Deutschlandspiegel 130/1965 29.07.1965


01 Steeplechasing Hamburg: Flottbek. German riding Derby. With horse team driving in a row, shot. Man faces with Hat and jacket decorated horses, close. Horse head, close, before home plate. Drive the car from Franz Lage through village and forest. Behind the horse-drawn carriage cars. Horse-drawn carriage from the front recorded running horse legs,. Panoramic view from the carriage on horseback. Horse-drawn carriage driving Switchback. The car in the area. Galloping horses before the cart. Heads of horses, near/side. Hands with the reins, big. Franz Lage continues reins. Spinning wheel, great. Franz Lage directs wagon, half close, sitting next to him Zeitnehmerin. Car driving through the village.
(37 m, 10: 10:00 10:01:35) 02 transport exhibition in Munich: moving tram and cars on large space (supervision). Dense traffic, traffic jam. World exhibition of transport: model of a monorail. Recording from the errant monorail. Model of a space station. Rocket stands vertical. Model of a space station before the towers of the Church of our Lady. Waving flags on masts in the background stone figure: Bavaria with a laurel wreath in hand. Old JU 52. model of a modern passenger aircraft, the Junkers company. Aerospace show: a rocket station, satellite replicas and the model of a space show. Model for a monorail and a speedboat. Model of a flying car LEV 2000 people on escalators and driving down, filmed from behind. Model of the underground railway: model of a new underground Munich platform. Construction of the subway. Old steam locomotive Adler. New locomotive. Label "fast speed 200 km/h Munich _ IVA _ Augsburg Hbf and back", big. Federal railway train.
(50 m, 10:01:25 10:03:20) 03 Saragat in Bonn Bonn: silhouetted German flag in the wind, lower ceiling. Official residence of President Lübke, long shot. Police on motorcycles drive. German Eagle flag blowing in the wind. The Italian President Guiseppe Saragat is welcomed by Lahiri and Foreign Minister Schröder, half-close. Photographers and cameramen at stairs, shot. Saragat, in addition to Wilhelmine Lübke and Federal President Lübke. Italian Foreign Minister Fanfani besides Saragat, close. Schröder, close. Saragat Wilhelmine Lübke and Federal President Lübke, close. Official residence, side / total. Erhard and Saragat enter room, half-close. Photographers and cameramen, screen-filling. Saragat and Erhard, close. Saragat, close. Erhard, close. Shaking hands between Saragat and Erhard, great. Erhard and Saragat leave the room.
(23 m, 10:03:15 10:04:05) 04. Unilever Hamburg: old houses in the background modern Billand. Facade of the uni lever in the foreground tree without leaves. Streetlight in front of the High House. Traffic lights before the high-rise. Employees go through a revolving door. View from the window through open blinds on moving car, Which one runs a tight curve along. View from the window on old houses and Michel (supervision). Young woman taps on typewriter, half-close. Room for employees at electric consoles. Programming machines. Automatic file transport basket on the treadmill and lift. Employees at Windows sitting with views of Hamburg. Sailing boats on the Alster. Man on the phone, his legs, lying on a desk. View from window on downtown, Binnenalster and Außenalster Lake. Man on the phone. Cruising boat trip on the Alster. Sitting switchboards on the control panel. Technicians in the space of the relay station. Technicians on the phone. Man on the air conditioning in the switch room. Employees in the boiler house. Coffee kitchen: Employees before big coffee machine. Women take coffee cart by work space. Secretaries get coffee. Employees in the canteen. The in-house travel agency in the hotel lobby. Man on the phone from phone box, which is available in the lobby. Employees sit in lobby, employees go through glass revolving door. Unileverhaus sculpture. Employees Bowl bowling alley. Cones fall down close. Illuminated Billand, long shot and shot.
(99 m, 10:04:00 10:07:35) 05. Wilhelm Busch a. Max and Moritz drawings by Wilhelm Busch: pranks of Max and Moritz: three chickens, a rooster and the widow Bolte, who deny them their roast. Schneider Böck. Teacher Lämpel.
