Deutschlandspiegel 125/1965 25.02.1965


01. Stadthalle Bremen with 6 days race
Bremen: Stadthalle Bremen (exterior view). Concrete steven and steel ropes carry the roof, different settings. People in the stairwell, glass front in the background. Man walks up stairs. Forklift driver pulls chairs behind him. Plates are placed on boxes with the forklift. Handball goal. Mann operates control panel in the heating room. Wall is hydraulically driven upwards. Beer barrels are delivered. Kitchen: Chefs handle in the kitchen, cleaning lady comes into the kitchen with broom. Meat is cut. Cook fills with trowel from large metal boxes on plates. Athletes eat, sitting at long tables. Cyclists ride slowly on the track and chat, advertising Beck's beer in the background. Employees sit in front of the button and microphone and look at the train. Exterior facade of the illuminated Stadthalle (evening). Spectators in the foyer. Visitors stand at the counter. 6-day race: illuminated track, dark spectator ranks (half-total, supervision). Swing over the well-attended spectator ranks. Travelling cyclists. Mann operates mixing console from the control tower (lighting, sound, ventilation). Travelling cyclists. Standing visitors (supervision). Travelling cyclists (supervision). Beverage bar (supervision). Mounting stand: hanging wheels. Cyclist sits on the edge surrounded by spectators. Masseur massages leg of cyclists. Cyclist sits with a blanket wrapped around his legs and gropes his stomach. Travelling cyclists, in the background scoreboard. Scoreboard, large. Travelling cyclists. Playing chapel sits in the middle. Spectators sit in the middle. Travelling cyclists. Employees hold up numbers and operate bells. Travelling cyclists (supervision). Spectator from behind and sideways, close. The winners Riek van Steenbergen with his son-in-law Lykke, both sitting on their wheels and wearing winning wreaths. You will receive flowers. Altig (?) or Roggendorf (?) with a wreath and flowers, kisses woman on the mouth and presents her with a flower.
(75 m, 10:01:10 - 10:02:55)

02. Star pilot Bennet a, b, c
Berlin: Tempelhof Airport. Rotating propeller, large. Pan American plane rolls out. Waiting photographers and cameramen stand at the bottom of the gangway, stewardess holding cake in his hand. Captain Jack O. Bennet, close. Ornate cake: Marzipan aircraft and "20,000th flight" font. Jack O. Bennet is congratulated. Bennet receives flowers. Federal Cross of Merit, large. Photographs. Willy Brandt presents Captain Jack O. Bennet Federal Cross of Merit, half-close. Handshakes.
Archive material: Berlin Airlift 1948/1949. Plane approaching Berlin. Air traffic controllers sit in the tower. Loading hatch opens, packages are unloaded.
Jack O. Bennet comes home (he lives in Berlin am Halensee), his house. Hands hold measuring rod. Bennet sits at his desk. Bennet plays with his children, small model plane. Rotating adjustment-drive screw on the standing aircraft. Bennet sits in the cockpit, wears headphones, speaks into the radio. Bennet closes the airplane window. Fast-rotating propeller, large. Bennet during the flight, nah, O-Ton: "To your question, what I like so much about Berlin. I built a house in Berlin, my children will grow up there. I always want to live in Berlin." Turbine with rotating propeller, large.
(39 m, 10:02:45 - 10:04:15)

03rd Green Week
Berlin: Exhibition hall with Berlin radio tower in the background, flags flying in the wind. Federal President Lübke accompanied by Mrs Lübke, among others, opens the "International Green Week 1965". Rose bouquet, large. Exhibition hall with stands and visitors (supervision), lettering "Fresh on the table from German lands". Guests walk through exhibition, semi-total. Apples in baskets. Peppers and apples in bowls. Lübke and Ms. Lübke can be given explanations. Visitors look at agricultural machinery. Lübke in company, half-total. Lübke caresses cow, half close. Cow's head, big. Wilhelmine Lübke next to Lübke, close. Exhibition hall with posters (supervision). Many chickens in the cage. Visitors walk through the exhibition hall (supervision).
(24 m, 10:04:10 - 10:05:05)

04. Springderby a, b
Berlin: Deutschlandhalle. "Price of Germany". Rider on horseback behind closed door before entering the course. Indoor course in the Deutschlandhalle (Totale). In the public gallery, a young girl stands up from the seat. Piero d' Inzeo on the course. d' Oriola with his horse Lutteur on the course. He becomes 3rd man and woman among the spectators, close. Kurt Jarasinsky on the course on Torro, he wins the jumping. Neckermann among the spectators, big. The riders and horses at the award ceremony, Totale.
(22 m, 10:05:00 - 10:05:50)

