Deutschlandspiegel 121/1964 29.10.1964


01 Sandbahnrennen a, b, c Munich: upper meadow Stadium, foot tall in the leather boots, last training of the Sandbahnrennens, man with cigarette and hat, settings of motorcycle training, motorcycles are trailer cars transported, occupied parking lot, hand cars (large) refers to free parking; Viewers on motorcycles, man takes winners wreaths out of car, two women distribute brochures, viewers stand next to their cars, men working on their motorcycles, viewers, machine is cleaned, man drinks from a bottle, man inflates tires, starts chain (detailed view), motorcycles, viewers, man goggles sits up, various settings of the race, stopwatch (detailed view), typewriter keys, male viewers face big. Motorcyclist crashes, gets up but right back. Man at the snack stand eating bread rolls, infant with a pacifier, start: motor cycles with sidecar, viewers cover themselves face against sand swirling up, winner in the solo class is the Dane Kurt W. Petersen (large) with wreath on the winner's podium.
(57 m, 10: 10:00 10:02:15) 02. Fertigbauhaus a, b, c prefabricated components for houses, Assembly building, making the individual components, components on window in component set assembly line, construction workers, loaded by walls with inserted Windows on trucks, construction site, finished parts are assembled, masonry work, finished houses, residential development.
(71 m, 10:02:10 10:04:45) 03 Cabinet Berlin: Mercedes drive through streets, Reichstag building, by Haase, Felix von Eckardt, Ernst Lemmer, Mercedes reverses, Erhard with cigar gets out of car, plate is attached to the door: meeting room, small signs image filling, Erhard welcomed members, Brandenburg Gate with fence and barbed wire.
(24 m, 10:04:40 10:05:40) 04 passes u. Tunnelling shield 15 years DDR (filmed by barbed wire), waiting people, issuing Office for permits, applications are filled out and stamped, people pass through walls.
Photographic soldier, house number plate 97 at Bernauer Street, people look at tunnel in basement, cellar, of the 140 meter long tunnel entrance, wooden seat on the rope is lowered into the tunnel, refugees are hoisted with winch in a disused West Berlin bakery shop.
(55 m, 10:05:35 10:07:30) 05. Mexican State Ballet a, b Berlin At night: street with neon, Titania Palace in Berlin-Steglitz, Foyer of the theatre with photos of the Mexican State Ballet, woman wears makeup to and inside the hair comb, shoe is laced, different dance scenes on stage, sometimes in the foreground: conductor with baton.
(39 m, 10:07:25 10:08:50) 06. European Youth Congress a, b, c, d, e, f Bonn: Villa Hammerschmidt, Lahiri is the head of the delegation of the European Youth Congress "Ruhr 1964", different settings drive the young people with stickers of the Congress, three buses one after the other, visit great cottage plants in the Ruhr area, molten steel, tapping a blast furnace, young girl with long blond hair wearing construction helmet, industrial plant, panel discussion, Johannes Rau, close. Youth partly with earphones, translator, folk dance, at the end of a boat trip on the Rhine, train recorded from the ship out, on-board restaurant, bubbling water.
(85 m, 10:08:45 10:11:50) 07 photo exhibition a, b food: world exhibition of photography, visitors to the exhibition, several photos on the topic "What is man?"
(38 m, 10:11:45 10:13:05) 08. Stallion parade Celle a b Celle Stallion parade spectators, trick: Horse lies down on the page and other riders ride their horses over difficult exercises, show number,: Roman chariot races, spectators with cigar and hat (large) claps, two Stud guards drive ten stallions long before Bock, dressage - quadrille by 24 stallions.
(40 m, 10:13:00 10:14:35)



Zonengrenze ; Fluchthilfe ; Jugendtreffen ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Wohnungsbau ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 121/1964

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