Deutschlandspiegel 119/1964 27.08.1964


01 jumping Derby Hamburg Hamburg/Flottbek: show jumping Derby. First driving Derby: two horse heads clamped against a car. The driver strokes of the horse's neck. Horse hoof chomping. Tab cylinder sits on close. Entrance of a car. Nelson Pessoa (?), close. Show jumping Derby: Horse snorts. Madame Givaudan skips training obstacle with Caribe. The winner of the Fahrderbys comes with his car at a gallop by the ceremony. Space with obstacles (supervision). Woman with a flower hat and big sunglasses. Viewers, close. Take-off from the great wall: Hermann Schridde on "Comrade VI", obstacle jumps then, this falls. Landing and Rick on the great wall. "Lutteur" will stop before an obstacle after the great wall and discards his rider d ' Oriola. A Bundeswehr soldier helps him back on the horse, and he's riding on. A spectator wearing a hat, close. Peter Wandschneider "Merry II" Get up the great wall. The horse refused, then down and does not skip the following obstacle. Woman with Hat looks through binoculars, frontal/great. Alwin Schockemöhle jumps with his horse after the great wall against the obstacle. Spectator, large. Hermann Schridde on "Lecturer" jumping over obstacles (ZL), makes the single Nullfehlerritt. Audience clapping, filling the screen. Hermann Schridde on lecturer at the award ceremony. "Lecturer" recedes before the oak wreath, which is to be attached to him. Sajith on "Lecturer", half-close.
(48 m, 10: 10:00 10:02:00) 02 art photos 1900 Essen: Folkwang Museum. Views of glass-fronted, visitors go through the Museum, sculpture in the courtyard courtyard of the Museum. Exhibition: "art photography around 1900". Visitors look at pictures on the wall and in the display cabinets, various photos. Visitors look at pictures on the wall. Various photos. Visitor, close/laterally. Various photos, visitors look at photos that hang on the wall. Various photos. Mrs scrolls in catalog, half-close. Various photos of faces.
(59 m, 10:01:50 10:04:00) 03 German - Franz. Youth camp Rehberge a, b, c Berlin: Volkspark Rehberge (Franco German major camp of the youth). Young people comes from tent lashed out (large) and inspires young people (o-ton German/French) with the aid of a megaphone. Sealed tents, shot. Youth speaks into microphone, tall/side. Young people come up with towels from their tents. Two hands turn faucets on big. Boy holding head under running water, Which one comes from faucet. Kid dressing up the teeth. Young people in the morning toilet. Sign "Shave in the prise de rasoir" tall. Hands plug into Sockets. Teenagers shave electrically. Maintainer to wet shave. Youthful looks in mirror and combs himself. Hand smears bread knife. Juvenile bites into toast slice. Young people drinking out of paper cups and eat together in a tent, food output. Hands pick up ball from the lawn. Young people playing volleyball, tents built in the background. Young people playing table tennis, viewers stand to table tennis and gossip. Young people make gymnastics on the lawn, including push-ups. Hands place chess pieces, great. Young people sit under umbrellas and play chess at table, half-close. Young people To write postcards. Hand writes French with ballpoint pen on card, great. Flags blowing in the wind. Young people singing together, accompanied by two guitars. Two hands to play guitar, great. Foot bounce to the beat of the music, great. Pan about the singing musicians, frontal/close. Boat trip on Lake Havel: young people sit in the Interior of the boat, laughing youngsters, close. Young people waving to ship moving by. Sailing ship, shot. Young people on the deck.
(54 m, 10:03:55 10:05:50) 04 13 August 1964 a, b Berlin: Brandenburg Gate behind barbed wire. Border guard with closed Turnpike, shield "Allied Check Point" on the roof of the guardhouse. Bricked window of a House facade. Barbed wire is wrapped around a large cross in the background House, people consider cross. Concerned faces, close to various settings. Berlin commemorates the victims: political leaders, representatives of the parties, the trade unions and public life lay down wreaths at the memorials. Willy Brandt in wreath-laying ceremony, half close behind barbed wire. Several concerned faces. Cross with barbed wire, in the foreground flowers. Flowers in vases are on the Earth. Memorial writing on stone "The unknown victim of shame". Flowers in addition to Memorial "victim of the Schandmauer Bernd Lahiri + dedicated 4.10.1961". On the eve of the August of 13: an hour of silence, the clocks at 20:00. Dark, empty streets, just shop Windows are illuminated and neon sign, different settings.