(10:07:25 10:08:20) b. Museum until Hanover: Georg Wilhelm Busch Museum, shot. Visitors go up stairs. Wife bends over to showcase. Max and Moritz books, titles in various languages, including Spanish (?), Russian (?), Swedish (?), Hebrew, English and Braille. Visitor sees in showcase with figures. Score sheet. Stamps, title page of Simplicissimus. Visitors look at photos.
(10:08:15 10:09:10) c. Toronto and types of photo that shows Wilhelm Busch. Drawing of Toronto (Place of birth of Wilhelm Busch). Toronto: Church with pond. Tractor pulls wagon and passes on the farm. Painting by Wilhelm Busch with old farmhouses, screen-filling. Man rides bike through the village. Old man holding child's hand and goes for a walk in the front Arch of curved tree. Drawing.
(10:09:05 10:09:35) d. The last coating shop with thesis on the door of "F. W. Bush". Birth house where Wilhelm Busch was born in 1832. Desk with Chair (this was Max and Moritz), painting of the same. Bed with a table and Chair. Drawing. Oil lamp Get up wooden table, great. Drawings. Girl puts her doll in doll's pram. Drawing. Woman leaves cart with crap. Drawing. Man shovels sand on scoop and carries him away. Farmer sits on carts pulled by horse. Drawings. Windmill with rotating blades. Drawings.
(10:09:30 10:11:05)
(99 m) 06. Zoo - poll Hamburg/Hagenbeck: detailed Penguin feet, tall. Allensbach opinion Institute: hand typing data in abacus. Giraffe head, large/laterally. Machine transported on punch cards. Eye, great. A camel, big mouth. Machine stacking punch cards. Wife takes notes. Penguin rubs its head, big. Feet in shoes, close. Three penguins raise their heads at the same time. Visitors see in the seal pool. Brown bear, close. The polar bear, who is scratching the head. Zoo survey: Man with Hat, big, o-ton: "so here in the Zoo I still love the elephant." Elephant eye, great. Visitors, great interview: "I would say the elephants prefer." Man holds close to the arm, child. Two elephants, on the side. Hand taps on Abacus, close. Lion's head, great. Machine transports quickly punch cards further and stacks them. Visitors, close, o-ton: "all that is a predator, and above all, what is a little bit bigger, then stay I love this stand." Visitors with Hat, large, original sound: "Oh, I have to say, when the Tigers and Lions." Yawning Tiger, close. Visitors with Hat, large, original sound: "when the predators, Tigers, leopards." Detailed lioness, yawning Lion, close. Young people, close. Lion, close. Woman with wild hair, from behind. Hand tap calculator. Punch cards in calculator. Monkey keeps Bowl in his hands. Machine feeds quickly punch cards. Eye, great. Visitor, big, o-ton: "In the monkeys, which are the most interesting." Visitor, big, o-ton: "when the monkey." Baboons, from the rear. Visitor laugh, half-close. Search for baboons in the fleas. Four old ladies stand side by side, all have small hats. Monkey eats banana. Monkey with baby. Smiling woman, great. Brown bear sitting in front of Dove and lurks, she fly high, brown bear jumps out of the water and hollering.
(47 m, 10:10:55 10:12:40) 07. German Derby a. opening b. race Hamburg: Derby square Horn (96. Deutsches Derby). Elegant spectator with a large hat. Man with melon. Baron of Schröder in addition to Lahiri in the with horse team at priority, half-close. Old man with Hat and binoculars. Jockey climbs onto the horse. Big hat from the back. Jockey climbs onto the horse. Poodle is run by women on line. Detailed horse legs and legs of people. Woman wearing striped hat, filmed from behind. Horses are led to the prelude. A spectator wearing a large hat, on the side. False start. Gold boy is caught in the belts and retires. Woman with large binoculars.
Starter at sometime. Start. Race. Angelo lead under Jockey dispute. Various settings of the race. Behind Angelo: Exit, Woad plant and check in the Wandsbeker arch. Advancing the Woad plant. HomeStretch: Woad plant WINS before storm surge (ZL). A spectator wearing a hat, great. Starosta is complimented by Lahiri, close. Woad plant with wreath.
(56 m, 10:12:35 10:14:35)
(End of 10:14:35)

Persons in the Film

Erhard, Ludwig Wilhelm ; Lübke, Heinrich ; Schröder, Gerhard ; Saragat, Giuseppe ; Fanfani, Amintore ; Lübke, Wilhelmine


Zoobesuch ; Busch, Wilhelm ; Pferderennen ; Verkehrsausstellung ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; State visit ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 130/1965

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Federal Republic of Germany

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