Deutschlandspiegel 115/1964 23.04.1964


1st World Press Photo Hamburg: Foyer of the Axel Springer Publishing House with visitors of the exhibition "World Press Photo"(Aufsicht). Two visitors sit in the foyer, man with Hat seen photos. Various pictures of the 762 press photographers from 54 countries. Foyer with partitions and visitors (supervision). Man (stands with his back to the camera) pointing finger on the photo. Various pictures. Legs behind wall. Stage photos of the French MIME Marcel Marceau. Photo: Federal Chancellor Konrad Adenauer in the picking of roses. Photo: Footprints in the snow. Photo: Erhard smokes a cigarillo with tip. Various pictures.
(54 m, 10: 10:00 10:02:10) 02 pan on the uranium - transport Hamburg: Airport/Fuhlsbüttel. Rolling Pan-am machine. Aircraft door opens from the outside. Forklift moves up to the hatch. Special containers, filled with uranium dioxide nuclear fuel are unloaded. Measurement with a Geiger counter. Lead coats wrap the bar-shaped fuel elements, font "Danger" label. Geiger counter is kept in containers. Forklift driver. Forklift loads the cargo in the truck. Employees are sampled with a Geiger counter. Police car driving away from the convoy.
(27 m, 10:02:05 10:03:05) 03. nuclear research a, b Jülich / Cologne: the new reactors, Dido and Merlin (total). Commissioning the reactors, Dido and Merlin: Employees use various devices. Sign "Reactor in operation" lights up. Staff inside experiment tube device. Control Center with staff. Several diodes light up. Staff operated control panel. Sign "Neutron flux" lights up, great. Employees, close. Sign lights up. Employees, close. A gauge pointer fails. Hans Lenz, German Federal Minister for scientific research, quote: "the nuclear projects of the Federal Republic of Germany to the German nuclear research and nuclear technology in all areas of the world standard introduce. It covers a period of five years and requires approximately DM 2.5 billion of public funds to its realisation. "Within this five year programme should be built: at least two large power plants with proven reactor design, at least three test reactors, advanced design and a ship reactor for the nuclear energy research ship of the Hamburg-based nuclear energy company." Intermediate cuts: Reactor (reverse zoom/total), employee staircase goes up (slight oversight), staff operated machine, different employees with pipe work, hands of an instrument fails, employees writes on board.
(36 m, 10:03:00 10:04:20) 04 lead founders Tower Hannoversch Münden a, b Hannoversch Münden with Weser in the foreground. Old roofs and Church (supervision). Old building, partly half-timbered, different settings. Defensive Tower (600 years old, called also "hail Tower") at the Fulda bridge (soffit). Fritz Wieseler goes up the 166 steps of the Tower (from professional master Grist). Fritz Wieseler at work, different settings. Open window. Lead ingots are melted at 400 degrees in the boiler. Wieseler takes big ladle by rack, ladle with strainer holes. Process of granules for the steel finishing. The melt flows through holes, various settings. Melt comes out on the screen openings, great. Skimming of the melt. Melt comes out on the screen openings, great. Balls hitting head on the water after at least 36 metres. The cast shot is trapped in the basement of the tower. Bucket, filled with lead bullets, will be drawn up. Hand draws big with small bowl, lead balls out of the bucket. Many lead bullets in the Palm, great.
(53 m, 10:04:15 10:06:10) 05. refugee operation Erlhoff a, b, c Ellerau (Schleswig-Holstein): retail runs through factory gate of company Erlhoff (women's clothing). Fashion illustrator draws standing. Various sketches and pencil lie on the table. Thumb pressing button of a machine. Workers move machine over fabric (?) across, hand controls machine that sprays on the pattern, other employee takes over machine. Fabric is cut. Workers in large hall, dressmaker's sewing machine, close/frontal. Fabric is pulled through the machine. Worker dampens fabric with machine. Fellow iron fabric (supervision). Dressmaker in the manufacture of a garment on the sewing machine. Yarn rapidly unwinds the spool. Lever is pressed down, large, steam development. Woman sees worker over the shoulder, close/frontal. Exterior of the company. Deck chairs before the factory buildings. Employees lying on sun loungers. Many shoes stand side by side. Sleeping children in the in-house kindergarten, different settings. Kindergarten teacher claps his hands and says o-ton: 'Stand up'. Girl Wake up, great. Children jump up and run away. Children shoveling away sand in the sandbox, kids stand on itself while carousel. Workshop: Training of apprentices. Teacher demonstrates some trainees. Trainees nods, close. Workshop (total): Coats hanging on bracket, pushes further various operations, employee on Rails. Check of the new items of clothing: models perform new pieces of clothing. Woman faces mirror, then close. Werkeigene tennis courts: tennis rackets, close. Man makes impact. Two spectators. Tennis player hits ball. Tennis courts (total). Woman Get up miniature golf course hits mini golf ball with rackets, several players, mini golf ball drops into the hole, great.
(96 m, 10:06:05 10:09:35) 06 churches b various modern towers. Modern Church: Jacobus Church in Düsseldorf, with tubular steel frame and frosted glass on the facade. Various settings of modern construction. Ceiling structure (from the inside) is built with steel swivel in the nave, chairs, also round frosted glass. Modern altar cross. St. Sebastian Münster, exterior. Many small Windows. Steeple of the Nordic stave church in Westphalia, Church roof, stave church on Highway (total). The Cologne Church St. Theresa with freestanding Bell Tower, modern church interior with glass fronts on the respective sides. Modern Church: exterior facade with stained glass Windows, interior with pews and altar, various settings. Hamburg architect Friedhelm Grundmann, close/frontal, o-ton: "there is No more the angle covered, quieter and darker prayer chapels and the side aisles. In the Church in Hamburg - Stellingen (Langenfelde) I tried to To give such a place of safety by the Very much strong expression of the gallery in the form of a low aisle. And supports to build behind which you - covered by the large room - can withdraw. Nevertheless, this area focuses entirely on the altar, as the liturgical Center. But this room is Very much in the light guide, has darker and lighter areas, and I think that Very much important in the Church." Intermediate cuts: modern Bell Tower (soffit), glass blocks, organ, pews and low side aisle, altar (slight oversight), light penetrates the glass blocks, altar, open Bible, close, cross.
(69 m, 10:09:30 10:11:55) 07 skiffle - band case is turned off, and washboard out. Finger, with Foxgloves, rub over the washboard, great. Skiffle band when making music (medium). Championship of North German followers of the Skifflens: other musical band. Hand plucks strings, big. Head, side/close. Hand plays banjo, close. Playing 'tea chests-bass' band. Playing band (medium). Hand plays guitar, close. Head, side / rear. Finger hit on washboard. A young man's face warp, close. Finger beat on the washboard. Playing band (medium). Hand plays the guitar, great. Young musicians, great. Playing band. Juvenile chews gum. Young people, close, hand rests on his chin. Various young audience, great. Band playing, young man and young woman sing into a microphone and playing guitar. Playing band. Hands beating on the washboard, great. Various settings of the playing band "Vapire Skiffle Group", WINS Championship, plays the title "I want to travelling home" on the beach, in the background of water and Sun, band Get up bridge, band sits at the foot of a dike, different settings.
(54 m, 10:11:50 10:13:50)



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