(39 m, 10:05:45 10:07:15) 05. Sea rescue service Bremen: city view with Weser and bridges, coastal protection Headquarters on the river Weser. Employees on the distress line. Tall, semicircular building stands in the water. Large, moving ship "Uniafrica", staff swings sighting device and see through logo "Uniafrica", close. Employees in the coast radio station, staff takes handset and register o-ton: "here is the Marine Guard of Cuxhaven. Who called just us?" Employees tap machine, filmed from behind. Cruiser "Ruhr steel" is radar system (?) to Kai, big. Sailors at the cooking and reading a newspaper. About phone usage command from the distress line comes, thumb presses push button, big. Bell, close. Man puts on long rubber boots. Sailors get in rain jacket, half-close. Feet go up steep stairs. Machinist operated machines in the machine room, display, great. Hands control steering wheel. Travellers Seenotkreuzer "Ruhr steel", frontal. Water squirts away to the side. Excerpt from a documentary film in 1938: horses pulling a boat through dune landscape. Horse legs, human legs and wagon wheels go through the water. Two horses pulling the boat in the water. Men wear hats and jackets, they jump in the boat and push off with the oars in the sand. Men rowing, frontal/close. Lifeboat on stormy seas. Water squirts up.
Motor boat usage: "Bremen" drives. Lifeboat battling through the agitated sea, different settings. Modern cruisers "Ruhr steel" drives. Sailors standing at the railing. Passby wreck. Daughter boat, sailor hat, close. Sailors boards daughter boat. Daughter boat is allowed to water. Ship wreck, moving daughter boat. Daughter boat closes on cruisers, is hooked and pulled on board. Errant cruisers with daughter boat, hatch is closed, errant cruisers with daughter boat (long shot).
(85 m, 10:07:10 10:10:10) 06. Würzburg a, b, c Würzburg: Marienberg fortress and garden, swing on the main city. Roofs of downtown with DOM, screen-filling. Wife goes along to the main, man holding onto the railing and sees on main (supervision). Old cranes on the main, in the background fortress Marienberg. Washing vessel: Woman washing laundry in a zinc bath. Bridge to the Episcopal city, pedestrian bridge. Stone figure, in the background fortress Marienberg (slight lower ceiling). Stone figure. City: Many cars and pedestrians, passing tram. Nun crossing the street, cyclist going down between lines of cars. Woman with child by the hand, passes between cars. Cathedral road in the foreground, moving tram. Walking along at the Cathedral. Two towers of the Cathedral. Portal of the Cathedral with flight of stairs, in the foreground pedestrians in pedestrian area, swivel to the tower. Rococo façade of the Falcon house. Old building with a tower in the foreground fountain. Fountain: Water comes from the mouths of the stone figures, close. Vineyard, in the foreground of figure.
Vineyard vines (screen, light supervision). Wine-growers on the slope. Hofkellerei with large barrels (dimly lit), shot. Man Get up the ladder, this is inspired by wine barrel, he lights candles, which are attached to the barrel. Wine tasting: People around table and costs wine (light supervision). Swing from one person to the next, try wine, frontal/close. Man fills bottles with the help of a bottling plant. Bottling of Franconian wine, different settings. Hand picks up flat bottle. Restaurant: People toast with wine. Baroque residence, long shot. Stone figure in the background facade of the residence. Baroque facade of the residence. Stone figure (?). Marienberg fortress, in the foreground of stone lion. Old Archway. Pedestrian walk along old wall. Museum in the Marienberg: sculptures (Riemenschneider works), various settings.
(83 m, 10:10:05 10:12:55) 07. Nürburgring a, b, c Nürburgring: Grand Prix of Germany. Hand holding stopwatch, head (side) baseball cap with writing "Honda Motor". Driver sitting in the race car with the No. of 20 Phill Hill, great; Lorenzo Bandini with helmet, large; Dan Gurney with helmet, close; Jim Clark with helmet, great. Start of the race (totals), in the background advertising signs "Bosch". Race car on a curve on the Nürburgring (total). John Surtees on Ferrari. Various settings of the race. Broken car makes pit stop. Phill Hill needs to be due to damage to the machine. Various settings of the race. Surtees has a lead of more than a minute. Helpers points to racing on lap number plate. Pass. Graham Hill and Lorenzo Bandini follow him. Helpers waving the flag, race cars crossed the finish line. The Englishman of John Surtees WINS. The Frenchman Trintigant, surrounded by assistants and photographers, pushes his car across the finish line. John Surtess differentiates helm. Photographer, screen-filling. The champion of John Surtees drinking from a large cup (total). (40 m, 10:12:50 10:14:25)



Autorennen ; Jugendarbeit ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Mauerbau, 13. August 1961 ; Fotografie ; Pferdesport ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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