Deutschlandspiegel 126/1965 25.03.1965


01 Stuttgart/Killesberg: 12th German Indoor Athletics Championships. 200 m final race of men: Start, run, Dieter Hübner from Kornwestheim runs first with 22.1 seconds by the target, Hübner falls after the race, runners helps him up. Spectator looks through binoculars, close. High jump of women: Ilia Hans from Bissingen jumps (ZL) and WINS men's 67. pole vault with a height of 1 meter: jump in ZL, latte falls. Wolfgang Pinder jumps (ZL) and receives German Championship title with a height of 4 m 60. Viewers, close. Triple jump: Michael Sauer from Mainz, Germany, jumps down and skips over the old record mark by 11 inches (ZL) with 16 m 16. Starter makes kick-off, half-close. 60 m hurdles of women: Inge Schell from Munich WINS in 8.4 seconds (38 m, 10: 10:00 10:01:35) 02 Eisenstaedt Leica cameras, big. Photo showing Alfred Eisenstaedt, he holds a Leica in hand (image journalist). Man seen photos of an exhibition. Various photos of the exhibition, all photographs come from Alfred Eisenstaedt, including Marlene Dietrich with cylinder, Marylin Monroe, John F. Kennedy.
(37 m, 10:01:30 10:02:55) 03. Wilson West/Airport: carpet is rolled out. Wilson's aircraft down the stairs, shot. Wilson immediately in the company in addition to Willy Brandt, medium. Wilson and Brandt accompanied by going through the city. Wilson and Brandt, visit the wall, walk stairs to the observation deck high, surrounded by photographers and cameramen. Wilson and Brandt, side by side during the tour of the wall, half-close. Wall barrier with sign "Why so uncomfortable?" Wilson next to Brandt, close. Stacheldrahtverhau in the snow.
Bonn: Seat of the German Federal President, shot, right of way of the guests. Harold Wislon and his Foreign Secretary Michael Stewart are welcomed. Wilson goes up stairs, cameramen at the movies. Waving flag on the roof. Photographers. Wilson in a conversation with Lübke and other Ministers, shot. Wilson apart from Lübke, half-close. Original sound of laughter. Lübke, close. Wislon smiling, close. Reporter, densely, spot light is lit. Wilson and Erhard occur in the presence of their Foreign Ministers before microphones, shot. Wilson, close. Erhard, close. By Brentano, close. Shaking hands: Erhard and Wilson, half close, before microphones standing. Seated listeners, half-close. Note in the hand hold hands, close. Wilson with pipe in hand, close to English original sound (quiet),. Folded hands, close. Wilson interview English / German translation: his Government "would do anything to promote the political cohesion of Europe. It would benefit all involved, if England would be involved in the upcoming negotiations." Writing with listeners, shot.
(40 m, 10:02:45 10:04:15) 04. meals on wheels Munich: cars on road, including Fiat 501 parked car with plate in the windshield "Meals on wheels German joint Welfare Association". Large kitchen with employees. Woman with a headscarf, close. Potato puree is distributed with a large trowel, employees at the food spread. Kitchen Assistant with head scarf, close. Food is packaged in trays, then in wooden boxes. Women represent boxes in trunk, trunk lid is closed. Associate increases in passenger seat, driver takes off. Drive in the car (taken from a moving car), moving wipers, driver, close/side. Car drives through Munich's City Center. Hand holding a steering wheel, close. Car drives out of tunnel. Car parks, passenger gets out and goes with food to open front door. Facade. Wife enters the kitchen and greets old wife sitting at the kitchen table. Food in metal bowls is turned off. Old woman, close. Employee takes tin cans, goes along in the stairwell, front door rings, old woman opens the door and receives food. Ride in the car through Munich.
