Deutschlandspiegel 111/1963 28.12.1963


01 Heuss' review Heuss sits in the Chair, smoking a cigar and scrolls in the book (shot). Hands holding book and scroll in the book. Painting of the young Heuss. Heuss sits in his den at his desk and leafs through a book. Heuss smokes cigar close and sideways. Hand writes with pen on paper. Heuss, close. 1949: Bundestag. Swearing-in as first President. State visit in the United Kingdom: gala reception: guests walk stairs up, Heuss next to Queen Elizabeth. Heuss next to Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip. Sentry in old clothes. Greece: Queen Friederike, Heuss, and King Paul enter through door. Queen Friederike besides Heuss, close. Purple Coneflower Heuss visited sites of antiquity and outlined the Poseidon Temple. When sketching, close to hand. America: Heuss gets tacked Sheriff's badge on the jacket, so Heuss appointed the Honorary Sheriff in Arizona. The Dartmonth College in New Hampshire gives honorary doctorate Heuss. Heuss doctor hat and robe. Bobble by mortar falls on his face because of the wind. German Bundestag Awards highest honor, Gallo actuality Heuss: "Theodor Heuss is to the fatherland earned made." Heuss sitting, stock based on down, close.
(36 m, 10: 10:00 10:01:30) 02 Heuss' burial fly three flags with black armbands on the mast in the wind in front of the building of the Stuttgart Landtag. People go to the building of the Stuttgart Landtag. Lying in State. In the building of the Stuttgart Landtag population farewell to Theodor Heuss. Coffin with flowers. Motorcade passes through downtown to flags with black armbands. Taken people on the side of the road. Coffin aufgebahrter. Flames in sacrificial Bowl at the Waldfriedhof Stuttgart. Behind the forward registered coffin the mourners, including Erhard and Adenauer. Tomb with cross and Christ.
(18 m, 10:01:25 10:02:10) 03 architecture façade of a modern building (rear zoom), sculpture in the foreground. Modern church from the inside, look at the altar, side pews. Pews, side/easy supervision. Pan from wall, that how a cross looks out to the Interior of the Church. Old church in the background, swivel on modern tower. Power cord, swivel to industrial construction, different settings. Workers in welding, swivel to the Panel of a nuclear reactor in Munich. Zoom on the Panel, screen. Modern House facade, partly with open Windows. Hamburg: Stairway of the philosopher tower overlooking the Lecture Hall on the University campus, in the foreground. Modern building (extreme bottom view). Modern building with glass fronts, swivel to the courtyard, stairs, different settings. Modern building with a curved roof, different settings. Modern building with steel structure on the exterior. Building with long balconies, House with small balconies (appears Very much powerful), various settings, including House as Tower (total).
(38 m, 10:02:00 10:03:25) 04. Franz Marc Hamburg: Kunsthalle and space with sculpture in the foreground. New complex of Kunsthalle with Franz Marc exhibition. People go to the entrance and enter the building. Poster "Kunstverein in Hamburg Franz Marc". Visitors looking at the painting. Various paintings, visitors face paintings. Photo by Franz Marc. Paintings (blending). Visitors at the viewing of paintings, on the side. Different painting with horses. Group of young women (with their backs to the audience-facing) face painting. Various paintings.
(42 m, 10:03:20 10:04:55) 05. school for the blind a, b, c, d, e, f Norddeutsche blind library: woman sitting at her workstation/desk and bring index cards from tray. Hand reaching for tapes in boxes off shelves. Woman reaches for other tapes. Hand holds open book in his hand. Speaker speaks text into microphone. Spinning tape on reel, great. Narrator reads aloud from book, second speaker sitting across from him. Hand controls buttons on the mixer. Two tape recorders with continuous tapes. Pan multiple tape devices, copying a tape, Thomas Mann original sound from the tape, he reads from his "Tonio Kröger". Hold tape, tape is back in box (BASF housing) plugged, big. Man sets box back on the shelf. Carton with Braille and regular font "Time BASF", great. Lid of a box is placed over boxes containing "Braille". Woman sits on the sofa and listening to the radio drama that is played from the tape recorder beside her. Spinning tape into the tape recorder, big.