05. Klaus Doldinger
Berlin: Silhouette of a man with a bass violin on his shoulder who crosses the bridge. Subway train departs from station. Passing cars, Klaus Doldinger walking, half-close. Letter O as fluorescent tube. Face, close. Letter E as fluorescent tube. Face, big. Lettering "Blue" as fluorescent tubes. Woman's face, big. Lettering "Blue Note" as fluorescent tubes. Klaus Doldinger plays saxophone, sideways/semi-close. Piano player (undersight). Drummer. The bassist's hands while playing. Playing the band, half-total. Klaus Doldinger plays saxophone, large/side. Playing band. Klaus Doldinger playing the saxophone, big. Playing band, half-total. Bass player, close. Listener, close. Listeners with closed eyes, close. Spectator, close. Bass ist, great. Hand plucks bass strings. Drummer is half-covered by his instrument. Hands of the drummer, close. Piano playing hands, big. Pianist, great. Hand plays saxophone, big. Klaus Doldinger plays saxophone, close. Playing band, half-total. Bassist wears bass violin. Instrument is carried in pocket, close. Young men, semi-close, passing cars and subway train. Bassist walks with the bass violin on his shoulder long road, alone in the picture, in the background Victory Column.
(58 m, 10:05:45 - 10:07:50)

06. X-ray Müller a, b, c
Lennep/Ruhrgebiet: Old houses. Pedestrians walk along alley, in the background church tower. Birthplace of the physicist Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen. Memorial plaque at the house: "In this house Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen was the discoverer of the rays named after him on 27 March 1545. His hometown made him an honorary citizen in 1896." Writing at old house, museum "X-ray". Different illustrative models. Image of X-ray. Drawing of X-ray (made by Gulbransson). Handwritten recording. Report of proceedings, large. X-ray: His wife's hand. Different illustrative models.
(27 m, 10:07:45 - 10:08:45)

07. X-ray Müller
Modern X-ray machine is pulled down. X-ray image of a lung. X-ray image with contrast agent. Company Röntgenmüller: Employees in the production of equipment. Cable and board. Employees with wrenches in hand. Attempt is recorded on monitor. Apparatus construction, different settings. Ceiling tripod is extended. Tweezers attach cathode made of tungsten wire into X-ray tube. Rotating filament spiral, large. Employee works with tweezers, close and large. Fingers stick two parts together. Encominating the spiral in the cathode insert. Melting of the electrode, glass pistons are removed from air, finished tube is tested for test stand under high load. Employee operates machine, lamp lights up in enclosed room. Glass piston is used. Modern X-ray machine rotates behind windows, window is closed with sliding door. Finger presses button, pour. Hand holds lever, close. Employees, close. X-ray image.
(54 m, 10:08:40 - 10:10:45)

08. Lenbachhaus Munich + Reineke Fuchs a, b, c
Munich: Tower of the town hall, next to it traffic light, which jumps on red. Downtown: Pedestrians walk past shop windows with furniture (rocking chair and table). Driving cars, in the background towers of the Frauenkirche (half-total). Man walks through archways towards the Lehmbachhaus. Glass door opens. Bust of Lenbach (portrait painter), large. Collection of paintings from the artist group "Blue Rider", visitors looking at the pictures. Early pictures of Kandinsky. In the Graphic Cabinet: Collaborator brings out illustration works from the 19th century (60 original drawings of Wilhelm von Kaulbach on Goethe's "Reineke Fuchs"). Back of the illustration work with Old German writing "Reineke Fuchs", large. Employee opens up portfolio and looks at illustrations, puts on glasses. Various drawings of the folk fable by Reineke Fuchs. Employee continues to beat portfolio, half-close. Drawings. Employees viewed by magnifying glass drawing. Drawing enlarged by magnifying glass. Drawings. Illustration folder is closed.
(64 m, 10:10:40 - 10:12:55)

09. Curling
Inzell/Upper Bavarian Alps: Snow clearing vehicle pushes snow aside, completely snowy road. Two people free the driveway from the snow, behind it completely snowed-in car. Two pedestrians with umbrella, pedestrians pushing bicycle. Man frees his Mercedes from the snow with a bhison. Ice stick swirls and put on the ice, curling another. Players are in line. Players wear winter clothes, snow falls. Ice stick slowly comes to a halt. Player wears Tyrolean hat, above her starting number advertising label "Dextro Energen", teammate runs forward after dropping. Ice stick touches wooden cubes, close. Teammate throws ice stick, half-close. Ice stick comes to a halt just before wooden cubes. Distance is measured with a customs stick. Player from the EC-Tegernsee throws ice stick, curling another to the side, close. Player from the EC-Tegernsee is happy, pulls her arms up. The ladies of the team EC-Tegernsee win for the first time.
(24 m, 10:12:50 - 10:13:45)

10. Skiing the masses
Bad Tölz: Man with beard and race number on skis. Feet rise in ski binding. Small toy gun shoots starting shot. A field of skiers starts, Totale. The cross-country skiing, in the foreground fir trees. Cross-country skiers, spectators stand on the edge. Cross-country skiing, Totale. Skier avoids lost skis. Skier takes lost ski and sets foot. Skiers run one after the other. Helpers sit at the edge of the table. Break with hot drinks. Skier sits on almost melted snow. Two older spectators wearing beards and Tyrolean hats. Winner runs through finish, half close.
(20 m, 10:13:40 - 10:14:30)

Persons in the Film

Frahm, Herbert Ernst Karl ; Doldinger, Klaus


Wintersport ; Radrennen ; Röntgen-Medizin ; Pilot ; Grüne Woche ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Kunst, bildende ; Pferderennen ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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