthouse, Lummen (Northern diving birds), hatcheries of Guillemots in the rocks, cliffs, waterfront with boat, small ship docks, big ship: "boot up" the passengers, small boats with passengers going to the island of Helgoland, day guests on Heligoland, small boats are fisherman's cottage on the beach,. Sea swimming-pool, swimming in the pool, visitors on stairs, Nikolai Church, nave, cemetery, schoolyard with playing teenagers, classroom teacher and children, students do experiments. Institute of marine biology, man faces Aquarium, fish and lobster in the Aquarium, fishing in the lobster fishing, lobster big Gull on wall large, landmark: the 50-metre sandstone pillar 'Tall Anna', beach, evening: flashing lighthouse.
(94 m, 10:04:25 10:07:45) 06. Observatory Wendelstein a, b Highway next to Bavarian mountain landscape with cows, driving cogwheel railway, passengers, railway pedestrian mountain trail, man through mountains, Church on the Wendelstein, photographed by observation deck, views of mountain landscapes and Church, modern Solar Observatory, a person goes through the tunnel, man goes in the elevator, man enters Sonnenwarte, Coronagraph, Tower telescope, man looking through Tower telescope and makes photo. Photo, great. Measurement results are entered into the data network of the Sun and evaluated.
(69 m, 10:07:40 10:10:10) 07 art exhibition Munich Munich: House of art, great art exhibition in 1965, sculptures, exhibition room with paintings and sculptures.
(20 m, 10:10:05 10:10:50) 08. Petra Moll naive painting by the Munich-based artist Petra minor, market developments, Petra Moll on weekly market, Hofbräuhaus, cut: image and reality in the Exchange, Odeon square, town hall with Marienplatz square and Frauenkirche Church, Petra minor in her Studio with color palette and painting, images: Oktoberfest and Munich Carnival.
(47 m, 10:10:40 10:12:25) 09 Nürburgring a, b mechanic working on race cars. Jim Clark considered the profile of its tyres, half-close. Start the car, totally. Viewers. Various settings of the race, John Surtees goes with gearbox failure on the box. Mechanic in repair. Young viewers with a pencil in your mouth, Jim Clark driving as the winner by the goal, Jim Clark drinking from Cup, half close, big Jim Clark with wreath and Cup.
(51 m, 10:12:20 10:14:15)


Persons in the Film

Pauls, Rolf ; Erhard, Ludwig Wilhelm ; Frahm, Herbert Ernst Karl ; Mende, Erich ; Frei, Eduardo ; Ben-Natan, Asher ; Clark, Jim ; Holleben, Ehrenfried von ; Adenauer, Konrad


Helgoland ; Alpen ; Kunstausstellung ; Botschafter ; Großer Preis von Deutschland (Autorennen) ; Zahnradbahn ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; State visit ; Leichtathletik ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 131/1965

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