School for the blind: Swing over building and schoolyard. Students go covered walkway along and bouncing balls. Courtyard and façade of the school. Classroom: Teacher faces Panel with an open book in his hand, and students tap into machine. Teacher dictates actuality, students tap on their machines. Hands, big buttons. Teachers, close, o-ton: "stop called the Fox, you villain." Finger when typing, great. Ear, tall, with glasses. Machine manufactures Braille, large. Medical examination of the eyes of a student: doctor puts on glasses pupil, pupil looks through investigation unit, eye is lit up. Holzsteckspiel with hammer. Blind boy is small pieces of wood with his fingers in prescribed forms. Fingers, great for the keys. Child bends over toy (slide rule?). Hands touch wood turtles, great. Blurred image. Hands at the turtle, plastic map keys. Teacher draws with chalk and a long time ruler stroke on the Blackboard, students with instruments in the geometry lessons, different settings. Instruments punch holes in the paper. Brush in the paintbrushes. Hand while painting. Painting on the wall. Kids make music: triangle, xylophone and recorder. Schlegel on xylophone, great. Children playing and singing, different settings. Teachers, close, o-ton: "Please read." Hands go through Braille, students will read. Student reads with the aid of Braille, side. Teachers, close. Hands go through Braille, large, and students will read.
(102 m, 10:04:50 10:08:25) 06 Darmstadt & data center a, b, c Darmstadt: sandstone pillar with Ludwig I (Grand Duke of Hesse), in the foreground figure curved street light. Views square with fountains and people (supervision). City Centre with tram rails and road traffic (VW-bus head-on, Mercedes and VW Cabrio from the rear). Pedestrians in the city centre, in the foreground sculpture in the background old Tower, next to modern buildings. Wedding Tower. Wedding Tower next to the Russian Chapel. Russian Chapel, different settings from the outside. Old Sundial before the Prince Georg Palais. Facade of the first Datacenter outside the University. Two men go up stairs to the entrance. Hallway with glass front, look into the courtyard. Man goes mainframe aisle, behind glass. Hand Taps IBM calculator, great. Hole card is further transported by machine, big. Staff from mainframe system (consists of an IBM 7090 and an IBM 1401), man sets magnetic tape in machine, close. Magnetic tape is placed over the coils. Hand spinning reel with magnetic tape, calculator is closed. Finger presses the Start button, in sign lights up with writing "Ready". Machine pressed together. Hand pushes further stacking punch cards. Processing plant in the foreground switchgear with luminous diodes. Mainframe computer with mixer. Mainframe with buttons, luminous diodes, screen-filling. Mainframe with strips of paper are available on the results. Numbers on paper, paper is quickly transported, great. Large computer system behind a glass screen.
(63 m, 10:08:20 10:10:40) 07. Munich and Moorish dancers a, b Munich: city with traffic in the foreground, in the background City Hall and the towers of the Church of our Lady. Crossroads: traffic COP controls road (supervision). Many pedestrians on the street and sidewalk in front of City Hall. Town Hall Tower and pillar (soffit). Painting of the old centre of Munich. Various Moorish dancers figures (designed by Erasmus Grasser). Girl regarded figure from below. Various Moorish dancers figures (exhibition at the City Museum).
(37 m, 10:10:30 10:11:55) 8 ladies - Schwäbisch Gmünd gymnastics: international competition between gymnasts from the Netherlands and West Germany. Floor exercise: Gymnast (Holland with white collar on the shirt) beats wheel, makes a roll forward and stand up again. Dutch backwards makes handshake, then splits and roll forward. Best German ground gymnast Gundula Huth at the screening. On the balance beam, Bärbel Goller receives the highest rating. On the uneven bars: German team wins with two points lead in the overall standings. Spectators, close. German gymnast on the parallel bars and bounce. Audience clapping. (35 m, 10:11:45 10:13:05) 09 greyhound racing Siek/Schleswig-Holstein: woman with headscarf and sunglasses abides by hand over the eyes. Two greyhounds, great. Various sighthounds, close. Little dog eats grass. Tail Wags, close. Man from the back / side, close. Greyhound gets Jersey with number attached. Greyhound gets tied to back protection. Dog lead dog in the box. Open hatch box, greyhounds ("Whippets", "Grayhounds", "Borzoi") fast out (ZL). Greyhounds in the race, on the side. Drag anticipates, Greyhound racing afterwards (ZL). Spectator with flowing hair. Dog has bitten down in the train, dog owners hold dog on the arm and side squeeze dentition. Shaggy dogs, half-close. Photographed woman, man is also close. Start flag is lowered, greyhound race (ZL). Spectators are on the edge, partly with umbrellas. The order in the first sheet: Estrella is Slonowaja, Diana, Princess of St. Mauritius, Boraneff of Karaganda. Viewers with Hat, half-close. Man Get up observation deck (bottom view). Attacking Boraneff, Estrella confidently know the attack off is Slonowaja. Estrella WINS by 1 ½ dog length (ZL) as shown in the photograph. Estrella gets put tape around neck.
(49 m, 10:13:00 10:14:55)


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Gymnastics ; Dogs ; Holzfigur ; Kirchengebäude ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Sozialarbeit ; Wohnungsbau ; Ehrung ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 111/1963

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