(50 m, 10:04:10 10:06:00) 05. songs of the world on the outskirts of Cologne: construction site, student village will be built. Masonry in the walls of a wall. Pedestrian in the pedestrian area/Cologne city centre. French (?) Uniformed. Road transport and building in front of the Cologne Cathedral. Two visitors on the observation deck of the Cologne Cathedral. Looking through the lattice on the city. Supervision on downtown Cologne. Two Asian students, close. Supervision on the Rhine and Cologne. Rhine bridge with vessels on the Rhine, in the background of Cologne Cathedral. Poster "songs of the world. For the 4th time singing and dancing for Cologne students of the Cologne University from all over the world." Performance in the Auditorium maximum: student group Ghana singing and drumming. Intermediate section: Student with head scarf, close. There is a group of students from Ghana, different settings. Hands drumming on snare drum, close. Students sitting in the Lecture Hall. There is a group of students from Ghana. Hands move rattles, colored, close. Indonesian student group when making music with bamboo instruments. With a fairy dance "Tarup-Piring" one commits the Thanksgiving Day, different settings. The Persian student group presents itself with a rural dance song, different settings. Persian sitting on the edge and clap to the beat of the music. Dance naked feet. Dancer quickly turns to the rhythm of the music.
(78 m, 10:05:50 10:08:45) 6 work art school Kassel: Aue Park. Work art school. People walk along the corridor. Classroom: drawing lessons, teacher goes from student to student and explains lecturer draws with charcoal. Students sit at tables. Student draws with pencil and considered design. Designs of chairs and posters. Image. Students in the setting of letters in print. Ready-to-print comes from printing press. Class of industry form: pupils when working with a Chair and on machines. Device consisting of radio, clock, phone, great. Model of a car dashboard, close. Hand draws. Serving dish for passengers. Fashion design: Student when painting with brush. Classroom with pupils when designing fashion, design. Textile design: Students use machines. Degree in architecture: Student tinkering on the model of a city. Spray gun, lecturer in teaching students. Students listen to. Lecturer explains the model of an Interior. Students considered the model of a building.
(73 m, 10:08:35 10:11:15) 07. small Mozart Salzburg: Mozart school (?). Michael Gees (11 years old from Bielefeld, fellow of the Salzburg Mozart school) goes up stairs and along a corridor. Michael Gees, close/lateral plays piano. Finger play the piano on Bösendorfer grand piano close. Michael Gees, close. Window, screen-filling. Michael Gees with a friend at home when playing with electric railway. Schedule, close. Michael Gees makes schoolwork. Michael Gees, close. Exercise book is closed, pitched grade book. Michael Gees sits at the piano and composed. Feet without shoes to operate pedals. Michael Gees interview: "Yes, I would like to be a conductor as a main profession. And so, I thought always me sailor because I like to read maritime stories and Yes, I'm interested in." Hands of Michael Gees quickly playing the piano. Michael Gees, close. Michael Gees playing, supervisory and shot.
(54 m, 10:11:10 10:13:10) 08 swimming Gala a, b Bremen: 9th International swimming Gala in Central bath. the men 100 m crawl track, start jumping from swimmers. Swimmers at the turn of the audience rise up from their seats. The Czechs Vagner succeeds with 54.6 seconds. A new country record. Audience rank, screen-filling. 100 m breaststroke of women: Start, viewers, half-close. The Dutchwoman Bimolt into leadership of the silver medallist Claudia Kolb from the United States. The 17 year-old Uta Frommater from Oldenburg occupied the 2nd place. Timekeeper watch on the watch. The winners embrace in a bathrobe. 100 m-Dolphin line of men: start jumping from Philip Riker, United States, frontal (ZL). Spectators sit on the railing. Swimming by Philip Riker in ZL. Crushing the men. Turning the float. Zuschaueram edge. Riker, United States before Werner WINS Friday from Bremerhaven. Timekeeper watch on the clocks. Audience rank, screen-filling. Winners will be congratulated.
(44 m, 10:13:00 10:14:45)


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Erhard, Ludwig Wilhelm ; Frahm, Herbert Ernst Karl ; Lübke, Heinrich ; Brentano, Heinrich von ; Schütz, Klaus ; Wilson, Harold ; Stewart, Michael


Studenten ; Klavier ; Policy ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Sozialwesen (Fürsorge, Unterstützung, Versicherung) ; Fotografie ; Schwimmsport ; State visit ; Leichtathletik ; Universität ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 126/1965

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